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Adventure Business Plan

Executive Summary of Tour Operator Business Plan

Good 2 Go Adventure is a Tanzania-based registered trip operator. The firm is in charge of all aspects of the travel and excursion industry, including airplane ticket reservations, transportation reservations, hotel reservations, and arranging mountain climbs and safari expeditions, amongst other services.

We understand how stressful it may be to manage an all-encompassing travel and tour company, which is why we are well-trained and prepared to perform at a high level.

Two excellent individuals. Go Adventure is a client-focused and results-driven travel and excursion company that offers a diverse range of experiences at a moderate cost that will not break our customers’ bank accounts. On a local, state, national, and worldwide level, we offer general and specialist travel and excursion services to all of our individual clients and business customers. Every time a customer hires our services, we make it a point to work hard to meet and exceed their expectations.

Services and Products We Offer

Within the travel and excursion market in Tanzania, Good 2 Go Adventure offers a wide range of services. Our purpose in starting the company is to generate money in the sector, and we will do all within the law to achieve our business goals, objectives, and ambitions.

Following is a list of our commercial enterprise services:

Organising Kilimanjaro, Meru, and Oldonyo Lengai Mountain Climbs

Safaris in Tanzania’s National Parks are organized by us.

Flight ticket reservations

Transportation is booked.

services for car rental

Booking a hotel

Statement of Purpose

Our goal is to create a travel and tour company that will become Tanzania’s number one choice for both individuals and businesses. Integrity, service, excellence, and cooperation are reflected in our creative and strategic vision.

Statement of our Purpose

Our objective is to provide professional and dependable travel and excursion services to individuals, corporations, and non-profit organizations to help them plan all of their trips and tours. Within the next ten years of operations, we want to operate the company to become the leading manufacturer in the travel and excursions line of business in Tanzania, as well as one of the top 20 travel and tours agencies in East Africa.

Our Company’s Structure

Good 2 Go Adventure has a robust business structure that will help us expand. We’ll hire ready hands to assist us in building the business of our dreams. Because we aspire to become one of Tanzania’s premier travel and excursion companies, it’s critical that we start with a well-structured firm. The following is the business model that we anticipate seeing:

Customer Care Executive / Front Desk Officer Managing Director Travels and Tours Consultant Admin and HR Manager Marketing and Sales Executive Accountant Customer Service Executive / Front Desk Officer

Roles and Responsibilities (Roles and Responsibilities)

The Managing Director

Is in charge of presenting the firm’s path.

Developing, conveying, and enforcing the organization’s vision, purpose, and standard route – in other words, guiding the creation and execution of the core organization’s strategy.

Responsible for dealing with high-profile customers and transactions.

Charged for determining prices and negotiating business arrangements.

On behalf of the firm, sign tests, and files.

Assesses the organization’s success

Consultant for Travel & Tours

Responsible for organizing airplane tickets, shuttle buses/taxi taxis, auto rentals, and hotel reservations for customers, as well as a variety of other travel and excursion-related services.

Plan, graph, and create events while controlling all aspects of venture shipping under schedule constraints.

Consult with customers to learn about their needs and to ensure that they are satisfied.

Before concluding any agreements, do market research, acquire information, and negotiate contracts.

Stakeholders should get input and periodic reporting.

Propose ideas for improving the quality of supplied services and tourism.

Ensure that all insurance, legal, fitness, and security responsibilities are met.

To promote and popularize travel and tour events, collaborate with advertising and public relations.

Conduct pre-and post-trip and excursion activity evaluations, and keep track of the results.

Conduct market research, choose travel and tour options and increase interest.

Manager of Administration and Human Resources

Responsible for ensuring the organization’s HR and administrative functions run smoothly.

Create job descriptions with KPIs to help customers monitor their performance.

Hold regular meetings to assess the efficacy of HR policies, procedures, and processes.

Checks stock, places and expedites purchases, and evaluates new goods to keep the workplace supplies in good shape.

Assists with the functioning of equipment by fulfilling preventative maintenance needs and requesting repairs.

Recruiting employment vacancies and organizing the interview procedure

Inducting new staff members into the workforce

Employee training, evaluation, and assessment are all within your control.

Organizes travel, meetings, and appointments.

Participates in educational opportunities, studies expert publications maintain private networks and participates in expert groups to keep their job knowledge up to date.

Oversee the seamless operation of the workplace’s day-to-day operations.

Executive in Marketing and Sales

Identify, prioritize, and reach out to new partners and business opportunities, among other things

Identifies development possibilities; follows up on improvement leads and contacts; assists in project structure and finance; ensures that improvement initiatives are completed.

Negotiate expenses and charges in accordance with agency policy while writing existing concept documentation.

