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A brief overview

We, the AZONI team, are descended from a group of very bold young people. The Urban Beekeeping Project and the beekeeping business have given us the chance to create a business while also giving back to our communities by providing educational packages to help with environmental conservation and agricultural expertise. Our AZONI Honey team has joined together to serve as pioneers in diversifying the honey sector, and we wish to expand our co-operative so that others have the same opportunity to earn a second income.

AZONI Honey is a new company that will first focus on the selling of pure honey jars and feral swarm migration. Our goal is to grow as a cooperative in terms of goods, services, members, and educational activities. We are putting a price on environmental education and conservation.

As its debut offering, AZONI Honey will provide pure honey. The pure honey comes from wildflowers on the Cape Flats, giving it a distinct flavor, color, and narrative. We will also provide feral swarm relocation services to anyone interested in hive feral swarms for pollination or private honey production.

AZONI Honey is a new commercial venture that will concentrate on the sale of pure honey jars and feral swarm removal at first, establishing the primary co-operative as a retail operation. The honey to be sold will be wholesale honey that has been pre-jarred and acquired straight from the Honey Taker. The pure honey will be sold to the public at local markets when we have labeled all jars with our unique brand and tale. Feral swarm relocation will be a given provider that combines feral swarm removal with pollination services, using a hired bakkie. The shooting of a feral swarm and transfer of the swarm to a hive on the customer’s land is referred to as feral swarm relocation. The swarm will thereafter serve as a pollination resource as well as a source of small-scale honey production. 

Goals and Description of the Company

AZONI Honey is a new company that will first concentrate on selling jars of pure honey and relocating feral swarms, establishing the principle co-operative as a retail operation. The honey that will be offered is pre-jarred wholesale honey from the Honeybee Foundation. The pure honey will be sold to the public at local markets once we label all jars with our own brand and tail. Feral swarm relocation will be an offered service that combines feral swarm removal with pollination services, using a hired bakkie. Capturing a feral swarm and moving the swarm to a hive on the customer’s premises is known as feral swarm relocation. The swarm will then help with pollination and small-scale honey production.


The Co-goals operatives are as follows:

  1. To promote and sell honey and beekeeping services to the general population
  2. To provide members with training in the aforementioned tasks.
  3. To educate the public about beekeeping and environmental protection.
  4. To enhance the living conditions of beekeepers.
  5. Encourage the usage of all-natural goods.

Mission and Plans for the Future

Our goal is to continue to expand as a cooperative in terms of goods, services, members, and educational activities. One of the first initiatives we took was to make money selling just one product: wholesale pure honey. As shown in Table 3, AZONI Honey intends to initiate feral swarm migration after sufficient net proceeds from wholesale honey resale have been established. In addition, our co-op intends to move away from purchasing wholesale honey from a source and instead produce honey from our own hives. We want to completely rely on our own honey production during the next year, rather than relying on a provider. This will enable us to create higher net profits and continue to expand our product and service offerings. Our co-operative will be classified as a manufacturing and retail enterprise at this point in time.

Services and Products

Cape Flats Honey’s initial offering will be pure honey. The pure honey comes from wildflowers on the Cape Flats, giving it a distinct flavor, color, and narrative. In addition, for those desiring to hive feral swarms for pollination or private honey manufacture, we will offer feral swarm migration services.


Market You’re After

Chittagong and the nearby townships such as Sitakundo, Feni, and Cumilla, where people of all ages and ages dwell, are the on-the-spot market for AZONI Honey Services. Flea markets in these places will be used to promote and sell honey to the general population. For its sweet flavor, culinary usage, and therapeutic benefits, our product is a favorite of people of all ages, genders, and denominations. Our tale will appeal to a client base that wants to support local businesses while also helping to elevate underserved neighborhoods.

Because it is no longer a highly expensive and pure healthy commodity, AZONI believes that all tiers of people can now not only afford but also anxiously await pure honey. As a result, we are committed to providing genuine AZONI honey to customers of all ages.


Abul Bee, Kulsum Bee, Kodom Bee, and Samsu Bee are comparable companies that offer pure honey in supermarkets and industrial shops. Table 4 shows the pricing for the quantity of pure honey sold by various firms in addition to AZONI Honey’s product.

