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Starting a helicopter company requires a certain kind of entrepreneur due to the high equipment expenditures and specialized nature of the industry. The helicopter business plan explains how to find a niche market and develop business strategy services, all of which are crucial to the company’s success. An entrepreneur may choose from a variety of paths. For example, the corporation may join the aerial tourism sector, flying visitors over city skylines or natural wonders like canyons or volcanoes.

Business organization for helicopters

The helicopter company’s location is critical. A firm that wants to fly visitors over city skylines will want the heli-base to be close to the city and the hotels where the tourists will be staying. Offering transportation from the hotels to the heli-base is an option if the heli-base is situated outside of town. The local airport is, of course, a popular option. A list of typical information included in a helicopter business plan is as follows:

• Helicopter type and number of passengers it can carry safely

• Helicopter purchase or leasing agreement, including payment method

• Equipment safety standards, including maintenance schedule

• Differentiators in service quality and other aspects

• Flight plans and service pricing

• Marketing strategy to attract regular and repeat customers

• Yearly expected number of yearly flights and passengers during the first five years of operation

Our strategy for developing a helicopter business plan

Under Part 135 aircraft charter legislation, the FAA governs everything that has to do with planes. The pilot must get a commercial airline transport pilot certificate with a helicopter (rotor) rating, according to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Part 61.161. The FAA also requires that aircraft be maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

A helicopter business plan that contains certification of compliance with federal standards would pique investors’ attention. Because a helicopter business plan requires a large initial investment for asset purchases and to cover the first year or two of operating expenditures, the business plan is a crucial document for obtaining necessary funding.