Clients’ commercial enterprise research, marker surveys, and feasibility studies are handled by you.

Responsible for overseeing implementation and making recommendations based on the requirements of the client

Develop, implement, and evaluate innovative strategies for increasing sales.

Keep track of all customer contacts and information.

Participate in strategic meetings on behalf of the company.

Assist in increasing sales and profit for the company.


Responsible for preparing the organization’s financial reports, budgets, and economic statements.

Financial assessments, development budgets, and accounting reports are provided to management; monetary feasibility for the most complicated proposed projects is analyzed, and market research is conducted to anticipate trends and business circumstances.

Financial forecasting and risk analysis are my responsibilities.

Cash management, general ledger accounting, and financial reporting are all tasks performed by this person.

In charge of developing and implementing financial systems and policies.

Payroll administration is your responsibility.

Ensuring that all tax laws are followed

Manages the company’s financial transactions.

Serves as the company’s internal auditor.

Front Desk Officer / Client Service Executive

Responds to and directs inquiries from businesses and customers by welcoming them individually or over the phone.

Ensures that all client interactions (email, walk-in center, SMS, or phone) provide the customer with a highly personalized customer care experience.

When speaking with customers on the phone, take advantage of every opportunity to pique their interest in the company’s goods and services.

Manages the administrative responsibilities allocated by the management in a pleasant and timely way.

Stays up to date on any new information about the company’s goods, promotional efforts, and so on in order to provide clients with accurate and useful information.

Receives packages and papers on behalf of the firm.

Distribute mail around the company.

Assumes any other responsibilities as given by the line manager.

We shall register with KPAP

 in addition to the aforesaid employees. The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) is a Tanzanian non-profit organization that was founded in 2003. Our goal is to enhance the porters’ working circumstances on Mount Kilimanjaro.

SWOT Analysis of a Tour Operator Business Plan

SWOT Analysis of a Tour Operator Business Plan

Good 2 Go Adventure enlisted the help of a key specialist in the field of business consulting and structuring to assist the company in developing a well-structured travel and excursion business that can compete effectively in the highly competitive travel and excursion sector.

Working with our company’s management to undertake a SWOT analysis was one of the things the team of commercial business advisors undertook. The following is a summary of the results of a previous SWOT analysis:


The strength of our team, or workforce, is our fundamental strength. We have a team that will go to great lengths to ensure that our customers get the best value for their money; a team that is trained and equipped to pay attention to the smallest of details. We are in a prime location, and we are certain that from the moment we open our doors for business, we will attract a large number of consumers.


As a new travel and excursion agency, it may take some time for us to break into the market and gain acceptability, especially from corporate customers, in the already crowded travel and excursion business; this may be our primary vulnerability.


Given a large number of people, families, and business groups that visit Tanzania, the prospects in the travel and excursions industry are plentiful. As a travel operator, we are prepared to seize every opportunity that presents itself.


As a tour operator operating in Tanzania, we are likely to encounter a number of risks, including unfavorable government regulations, the entry of a competitor in our area of operations, and a worldwide economic slowdown, which typically affects buying/spending power. There isn’t much we can do about these dangers other than being optimistic that things will continue to work in our favor.


Many trip operators have started selling their excursions directly to their target market through their online site in recent years, thanks to the introduction of Online Travel Agencies and the widespread public booking via OTA.

As a result, it is now simpler for various businesses in the travel and tours value chain to offer their services to their target market through their online portal.

The travel and excursion industry is always evolving, and as a result, ground-breaking techniques and concepts that were once very popular are no longer as effective as they once were. Close examination of the business trend reveals that social media and other digital tools have risen in popularity and proliferated in recent years. The trend also includes paying more attention to engagement and new market groups, as well as incorporating eco-friendly measures and sustainability into travel and tour planning.

In reality, social media has become one of the most important tools used by travel and tour firms to spread information about their events, communicate with customers, elicit feedback, and build year-round engagement with their target audience. Furthermore, new software programs and developing technologies have made it simpler for tour operators to collect all of the essential data and records that will aid them in future arrangements and assignments.

Our Audience

The demographic and psychographic makeup of the tour operator business is representative of people from all walks of life; there is no discernible distinction among those who would naturally seek out travel agency services. While one tour operator firm may choose to focus on high-income consumers, another may choose to focus only on business clients. In the end, everyone who can afford to travel from one nation to another is a viable customer for tour operator organizations.

Although Good two Go Adventures began by serving small to medium-sized businesses, ranging from new enterprises to properly connected agencies and individual customers, this has not stopped us from growing to be able to compete with Tanzania’s leading travel and tour firms.

As a full-service travel and excursion company, Good 2 Go Adventure offers a wide variety of services, therefore we are well-trained and equipped to serve a diverse clientele.

