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A business plan for boat and RV storage that you can use to establish your own company.

RVs are becoming more popular than they have ever been. They are used to live in and camp in. However, they cannot be parked in your garage or driveway, which is a concern. They’ll have to stay at an RV park. This has resulted in the formation of a new company, which is the cornerstone for this RV and boat storage business plan.

The company’s main purpose is to provide people with a place to park their RVs and vans while charging them for the service. We’ll go over everything you need to know about starting an RV storage firm, as well as teach you how to develop a franchise business plan.

Let’s get started and see how you can make an RV and boat self-storage business plan.

The Company

To highlight all of the complications required in starting a boat and RV storage firm, we’ll utilize Jack RV Storage as an example. The event will take place in Tucson, Arizona. This group will be led by Jack Reacher, a veteran World War II soldier. Continue reading if you want to discover how to start a yacht storage business.

Boat and RV Storage Business Management

The management of the firm is the most important aspect to cover when preparing a business plan for a bank loan. This influences the success of the enterprise as well as the chance of obtaining finance approval. Jack will choose three managers to run the firm and will act as its CEO, in charge of all aspects. This will guarantee that your boat and RV storage construction plans are successful.

Clients of the Boat and RV Storage Service

This leads us to the customers who will profit from our boat and RV storage facilities. These will be divided into four categories:

Tourists looking for a location to park their RVs overnight.

Locals who want to leave their RVs parked for a long time.

People who live in RVs and need a place to park their vehicles and charge their batteries.

People who adore their boats but don’t have the place to store them in their homes.

Business Objective

To put it another way, Jack RV Storage is in the business of providing people in Tucson with a safe place to store their RV. The following are the goals of this endeavor, which are comparable to those of a transportation business strategy:

Become the largest RV and boat storage facility in the state.

Creating a trustworthy brand and spreading into other states.

Things are beginning to look better for the owner, Jack.

Owner of a business

Jack Reacher will be the owner of this firm and will develop boat storage since he like RVs and boats. For the last five years, he’s been living in an RV. When it comes to RV storage and power, he noticed a major gap in the sector.

What is the purpose of the Boat and RV Storage?

Jack is starting an RV storage firm to meet this market requirement. His boat storage idea aims to solve the most serious problem that people face: a lack of secure long- and short-term storage facilities for RVs and boats. He has a well-thought-out plan in place, and it will be successful.

How will the boat and RV storage business get off the ground?

Step 1: Conduct a Feasibility Analysis

The first step in beginning an RV storage franchise is to do a market analysis and analyze the venture’s potential. Jack has done so and has determined that the business is feasible. This is owing to the fact that the area has thousands of RVs but only one dependable RV parking and storage facility.

Step 2: Decide on a name

Because RVs are so expensive, customers looking for a place to park them require a reliable brand. As a consequence, the next step in starting a business will be to come up with a name. Jack will register and insure the business so that clients may have confidence in it.

Step 3: Getting the Business Up and Running

The next stage is to establish the company’s actual presence once it has been granted a name. This will be achieved by acquiring or leasing a large plot of land and erecting a fence around it. The site will be acquired slightly outside of town, keeping it affordable while yet being easily accessible to customers.

Step 4: Look for information on the internet.

Because people look for everything on the internet, Jack RV Storage has to have a website. A website will be established for this purpose, where visitors may learn more about the firm. It will provide thorough information about the company’s services as well as the pricing structure.

Step 5: Promotion & Marketing

As with a drop shipping business strategy, we’ll make sure the company is well-publicized and that people are aware of its existence. Jack will use all social and electronic media venues to advertise and market the firm.



One of the most important aspects of any business plan is to discuss the services that an RV storage facility will offer.

Because of the industry’s size, this RV and boat storage firm will focus on the following services:

RV storage is available.

Short- and long-term RV storage without access to power or other amenities will be addressed in this portion of the business plan.

Boat storage is available.

A part of the company’s business will include boat storage. On a regular basis, all stored boats will be inspected, and any required repairs will be made.

RVs need electricity.

RV residents often need electricity to keep their appliances and air conditioning functioning. Jack RV Storage will also give this service.

