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During the COVID-19 epidemic, demand for office furniture decreased as the economy stalled and people began to work from home. Unoccupied offices seldom need the acquisition of furnishings.

As a consequence, according to Freedonia Focus Reports, a branch of MarketResearch.com, demand for office furniture providers is predicted to shrink by 11% in 2020.

A Boom in Home Office Furniture

However, as more people work from home, online sales of office equipment including low-cost seats and tables have surged. Over 20% of US clients bought office equipment to work from home, according to a nationwide consumer study done by Freedonia Focus Reports in November 2020.

Major manufacturers are looking to increase their online choices for selling to customers in order to boost sales of home office equipment. Kimball, for example, bought Poppin, an e-commerce business furniture company, in December 2020.

For many businesses, though, the transition to e-commerce has proven to be a logistical nightmare. According to Ron Wiener, CEO of iMovR, a manufacturer of standing workstations, “this epidemic struck the business like a Tsunami.” “Big businesses were not built to service customers from the comfort of their own homes.”

Modest Gains Expected as Workplaces Reopen

Demand for office furniture is projected to rise as more people get vaccinated against COVID-19 and employees return to work. According to Freedonia Focus Reports, more employment will help boost sales, and businesses will likely buy more furniture as they reorganize workplaces to reduce disease transmission and provide more meeting spaces.

Despite this, the office furniture business will encounter problems in the future. In the future, many organizations may enable workers to work from home, lowering the quantity of furniture required. Furthermore, as a result of the closure and liquidation of major office buildings, the number of good used furniture has grown, dampening new furniture sales.

Where can I find out more information?

Freedonia Office Furniture: United States Focus Reports goes into further detail on the office furniture industry. This study covers the size and predictions of the US office furniture market, market segmentation, and the most recent office furniture industry trends.

The two studies, Furniture in the United States and Household Furniture in the United States, are linked.

Focus Reports on Freedonia

Freedonia Focus Papers are 20-30 page papers that give new, unbiased information on a wide range of firms and industries.

The purpose of analysis is to lead the busy reader through a series of key issues, such as:

  • In the past, market size and segmentation of industrial production by goods and markets
  • Market drivers, restraints, and important indicators are all mentioned.

in five-year projections, segment-by-segment prognosis

  • A survey of the supply base was conducted, and resources that should be investigated further were identified.
  • On MarketResearch.com, you may find the most recent Focus Reports.