Marketing Techniques

Websites and Social Media Platforms

AZONIHoney has established a website and a Facebook page to provide the public with information about the company’s history, services, and contact information. The Marketing Advisor will continue to explore more social networking sites, such as Twitter, and online advertising.

Door-to-Door Distribution (Door-to-Door)

Small booklets and fliers containing the company description, services, and contact information will be given to each co-operative member’s community’s houses individually. Private transportation is intended to establish strong client relationships and business networking, which will help to establish an initial customer base. Reaching out to our neighbors to promote our cooperative will benefit us in two ways: we will gain a loyal customer base and we will motivate our neighbors. By personally conversing with members of our community, we will establish a familiar and deep bond. By promoting our co-success operative’s via our historical tale, we seek to inspire people in our community that they, too, have the potential to be successful, whether by joining our co-operative or founding their own.

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A Special Discount Offer

It all depends on when and how much a customer wants to purchase. When you buy a lot of AZONI honey, you get a huge discount, which is unusual in this market and highly appealing.

Original Color for Viewing

There are several honey companies, but they all add something to the shade to make it more appealing, but AZONI honey does not. So, although it may not seem to be as compelling as others, AZONI honey does not sacrifice quality in order to enhance the watching experience.

Anti-Child Labor Campaign

AZONI honey is completely opposed to child labor, thus as a social responsibility, we run initiatives to protect children from working in our community. We are not doing it for the sake of profit, but as a businessman, we believe it will give us an appropriate legacy to build confidence in our AZONI HONEY product. We also understand UNICEF’s principle of “Children First.”

Descriptions of the product and service

Labeled jars of pure honey are the unique product that the cooperative will promote. Honey was selected as the primary commodity to offer because it is directly related to the beekeeping operations and knowledge that the cooperative wants to preserve and share. Honey is naturally sweet, flavorful, healthful, and delightful, making it a product that appeals to people of all ages. Cooking, baking, sweetening, swallowing, and even wound care may all benefit from it. Honey is a dynamic threat that may be offered with very little equipment. A honey jar is made up of three parts: pure honey, a jar, and a label. Our first offering will be a resale of supplied wholesale pure honey. The product will be manufactured completely by Cape Flats Honey’s bee colonies for the next year.

Feral swarm relocation will be a provided service that combines feral swarm removal with pollination services, using a leased bakkie. Feral Swarm relocation is the process of photographing a feral swarm and then shifting it to a hive ideally on the customer’s land. The swarm will then assist with pollination and small-scale honey production. Fees for fronted bakkie condominiums will be safeguarded with honey revenue created in the General Reserve Fund and will be repaid with feral relocation service profits once finished. Cape Fats Honey will also provide a training application to help Edith Stevens with her existing program. This service does not need any extra funds or materials; all that is required is time and effort from cooperative persons.

Supplies and equipment

Honey, Jars (which refers to each lid and jar container), and Labels are the three items required to make a jar of honey.

  • Jars are required for the process since they act as the product’s container. Our final product is expected to be 100g glass jars with lids, and the label will be critical in giving product identity and information. We have two labels, one 5cm x 5cm with our co-narrative op’s and the other 5cm x 10cm with our logo, product description, and co-op. Both labels distinguish Cape Flats Honey’s product from that of its competitors.

Our honey output will not be adequate to fulfill market demand in the early phases of the cooperative, thus honey will have to be obtained from a wholesale provider. The following equipment will be required if the co-operative has achieved adequate self-manufacturing of honey:

  • Bees : Bees are plentiful in the wild, and the cooperative’s members have all been educated in the art of capturing bee swarms. Because bees are the only natural makers of honey, they are an essential part of the business.
  • Beehive : The beehive serves as a secure sanctuary for the bees, as well as a site for honey production and convenient honey extraction.
  • Smoker : During the honey gathering process, the smoker is used to control the bees in the beehive. It provides the honey collector unrestricted access to the hive without the fear of swarm assaults.
  • Protective apparel : When working with bees, special attire is essential. These clothing are used to protect against possible bee stings.
  • Tools for the hive : Hive tools are used by apiculturists to open the hive and retrieve the hive’s collecting box, which holds the honey produced by the bees.
  • Extractor : The extractor is a mechanism that extracts honey from the collecting box of the hive.
  • Facilities :  Certain infrastructure is required to run a successful honey production and beekeeping enterprise. Table 6 summarizes the facilities’ requirements for all important equipment.

