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Starting your own computer repair service requires a business plan.

Starting a computer repair business is undeniably profitable. In today’s world, computers have become an indispensable part of businesses, organizations, institutions, and even families. Any company that runs its operations on computers need dependable computer repair services to maintain the systems up to date, fixed, and improved.

As a consequence, if you’re thinking about starting this business, you don’t have to be worried about its scope or possibilities. Only think about how to establish a computer repair business. To accomplish so, you’ll need to start by writing a business plan for computer repair. We have a business plan for a firm, PC Fix, that you may use if you don’t know how to construct a comprehensive business plan.

The Company

PC Fix will be a professional and accredited computer repair service. The company’s headquarters will be in Boston. The company’s computer repair, maintenance, and upgrading services will benefit both individuals and small and large enterprises.

Computer Repair Shop Management

At any time, computers may have software or hardware problems. As a consequence, if you want to start a computer repair business, you’ll need a sufficient number of personnel. As a result, you will be able to provide rapid support to your customers.

You should start gathering a professional team while you’re contemplating how to start a computer repair business. You’ll also need qualified supervisors to manage all aspects of your business.

Computer Repair Shop’s Customers

Before you look into how to start a computer repair business, you must first determine who your customers will be. Knowing who your customers are can help you acquire the appropriate equipment and employees to meet their requirements.

PC Fix’s clientele include individuals who own computers, small and large businesses, educational institutions, and government bodies.

Business Objective

Our objective is to become the most well-known computer repair business within a year of beginning. This table depicts our financial objectives for the next three years.

Owner of a business

Steve Wayne will be the owner of PC Fix. Steve holds an associate’s degree in computer science. He has worked as a computer support specialist at the Boston Finance Commission for the last three years.

Why has a computer repair company been established?

Steve gained a lot of experience in his field throughout his time there. After three years, he realized that becoming an entrepreneur would enable him to double his original investment by multiple times. Because of his experience, he decided to start a computer repair business.

How will the computer repair business be established?

Make a business strategy as the first step.

Write out all you know about your computer repair business in your computer repair company description as a first step. This example of a computer repair business plan might help you figure out what to include in a business plan. In this sample computer repair business plan, we’ve included all you need to know about PC Fix, including a market analysis, sales business strategy, personnel plan, and financial plan.

Step 2: Make a name for yourself.

You must now get the relevant permissions and create your physical presence after completing your firm plan. Meanwhile, to make people feel linked to your ambitions, you should define your company’s beliefs and aspirations.

Step 3: Get started on the hiring process.

The next step is to start the recruitment process in order to find the best candidates.

Step 4: Get ready to promote and publicize your company.

You should begin selling your services when you’ve finished all of the following methods.

Step 5: Establish a web presence

People currently utilize Google to find whatever service they need. As a consequence, maintaining a strong internet presence is essential. You’ll be able to appear at the top of the search results. It would also allow you to attract more people by showcasing other people’s comments.


Before launching a computer repair business, you should decide on your services. As a consequence, you’ll be able to purchase the necessary equipment and hire the right individuals. This example computer repair business plan includes PC Fix’s services

Hardware repairs, maintenance, and upgrades

We’ll also repair the hardware on your PC. Hardware issues are quite common with computers. Common complaints include screen freezes, blue screens, file corruption concerns, and unexpected shutdowns. They’re all experiencing hardware issues.

We will also provide as-needed maintenance and upgrade services, as well as monthly and yearly contracts.

Software updates, maintenance, and repairs

We’ll look into any software problems and remedy them. We’ll make sure your software is maintained and updated on a regular basis if you hire us on a monthly or yearly basis.

Computer, laptop, and mobile phone accessory

Other computer and mobile accessories will be offered, including network interface cards, batteries, speakers, headphones, USB flash drives, and other computer and mobile accessories.

The creation of a database management system is underway.

Our ultimate service will help businesses, institutions, and organizations. In this project, we’ll supply them with a cost-effective database management solution to handle enormous, irregular datasets.

Computer Repair Shop Marketing Analysis

Before starting a computer repair business, you must do a complete marketing analysis. Marketing analysis may be used to identify existing and future market trends. As a consequence of this, you will eventually be able to recognize it.

Customers who may be directly or indirectly interested in your offerings.

The opportunity to service your target clientele who are now unserved.

The most successful strategies for attracting your target consumers’ attention.

