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Executive Summary of the Champ Gymnastics Club Business Plan

Champ Gymnastics Club is the only non-profit gymnastics club in Diepkloof that focuses on skipping. Teenagers and adults in the Gauteng region will be served by Champ Gymnastics Club. Positive Lifestyle Systems is a straightforward, efficient weight-loss method. We are confident in offering this program. It is unrivaled.

We’ll help them become more disciplined and focused, as well as improve their overall health. Champ Gymnastics Club is a private fitness club that focuses mostly on skipping gymnastics but also teaches many types of dance and whole-body training.

For competition purposes, this gym will include Olympic gymnastics equipment for both boys and girls, men and women.

Every student begins with the fundamentals of gymnastics, followed by whole body fitness and more challenging stunts. Using each repetition and modification, creativity in teaching strategies will set us apart from our competition. We believe that for a child to learn well, he or she must have fun and unquestionably like what he or she is doing. Our instructors will be trained in additional unique teaching techniques that have the same, if not better, physical influence on the students while also providing a greater intellectual benefit. The gymnasium will be accessible for observation by fathers or mothers, but they will be required to remain in a constrained area as a security precaution.

Within the first year of operation, Champ Gymnastics Club will be profitable. We aim to establish a very regular client base by the end of the first year. We will hire more instructors as the number of children enrolled in our program grows. If expanding lessons necessitates the recruiting and training of more instructors, we will do so. We have a strong connection with our customers as current gymnastics instructors at other gyms, and we will do all we can to keep them coming back to us. Our category expenses will be lower than those of our rivals, yet our company will still generate a significant profit.

David and Siphiwe Nxumalo, the owners, were both competitive gymnasts. Because we have worked in both private and public gyms, we are familiar with how they operate. With over 25 years of combined gymnastics coaching expertise, we know what our customers want and need. From the errors, our instructors made when we competed in gymnastics, we understand how adolescents evaluate fine. We recognize that there are times when you need to toss the book out the window and do what works best to achieve your goal when teaching. In Gauteng, we’ve discovered that there is a demand for private skipping gyms. We are well aware of this due to the fact that we all grew up in the United States and have experienced the hassle of traveling great distances to a non-public gymnasium to take classes. Due to our expertise working at a variety of gymnastics facilities in and around the Diepkloof region, we are certain that our gymnasium will be a success.

The owners have all contributed significantly to the start-up costs for Champ Gymnastics Club. In addition, we are looking for an R36,600 seven-year grant to help finance the first tool purchases required to operate a high-quality non-public gymnasium that caters to people of all ages.

Champ Gymnastics Club will help Gauteng communities by assisting them in being more productive while lowering their average membership prices.

Our business is basically founded on two simple facts:

Employees who are in good health are more productive than those who are chronically ill. At Champ Gymnastics Club, we directly link worker productivity to the problem of fitness care. We feel that traditional approaches to today’s fitness-care dilemma are misguided. These commonplace attempts are reactionary, in the sense that they wait until the employee has been ill or injured before paying for the necessary therapies. Our approach is much more proactive, emphasizing prevention and outstanding fitness promotion.

It is significantly less expensive to prevent accidents or illnesses than it is to treat them once they occur.

Healthy children are more productive and have better achievements in school.

Champ Gymnastics Club will cut the nations’ health care expenses, minimize tardiness, shorten sanatorium visits, and increase employee productivity by supporting communities to shift their behavior patterns and choose more healthy lives.


Champ Gymnastics Club provides a setting where individuals may learn about gymnastics, meet new people, have fun, and feel at ease. We provide a wide range of gymnastics and fitness software with cost options to suit all levels of interest, with a focus on team programs. Our teachers have access to ongoing training with some of the best professional coaches in the region. This equips our pupils with the most up-to-date techniques and methods. Champ Gymnastics Club is a non-smoking, alcohol/drug-free facility that accepts individuals from all walks of life.


To be the first Skipping Gymnastics Club in South Africa to host an international Skipping Olympics.


The following are the goals of the Champ Gymnastics Club:

Organize a countrywide yearly Skipping Olympics.

Champ Gymnastics Club -programs are aimed at motivated and committed individuals who exercise five to seven times a week.

By the conclusion of the first year of operation, you’ll have surpassed 60% type capability.

By the end of the first year of operations, you should have attracted 300+ people.

By the end of the second year of operation, you should have increased membership by 20%.

Train college students in gymnastics at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Create an exercise atmosphere that is centered on the community and encourages our customers to be confident.

Encourage our consumers’ achievement of their fitness objectives.

Celebrate their accomplishments and aid them in establishing new health objectives.

To promote long-term commitment from employees, provide ongoing training, perks, and incentives for a group of workers.

Champ Gymnastics Club is a place where individuals can learn about gymnastics, meet new people, have a good time, and feel at ease.

We provide a variety of gymnastics and fitness programs with a variety of pricing options to suit all levels of interest, with a focus on group courses.

