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Here are some common questions about SKYROCKETBPO
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Do you charge any advance amount?

Our payment terms involve 30% advance payment, 20% after first draft is submitted and rest of the 50% is claimed when you are fully satisfied with the final output.

What information do you need from me?

We usually need the following info?

  • How much are you planning to raise?
  • Can you provide details of your revenue model and cost structure?
  • Where will you use the funds?
  • Who are that current owners?
  • What is your desired format for the documents?
  • What is your expected lead time?
  • Rest of the questions will be emailed to you after our first consultation call.
Where do you operate from?

We are registered as a LLC in UK and we have offices in UK, US, Singapore and Bangladesh. In addition we have on-ground resources across major regions- UAE, Japan, Portugal and China to help clients with primary research services.

Can you help my business succeed?

Yes, if you are looking for a long-term partner who will help you raise funds and assist in your growth then we are the best choice. Our services are not limited to providing investor ready documents only, we will work with you on industry research, market expansion plan, cost optimization and in short anything and everything to make your business successful. 

What is the purpose of a business plan?

A well written business plan can help you understand your competitors pricing, gaps in the market, keywords to focus on, realisting idea on potential in terms of revenue, etc. Business plan can be considered as a brief version of a feasibility study and it helps to raise confidence by validating that you idea has potential. 

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