Workshop for recreational vehicles

RV owners regularly travel from other towns and cities, and their vehicles break down frequently. As a result, a workshop service will be given to assist these individuals while also earning money.

Analysis of the Boat and RV Storage Industry’s Marketing

One of the most important things to have for any boat and RV storage facility design is a complete marketing analysis for the company. Jack did his investigation and learned that there were over 10,000 RV and boat owners in the area. As a consequence, the storage unit business model will be successful. According to the survey, the area has just two RV and boat storage facilities, both of which are severely underequipped to handle the increase of customers.

Let’s take a deeper look at the business strategy for boat RV storage.

Market Developments

A market analysis was undertaken before to the construction of the storage facility, and it was discovered that the number of RVs in the Tucson area had expanded considerably over the past five years. While the methods of import-export companies may not seem to be very successful or rewarding at first look, this business may generate substantial revenues.

Segmentation of the Market

Customers of Jack RV Storage will be divided into the following key market categories:

Owners of RVs

This will be the major market for the firm. The primary purpose of this business will be to provide storage and parking for RV owners in the area. Permanent clients will be granted a monthly membership, while temporary users would be billed per hour or per say.

Owners of Boats

Small and medium-sized boat owners will be the second most significant customers for the company. Because boats are used less often and are generally in storage, this market segment will mostly consist of people looking for long-term storage for their boats.

Owners of Motorhomes

Customers of Jack RV storage include folks who live in large RVs known as motorhomes and enjoy a digital nomad lifestyle. These are often transitory customers who aren’t planning on remaining for long periods of time.

Leasing Companies for RVs and Boats

Because not everyone can afford to own an RV or a boat, leasing these products has become more popular. However, the rental companies in Tucson, Arizona, do not have enough room to accommodate all of their RVs. Jack will also be serving these people.

Business Objective

To provide safe and secure RV and boat storage to the residents of Tucson, Arizona.

To provide electricity and other essentials to the region’s RV residents.

I hope to be profitable at least $262,200 each year by the end of the second year.

We intend to have at least 5 more locations before the end of the year.

Pricing of Products

Jack will keep the prices lower than the other RV and boat storage firms in the region at first. The initial step will be to convert customers of other service providers. After it has been completed effectively and Jack has established himself in the sector, prices will be increased to gain more profit. This strategy is comparable to that used in the trucking business plan.

Marketing Techniques

Another important component of any successful boat and RV storage facility design is a strong marketing plan for the company. To assure the company’s success, Jack did a detailed competitor analysis as well as a marketing analysis. Here’s how a marketing campaign for a boat storage service works.

Analysis of Competitors

According to the marketing strategy analysis, there are just two other boat storage facility providers in the area.

The services provided by these persons fall short of what customers anticipate.

The only thing we need to do to make our company successful is to provide better services at a reduced cost to our customers.

We can charge any price we want if we have a sufficient number of customers.

Strategy for Selling

Jack will promote the company’s services throughout the region’s social, print, and electronic media outlets.

Rather than making a profit, the initial priority will be to recruit new customers.

Personnel strategy

There’s just one thing left to talk about after that: the people necessary to start an RV storage firm. We’ll focus on the individuals who will be needed to get the RV storage company up and operating in this business plan. The number of workers will increase as the organization expands. It will continue in the same way that a trucking firm’s strategy would.

Employees of the company

The following people will be needed to run the business:

  • The CEO will be Jack Reacher, the company’s owner.
  • 1 receptionist who will also act as the secretary to the CEO.
  • Three managers will be chosen for sales, operations, and marketing.
  • The workshop at the storage facility will be staffed by three mechanics.
  • To move the RVs that are permanently stored or parked, three drivers are required.

Plan your finances

The next point to examine is the funds required to establish this boat and RV storage business for sale. As with any logistics firm plan, the costs may vary from case to situation.

The most significant investment will be the cost of obtaining or leasing a piece of property on which to establish the company.

The cost of marketing and promotion.

The cost of paying workers’ salaries before the business makes a profit.

Expenses including energy and water, as well as other other costs.