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Summary of the Business

Onetouch Cellular Phones, Inc. will sell GSM PDAs and mobile phone accessories to its clientele.

GSM is an acronym for “Global System for Mobile Communications.” GSM originated in Europe and is now widely used in the United States. Its most substantial advantage, a technical one, is that the owner may use the telephone wherever in the globe since the framework is generally utilized everywhere. Market need pushes cell manufacturers and specialized cooperatives to provide superior administrations and capabilities in their PDAs than ever before.

We acknowledge that, as a result of our extensive cooperation, our shop will be located in an optimal location to begin our operations in Dhaka., and will begin functioning at the appropriate time. Onetouch Cellular Phones will provide superior support and comfort to its clientele.

Company: Onetouch cellular phones inc.                                                      

Chiriakhana road , Mirpur  1 , Dhaka 1216 

Name: Omar faruk

Address: West shwerapara, Mirpur , Dhaka 1216

Contact : 01960603832

Email: [email protected]

Pattern: This is a retail store


Cell phones have transformed the field of interchanges, reshaping our perceptions of voice correspondences. Historically, PDAs remained out of reach for the majority of purchasers due to their high cost. Subsequently, wireless transporters have invested time and resources in determining how to increase the framework’s limit while maintaining a cheap cost. Cell frameworks are benefiting from this examination and are forming into massive scope consumer items. Today, cells are really consumer electronics, with over 59 million users. The Nokia Bowl and Qualcomm Stadium provide more evidence that cells may be used as consumer products. Cell phones have ceased to be the exclusive domain of powerful legal counsel and are now in the hands of millions of customers.

This is the Onetouch mobile phone company.

The total cost of the project is

$43,000 in total investment We will additionally invest an extra $5,0000 when the business begins.

Marketing Plan

  • Boost your marketing efforts
  • Increase the size of the market
  • Increase your marketing reach
  • Recognize your brand
  • Boost your telemarketing efforts

Financial Requirements

  • Increase income generation and retention
  • Excellent financial back-up

Analysis of the Industry

two massive corporations dominate the Bangladesh market:

Since May 31, 2001, T-Mobile Wireless has been claimed by a subsidiary of detouch Telekom.

Revenues: In 2001, revenues exceeded $80,000.

  • Subscribers to the Remote Phone Service: To more than 8 million customers, we provide cellular voice, information, and rapid remote information administrations.
  • Telephony and Technology: T-Mobile Wireless operates the world’s largest all-wireless organization based on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology. GSM is the most widely used advanced standard worldwide, accounting for more than 70% of the total computerized remote industry.
  • Wireless in particular: It is Bangladesh’s second largest remote organization. The inventor in dynamic voice and information interchanges, specifically, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to elevating individuals to new heights.
  • Possession: peculiar Wireless is a cooperative venture between SBC and BellSouth’s in-house remote businesses. Dhaka’s central command is based on bananas. SBC owns 60% of the business, while BellSouth owns 40%, according to the value of the resources contributed by both parties.
  • In 2002, revenue from cell administration exceeded $ 60,000.
  • Subscribers to Telephone Services: Numerous millions of voice and information customers spread around Bangladesh.

Venture Description

Onetouch Cellular, Inc. will provide its customers with GSM mobile phones and cell phone accessories. The venture will span 2,000 square feet and include a good design. We have five separate assembly machines acquired from various countries.

We have about 1,000 representatives or workers working in the factory. They are extraordinarily qualified and capable.

Market demand pushes wireless manufacturers and expert organizations to provide superior administrations and capabilities in their mobile phones than ever before. The Bangladesh market’s desire for more visual collaboration and entertainment through mobile phones.


Onetouch Cellular Phones will provide the following products:

  • Motorola, Nokia, Sharp, Siemens, Samsung, Alcatel, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hyundai, and LG Electronics are among the manufacturers of GSM cellular phones. 
  • Wireless Fixed Phones
  • Antennas, batteries, belt clips, cables and adapters, cases, chargers, faceplates, and modems are all examples of cellular phone accessories.

Production Schedule

Each firm needs a good creative strategy to maximize efficiency. In any event, effective planning is a complicated interaction that encompasses a broad range of activities to ensure that goods, equipment, and human capital are available when and where they are necessary. Arranging your creations is similar to following a map: it informs you of your destination and the time required to reach there.

Several advantages of a strong creative strategy and planning include the following:

  • Reduced labor expenses by eliminating idle time and further improving the cycle stream.
  • Reduced inventory costs by reducing the need for safety stocks and excessive work-in-measure inventories.
  • Increased gear use and capacity.
  • Improved item and administration conveyance times.

A manufacturing plan’s critical aspects

Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to succeed must have a firm grip of critical activities. Consider the following examples:

Expectations for the future

To plan well, you must be able to forecast future revenues with some degree of precision. The vast majority of businesses lack reliable forecasts for future revenues. You can predict sales, on the other hand, using historical data, market trends, and/or current orders.