Processes of Production and Manufacturing

Description of the Manufacturing Process

There are various procedures that must be completed in order to create a finished labeled jar of honey. Honey, jar, and label are the three items required for the production of a jar of honey, as previously stated. At first, the honey will come from a wholesale provider, but as the business progresses, the honey will be self-produced by the co-members. operative’s The first technique of getting these things, as well as the final result, are described in Table 7.

Impact on the Environment

The honey-producing procedure has a negligible environmental effect. One of the cooperative’s goals is to promote environmental awareness. As a consequence, the company will go to great lengths to ensure that the business is as ecologically friendly as possible. Instead of chemically changed plastics, the jars that will be used will be made of recyclable glass. Furthermore, bees, which are essential for the preservation of all-natural resources, produce all of the honey. Bees are important pollinators of plants and trees because they use pollen and nectar from flowers to make honey. Because energy will only be used in the extraction phase of the self-produced honey, the amount of electricity used will be negligible. The cooperative will make use of nearby suppliers in order to reduce the carbon impact of transporting vehicles. Overall, the production of honey jars by Cape Flats Honey & Bee Services will have a very minimal environmental effect while benefiting from the pollination provided by bees.

The number of people needed to manufacture branded honey jars will be minimal. Because the cooperative is still in its early phases, a large staff is no longer practical. Our five members have all received training in beekeeping from one of Bangladesh’s most well-known beekeepers. Our co-five operative’s people are all competent in dealing with bees, whether it’s doing a normal check-up on a hive, harvesting honey, or removing and shooting wild swarms. We all fulfill the requirements for anybody intending to pursue a career in the manufacturing industry. In addition, we got basic enterprise capabilities training, which will be used to keep track of manufacturing output, sales and purchases, and general bookkeeping, all of which are vital for any business to stay on track. To ensure the long-term viability of the firm, all new members will be required to complete the same beekeeping and business training.


Several honey, jar, and label vendors were investigated in order to ensure the highest profit and quality of the product. Table eight compares the whole fees of several agencies. Hilpak’s 250g glass jars were selected for the pricing study and the first purchases of the co-operative based on these prices. For durability and product preservation, glass jars are preferable to plastic jars. Sticker Mix offers the best labeling prices per unit and overall. For the same price as Asset Print can provide 200 front labels and 250 rear labels, the cooperative may acquire 400 front and returned labels. Labelpak is not a viable option at this point for the cooperative since their minimum order is 5000 labels.

The Honey Foundation will give mentoring to the co-operative in all beekeeping-related skills under a contract with the City of Chittagong. The Over strand Training Institute of Agriculture will give additional business skills training. Finance Required and Funds Utilized

The first funding will be used to cover initial honey, jar, and label costs, resulting in roughly 200 jars for sale. The preliminary capital for the co-initial operator’s sales amounts to taka 4234, as shown in Table 9. The rand collected from the fund sources will be used for these first acquisitions in order to establish the co-net operative’s revenue, which will be used to support future carrier and product expansions. When the co-op has enough money to spare, it will invest in the other items mentioned below.

Financial forecasts

The cooperative is also prepared for the expenditures that will be incurred as a result of future services and goods. Table 10 shows a three-year estimate of purely honey products and feral swarm eradication to ensure a gradual product increase. We plan to produce more honey and have a bigger client base each year, which explains the growth from year to year. We intend to sell 400 jars of honey every month throughout the first four months of operation. Enough funds should be raised by May 2012 to acquire the necessary materials for feral swarm control. Our estimated profit for the whole year of 2012 is tk45,737. Through a wider client base and more feral swarm eradication, we plan to grow our average monthly honey sales to 600 jars in 2013, producing tk75, 806 for the year. The next year would see a higher rise in honey purchases and feral swarm eradication, resulting in a profit of tk110,675 for the third year. Due to new experiences, unexpected fallbacks, and a tiny client base, we anticipate a sluggish first year. We expect to be in a lot better situation in three years. Figure 1 also includes a bi-monthly three-year prediction of cash flow and profit for a clearer vision of the progress.