Our target market includes individuals of all socioeconomic classes, people from all walks of life, as well as local and worldwide organizations. We are entering the market with a business mindset that will enable us to deal with both highly positioned persons and agencies in the United States, as well as lower-level individuals and smaller organizations.

Here’s a list of the individuals and organizations for whom we’ve created goods and services:

Young Adults / Couples in the Making

Blue-Chip Businesses


Religious Groups (Pilgrimage journeys et al)

Parties / Politicians

Families and households

The government is in charge (Public Sector)

Educators (High Schools, Colleges and Universities)

Sporting Groups

Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Our Unique Selling Proposition

The amount of competition in the tour operator employer line of business is mostly determined by the industry and specialty in which your tour operator agency operates. If you can effectively build a distinctive business brand for your tour operator firm or carve out a niche industry, you may face much less competition.

For example, if you are one of the few tour operator companies in your country that specializes on pilgrimage travel, you can expect to make recurring big bucks year after year. This is due to the fact that spiritual devotees go on pilgrimage rides on a regular basis.

Although the competition in the tour operator market is no longer only from other tour agencies, but also from other travel-related service suppliers. For example, a vacationer can now book his or her hotel room, flight ticket, taxi cab, or lease a car in advance of his ride from the comfort of his or her own home, thanks to the internet, because the majority of service providers are bypassing tour organizations and delivering their offerings to their target market immediately.

We are well aware that in order to be competitive in the travel and tours industry, we must be able to provide consistent best service, our customers must be able to experience excellent distinction cum improvement, and we must be able to meet the expectations of all vacationers/travelers and our companions (services providers).

Good 2 Go Adventure may be a newcomer to Tanzania’s travel and excursion industry, but its management team and owners are regarded as experts. They are Tanzanians who are core professionals, licensed, and clearly qualified travel and tour experts. These are a few examples of what will be a significant advantage for us.

Finally, our staff is well-cared for, and their benefits are among the finest in our industry (startup travel and excursion agency), implying that they are more than willing to work with us to grow the business and help us meet our objectives.


We recognize that there is more rivalry among travel and tour companies and other associated service providers in Tanzania, therefore we have been able to hire some of the best business developers to manage our revenue and marketing.

Our sales and marketing staff were hired based on their previous experience in the industry, and they will be trained on a regular basis to ensure that they are well-equipped to fulfill their goals and the organization’s overall mission. We also make certain that our outstanding work results speak for us in the marketplace; we aim to build a well-known travel and tour company that will rely on word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied consumers (both men and women and corporate organizations).

Our objective is to expand our travel and excursion company to become one of Tanzania’s top 20 travel and excursion companies, which is why we’ve devised a plan that will enable us to capitalize on the available market and become a major force to be reckoned with.

To attract customers, Good 2 Go Adventure employs the following marketing and sales techniques:

Send introduction letters with our brochures to introduce our company.

Promptness in bidding on contracts for travel and tours.

Publicize our company in relevant travel and adventure periodicals and media.

Advertise our business firm in the yellow pages (local directories)

Attend relevant international and local travel and tourism expos, seminars, and business galas, among other events.

Create one-of-a-kind programs for various types of customers in order to operate within their budgets while still providing top-notch service.

Use the internet to market our company.

Use direct marketing and advertising strategy.

Encourage loyal and relaxed consumers to spread the word about your business.

Sources of Revenue

Good 2 Go Adventure is dedicated to increasing earnings in the travel and excursion industry, and we will go to great lengths to guarantee that we do all possible to appeal to customers on a regular basis and sign retainer agreements with the majority of our clients.

Good 2 Go Adventure will make money by providing the following travel and excursion services to individuals and business organizations:

Safari Tours to Tanzanian National Parks, such as Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountain Climbs

Purchase of airline tickets

Reservations for transportation

Services for car condos

Reservations for hotels

Forecasted Sales

One thing is certain: on a daily basis, people, families, and big businesses would explore Tanzania and other parts of the globe.

We are well-positioned to take on Tanzania’s attainable market, and we are certain that we will achieve our target of creating significant revenues/profits.

We were able to take a close look at the travel and excursion market, examine our opportunities in the industry, and come up with the following revenue prediction. The sales forecast is based on the previous year’s results.

The income forecast for Good two Go Adventures for 2019 is shown below. It is based on the nature of our business and the wide range of travel and excursion services that we will be providing.

$500,000 for the year 2019

Our Pricing Policy

The standard in this market is that tour operator companies profit from margins earned by providing travel-related services such as aircraft ticket reservations, shuttle bus/taxi cab bookings, auto rentals, and hotel bookings, among other things.