Pricing for your products that will help you attract customers while also enabling you to profit.

Marketing research should be conducted in a systematic way. If you don’t know what to include in a marketing plan, you can receive help here. In this article on how to design a business strategy for computer repairs, we present the marketing study done for PC Fix.

Market Developments

Almost every citizen in the United States has a computer, laptop, or smartphone. To manage massive data sets and work on research projects, government organizations, educational institutions, and businesses all use computer-based labs and systems. These modern gadgets have their own set of hardware and software issues to deal with. As a consequence, the need for a computer repair firm is greater than ever.

According to IBISWorld, the United States today has over 41k computer repair businesses. By 2020, the sector is expected to be worth $18 billion, according to projections. Furthermore, the industry has employed around 124k people.

Segmentation of the Market

You must first determine who your target customers are before opening a computer repair company. If you do this, you’ll be able to comprehend their expectations, needs, and purchasing power.

Because computers are now used in practically every aspect of life, customers in the computer repair sector come from many walks of life. The most common client types recognized by PC Fix are listed below.


The first section of our target clientele are people and students who use personal computers and laptops. This group gets particularly worried when their equipment develops flaws or problems. As a consequence, we expect them to visit our shop on a frequent basis for hardware/software repairs and technical accessory purchases.

Businesses, both small and large

The second component of our target market will be businesses. Computers are currently used by businesses to manage their finances, cash flow, and work. As a consequence, since they need regular maintenance and improvements, they will be compelled to employ our services on a contract basis.

Institutes of Higher Learning

Our third category includes educational institutions that have established computer labs for the purposes of study, research, and administration.

Governmental Institutions

Finally, we expect government agencies in our city to employ our computer repair and upgrading services.

Business Objective

Your computer repair business model should spell out your company’s objectives, which must be completed within a specified time limit. This might help you concentrate your staff and resources around a common goal.

PC Fix’s mission is to help you fix your computer.

You’ll have a monthly net profit margin of $28,000 at the end of the third year.

You should have at least a 4.65 average rating at the end of the first year.

Keeping a CSAT score of 90 percent or above

You should have a 90 percent customer retention percentage at the end of the first year.

Pricing of Products

We provide somewhat cheaper costs than our rivals. This is because we want to reach out to as many people as possible when we first launch.

Marketing Techniques

In the face of severe competition, an efficient sales strategy is necessary to capture the attention of your target clientele. The marketing plan for PC Fix’s computer repair company is included in this computer repair business proposal. So that you can find out how to stay competitive and successful.

Marketing Techniques

Our crew is very capable and well-coordinated.

We cherish our customers and are willing to go above and beyond to satisfy them.

Our website allows customers to make bookings for our services.

In our neighborhood, we are the only ones that offer computer and smartphone accessories. This is something that will help us attract more customers.

Strategy for Selling

To attract our target clientele, we’ll perform the following:

To develop a strong online presence, make your website SEO-friendly.

To advertise our services, use Google’s Local Ads program.

Provide a 40% discount on all of our services, except PC accessories, during the first three months of the launch.

Provide a 30% discount to organizations, companies, and schools on a 6-month maintenance contract.

Personal Strategy

In your computer repair service business plan, you should include a list of required personnel. As a consequence, you’ll be able to establish criteria for picking the most competent employees. Also, for at least three years, make sure your personnel plan contains information on their normal wage.

Employees of the company

The company’s CEO will be Steve. However, in order to run his business, he will hire the following people.

  • One Co-Manager/Supervisor is responsible for procuring equipment and monitoring overall operations.
  • 8 Computer Repair Technicians
  • To work on management software and the company’s website, one software developer is required.
  • To keep track of funds, you’ll need one accountant.
  • 2 sales representatives to promote the company and negotiate contracts
  • a single shop supervisor (to manage accessories display and sales)
  • just one receptionist
  • 2 Vehicles

Plan your finances

To establish a computer repair business, you’ll need a substantial number of money. If you want to guarantee that your investment group to business strategy does not go to waste, you must undertake detailed financial planning before you start your company. An effective financial plan includes cash flow charts and diagrams, projected profit and loss, gross margins, and balance sheets. All of these parts, when considered together, will give you a good idea of how to deal with a financial emergency. For example, how much money should be placed aside as a reserve, and so on.

We’ve included a PC Repair budget plan so you can get an idea of how much repairing a computer costs.