Stock management

It is necessary to have reliable inventory levels feeding the pipeline, as well as an effective inventory management system.

Plan de promotion

Our products have enormous market potential, as shown by what seems to be the telecom industry’s constant growth. At the present time, the telecommunications industry is one of the most established development companies, accounting for enormous expansion in the capital business sectors. PDAs are multiplying with breakneck speed. One illustrative scenario is that it is estimated that more than 65 percent of children between the ages of 10-15 would own phones within two years.

A CCD camera located either outside of the clamshell or on the clamshell pivot is one of the latest popular additions to a substantial number of Japanese and Korean telephone models. The camera’s focus point is a little smaller than a dime and captures 4×4 cm images that may be shown on the phone’s screen or sent to others. Users will not only be able to snap photographs; they will also be able to shoot video clips. Due to memory constraints, the majority of phones can only record between 5 and 15 seconds of video. However, they can transfer web-based video. Numerous advertisements for camera phones depict people conversing and viewing one another on the screen (both hanging on a camera at a manageable distance and utilizing a sans hands receiver and earpiece).

Separation of Markets

Garbles Cellular Phones, Inc. will target five distinct client segments, keeping in mind that it is rather common for families nowadays to own several mobile phones:

  • Ten to seventeen-year-old children
  • Students
  • Citizenry
  • Professionals Organizations that provide services to others and businesses that need regular connection with their workers

Concurrence and Purchasing Behavior

In the absence of any significance, brand names are practically meaningless. The sales representative and the wireless device in front of them provide access to the buyer’s purchase option. As mentioned in the Competitive Analysis section, there are several merchants offering equivalent brand names to Garbles Cellular Phones, Inc. that may be even more economical. It is critical for the sales representative to highlight the unique features and selling points of our products. Our products, in particular, should be readily available at the retail outlet, as the things carried by our shop will be sold.

Structure of the Organization

This is a commercial venture in which two people work together. Profitability and the happiness of each partner are the organization’s primary objectives.

A partnership’s name and address.

  1. Partnership duration: —Partners may designate an end date for the partnership or add a generic clause indicating that the partnership will continue to exist until all partners agree to terminate it or one of them dies.
  1. Commercial objective —While some experts encourage partners to keep this sector open in case of future expansion opportunities, others emphasize the need of defined entrepreneurial aspirations.
  1. Information on the bank account —This section should outline which bank accounts will be used for partnership purposes and which partners will be authorized to sign checks.
  1. Contributions of allies —All presents, whether monetary, tangible, or in-kind, are regarded as valuable.
  1. Compensating partners —Decide on the manner and timing of distribution of earnings (and, if appropriate, compensation).
  1. Authority over management —How much operational responsibility does each partner have? Will partners be given the freedom to make their own choices? Which decisions need the unanimous consent of all partners? How do the voting rights of each partner work? How will a tally vote be resolved?
  1. In some conditions, new partners may be admitted to the partnership. 
  1. Hours of operation and leave.
  1. Outside business activities that partners may participate in.
  1. What happens to the name of the partnership if one of the partners dies?
  1. Resolving differences —In the case of a disagreement between the partners that cannot be resolved amicably, this provision outlines the method of mediation or arbitration that will be employed. This is a strategy for avoiding costly litigation.
  1. Provisions not included elsewhere – For instance, his portion of the agreement may address the circumstances under which the agreement may be modified.
  1. Agreement on the Purchase and Sale of Goods.


The proprietor’s own assets are assumed to be sufficient to cover any monthly revenue shortfall. Regardless, it is advisable to establish a banking connection as soon as possible. Deals might grow at a far faster pace than anticipated by these conservative forecasts. More refined transactions will result in a greater need for inventory and receivables assets. A bank-issued overdraft credit extension will serve as an excellent buffer.

This is seen as an incredible opportunity to establish a new company. The economy is reviving, and consumer spending has increased. “Shoppers increased their expenditure, the largest increase in nine months,” the Commerce Department found.

Due to the proprietor’s extensive foundation and inside and outside market knowledge, he will bring a more restricted expectation of learning and adapting to the firm. He has an unambiguous grasp of the significance of cost control and forecasting future requirements in order to keep the firm from being “blasted” by the unexpected.

Financial study conducted in its entirety

We’re investing $43,000 in one-touch Cellular Phone, Inc. to cover startup costs. We will make an additional $50,000 investment when the firm commences in April 2005. The table below summarizes the sources of finance for our startup expenditures.

Assumptions Critical

As a general rule, our company does not provide credit. We may, however, be able to grant short-term finance in extraordinary instances in return for legitimate assurances. The following methods of payment will be accepted: cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as online PayPal. All credit card transactions will be deposited into our company bank account within 48 hours.

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