By keeping our overhead low and collecting payment in advance, Good 2 Go Adventure will keep our prices for all of our customers below the typical market rate. In addition, start-ups, NGOs, cooperatives, and small social companies will get special reduced pricing.

We recognize that certain customers may want frequent access to travel and tour consultation and advisory services and help; as a result, we will provide a fixed charge for such services, which will be adjusted to meet the requirements of such clients. The entire cost of our different offers is shown here, followed by a markup.

The following are the rates for airport transfers:

Options for Payment

Because we are well aware that exceptional individuals demand distinct payment preferences, we have made our payment coverage all-inclusive. Here are the payment alternatives available to our customers:

Payment by bank transfer

Payment through bank transfer over the internet

Payment using a savings card

Cash is accepted for payment.

In light of the above, we’ve picked banking solutions that will enable us to achieve our goals with little or no hiccups.

Publicity and Advertising Strategy for Tour Operators

We were able to engage with our manufacturer and publicity experts to help us plan out publicity and advertising and marketing tactics that would help us get into the heart of our target market. We want to take the travel and excursion market by storm, which is why we have budgeted for excellent PR and advertising for our travel and excursion firms.

The platforms we use to market and promote Good 2 Go Adventure are listed below.

Place ads in both print and internet media.

Use the internet and social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google to your advantage.

Distribute our flyers and handbills at key locations.

Ascertain that all of our employees wear our organization’s branded shirts, as well as all of our vehicles.

In addition to the aforementioned, the following supplies will be distributed during and after the climb:

Financial Projections and Costing in a Tour Operator Business Plan

Starting a travel and tours firm may be cost-efficient since you are not obliged to purchase costly machinery and equipment on average. Basically, you should be concerned about the amount required to secure a standard office facility in a good and busy business district, the amount required to furnish and equip the office, the amount required to purchase the necessary software applications, the amount required to pay bills, promote the business, and obtain the necessary business licenses and certifications.

This is the budget for launching Good 2 Go Adventure;

The total cost of forming the company

Basic insurance policy coverage, permits, and company licenses are all included in the budget.

The cost of acquiring a suitable office space in a business area for six months

The price of furnishing the office (computers, software applications, printers, fax machines, furniture, telephones, filing cabins, safety gadgets and electronics et al)

The expense of acquiring the necessary software packages.

Budget for paying at least one staff member for three months, including energy expenses, while launching your official website.

Expenses Not Included in the Budget (Business cards, Signage, Adverts, and Promotions et al)

Mountain Climbing Equipment

According to the findings of market research and feasibility studies, a great deal is required to effectively establish a medium-sized yet conventional travel and tour agency in Tanzania.

Funding / Startup Capital for the Good 2 Go Adventure

Good 2 Go Adventure is a Tanzanian limited liability business. These are the regions where we plan to get our start-up financing;

  • Personal savings might be used to fund a portion of the start-up capital.
  • Family and friends may be a good source of low-interest loans.
  • Request a loan from my bank.


Companies have an easier time surviving when they have a steady stream of business transactions / people purchasing their goods and services. We recognize this, which is why we have chosen to provide a wide variety of match planning services and other related services to both individual and corporate customers.

We understand that if we continue to provide excellent travel and excursion services, the company will profit on a consistent basis.

Our primary technique for ensuring long-term viability and growth is to ensure that we only hire skilled personnel, provide a pleasant working environment, and provide employee perks to our team members.

We recognize that if we put our business plans into action, we will achieve our goals and objectives in a timely manner.

Milestones / Checklist

  • Checking the Availability of a Business Name: Completed
  • Incorporation of a Company: Opening of corporate bank accounts at major Tanzanian banks has been completed: Work in Progress
  • Getting Started with Online Payment Platforms: Work in Progress
  • Obtaining a Taxpayer Identification Number: Completed business license and permit application: Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) enrollment is complete: Work in Progress
  • Purchase of all types of business insurance: Conducting Feasibility Studies is now complete. Completed
  • Obtaining a portion of the initial funds from the founder: Completed loan applications to our bankers: Work in Progress
  • Business Plan Writing: Completed Employee Handbook Drafting: Contract Documents Have Been Completely Drafted: The Company’s Logo Is Now Completed: Graphic Designs and Printing of Packaging Marketing / Promotional Materials Are Completed: Completed
  • Personnel recruitment: Completed
  • Software applications, furnishings, office equipment, electrical appliances, and a facility makeover are all in the works.
  • Creating the Company’s Official Website: Completed
  • Increasing company awareness (public relations): in progress
  • Arrangements for health and safety, as well as fire safety, are in the works.
  • Establishing commercial relationships with suppliers and important industry participants is now underway.

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