Net worth is an essential metric to measure for any company. Table 11 shows a three-year net worth prediction based on Table 10’s expected annual earnings. The balance statement is extremely straightforward due to the co-tiny operative’s size. To guarantee that the bulk of the cash flow returns to the co-operative, just a small portion of the profits will be given at first. We anticipate our entire assets to be accounted for in the overall expected earnings for each of the three years in this forecast. As a liability, the compensation will be 10% of the cash assets for the first year, 20% for the second year, and 30% for the third year, with the possibility of continuing for the next several years. To make tracking simpler, no shares will be sold at first. An initial mortgage used to support the starting capital stated in Table 12 is included in other liabilities and capital. The anticipated net worth for the first three years is tk37, 590 for year one, tk62, 99 for year two, and tk82, 353 for year three, based on collected assets and subtracted obligations. Administration and Management

Seven directors make up the management team. 

Md. Al Amin Munshias is the current Secretary, 

Md. SarifulAlam is the Treasurer, 

Ms.OshinMarma is the Accounting Advisor, 

Md. ZahidulHasan is the Marketing Advisor, 

Md. ImteiassUddinas is the HR Advisor.

The management team’s responsibilities, as outlined in the AZONI Honey constitution, are mentioned below.

Md. Al Amin Munshi, the Secretary

  • will Oversee the smooth running of day-to-day activities in the workplace.
  • Answer and make any universal phone calls relevant to the co-day-to-day operative’s operations.
  • Be provided with a phone that functions entirely as the cooperative’s cellphone. If the smartphone necessitates the purchase of airtime, the secretary must keep track of all airtime transactions.
  • The accountant and treasurer should provide you with all financial details.
  • All financial, sales, banking, delivery, payments, orders, and cliental paperwork should be organized and conveniently accessible.
  • Sign all checks as a co-signer.
  • Act as a member of the steering committee.
  • With at least 7 days’ notice, inform participants of the date, time, and location of the next familiar gathering.
  • Keep track of and file minutes for all of your meetings, no matter how infrequent or unique they are.

Md. SarifulAlam, the Treasurer, will

  • Maintain a continual grasp of the cooperative’s financial situation.
  • Assist with all financial and monetary transactions as a liaison.
  • Be in charge of putting money or checks into the wonderful co-financial op’s institution account.
  • All financial, banking, and savings records should be reported to the secretary.
  • Co-sign checks as a co-signer.
  • Oversee the accountant’s computations and processes.
  • Be accountable for the co-financial operative’s accounts, which will be audited once a year for tax purposes by means of a backyard birthday party no longer linked to the co-operative, unless the CR8 Form exempts you for up to three years.
  • Assume responsibility for ensuring that the audit is completed on schedule.
  • At each assembly, provide a report on the co-current operative’s economic situation.

Ms.OshinMarma, the Accounting Advisor, will

  • Be responsible for all monetary calculations, including but not limited to check repayments, cash payments, deposits, transfers, purchases, and receipts.
  • Collect any expenses or funds pertaining to the cooperative.
  • Maintain a permanent record of all income and expenditures.
  • Disburse all co-operative funds, settle any treasury claims, and maintain a complete accounting of all monies received and spent.
  • Assist the Treasurer with the completion and submission of all tax and audit paperwork.

Md. Zahidul Hasan, the Marketing Advisor, will

  • Be responsible for making all cooperative items, sales, and selling locations and hours public.
  • Be in charge of expanding and promoting the co-narrative op’s and principles.
  • Be in charge of the creation of the brand, label, or message that appears on products and promotional materials.
  • Act as a liaison for all outdoor marketing materials, including but no longer limited to newspaper advertisements, television, radio, signs, flyers, and business cards.
  • Assume responsibility for creating an annual advertising format.

Md.ImteiassUddin, the HR Advisor, will

  • Be in charge of arranging, creating, and improving all learning materials in the educational program.
  • Be in charge of developing and implementing an annual educational program.
  • Serve as a point of contact for all backyard resources related to educational application and development.
  • Assigning on-hand contributors to the established presentations and organizing all aspects for instructional displays are your responsibilities.
  • Assume responsibility for informing all contributors about the presentation cloth so that all members may understand the instructional program completely.

Hours of Trading

Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the office will be open. Sales and offers hours may also be difficult to organize outside of office hours determined by appointment or a variety of market schedules.

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