Our teachers have access to ongoing tutoring from some of the best professional coaches in the region. This provides our college students with the most up-to-date tips and tactics.

Champ Gymnastics Club is a non-smoking, alcohol/drug-free facility that accommodates a diverse group of people.

Champ Gymnastics Club is a health service that assists groups and individuals in achieving one of life’s greatest gifts: good health.

Personal benefits, such as increased shallowness and self-motivation, combined with quantifiable benefits will result in outstanding benefits for both the company and the person.


It’s easy to learn through skipping.

Skipping ropes costs less, and it improves fitness while also increasing bone strength and endurance.

Coordination was improved.

Friendships, families, and communities may all benefit from having some fun.

Facts omitted

Jumping for ten minutes requires the same amount of work as walking a mile in eight minutes.

1300 calories are burned each hour of rope skipping.

The British Rope Skipping Association claims that 10 minutes of rope skiing may provide the same health advantages as a 45-minute run.

Skipping is a full-body exercise that relies on your abdominals to keep you balanced: legs for leaping, shoulders, and arms for twisting the ropes.

Running is far more jarring on the joints than skipping: Joint health remedies and solutions

Skipping will remain a zero-cos exercise after you’ve provided your rope.

It’s a good workout for people of all fitness levels since you can work at your own pace.

Skipping aids in the improvement of heart rate and blood pressure.

It gives you more freedom.

It boosts the upper and lowers body muscular tone.

Skipping is a weight-bearing activity that may aid with bone density and hence osteoporosis prevention.

Success Factors

The following are the secrets of Champ Gymnastics Club’s success:

Offering services to businesses and people.

Recruitment of qualified management personnel.

The founders’ dedication and hard effort.

Increasing output.

reducing overall expenses

Keeping a clean and good reputation in the community

Services that are competitive

Hours are flexible.

There’s a lot of room and it’s all packed in.

Simple to use

For maximum public exposure, choose high-traffic locations.

Create facilities to alleviate overpopulation.

Administration with a lot of experience

Customer interactions that are personalized Certain hazard factors may be reduced by:

Initial funding of the business to maintain operations for the first year

Low overhead is achieved by the utilization of multi-skilled individuals and ongoing training.

Through active marketing, you can build a strong customer base.

Strong links to the community and active participation

To encourage employees to stay with the company for a long time, provide ongoing training, perks, and incentives.

Initial funding of the firm to continue operations for the first year

Low overhead is achieved by the utilization of multi-skilled employees and ongoing training.

Through active marketing, you can build a strong customer base.

Strong links to the community and active participation

Organize cash/credit/debit-card-only facilities to eliminate collection fees.

Summary of the Business

Champ Gymnastics Club was founded on the principle that healthy societies are more productive and environmentally sustainable. Champ Gymnastics Club, which will open shortly in Diepkloof, Soweto, will provide the community with a warm, welcoming environment in which to learn gymnastics at all levels. Personal gymnastics training, crew lessons, birthday parties, sleepovers, drop-in clinics, cheering classes, and conditioning programs will all be available at Champ Gymnastics Club.

Due to the public’s exposure from this Summer Olympics, skipping gymnastics will become a more popular sport throughout the world. As a consequence, the gymnasium may anticipate attracting a larger number of children when the Summer Olympics arrive. We anticipate the majority of our customers to come from Diepkloof, where we are situated, but we also expect some business from Soweto as a whole. Champ Gymnastics Club will often appeal to anyone aged 4 to 68, people of all abilities and backgrounds, and teenagers looking for creative self-expression, exercise, and/or social opportunities via gymnastics.

Our method combines advertising of health and exercise-related activities with the goal of facilitating high-quality lifestyle changes among community members.

The company began in Seattle, with three proprietors, all of whom continue to serve on the board of directors.

Summary of Management

Champ Gymnastics Club’s operations supervisor and the head trainer will be David Nxumalo. For the last 23 years, David has been a fixture in the Soweto skipping health neighborhood. He was the administrator of both the Champ Skipping Academy and the Champ Gymnastics Club for three years. In his saves, he has a file of 16 marathons and a report of 10h26 in comrades. Management Team

The following is the Ladies Only Fitness personnel format:

Personal trainers (2); Childcare workers (2); Operations manager/lead trainer

(1) Receptionist

Sites & Facilities of the Company

Diepkloof, Soweto, is home to the Champ Gymnastics Club. When the membership collects a 2,500 square meter storefront, offices will be relocated to a specific area, no longer within any individual club. In addition to the newborn care center, the facility will contain a crucial tools room. There will be three exercise rooms available at the club. The facility was built with a capacity of 50 persons in mind.

Start-up Summary

The founders and their families will provide around R300,000 in financing for the start-up, with R200,000 coming from them. The last R100 will be borrowed.

Leasehold improvements will get around R140,0 and equipment will receive R75,0.

Plan Services for Services-Programme

The following are the benefits of joining Champ Gymnastics Club:

Expert personal instruction is available at Champ Gymnastics Club. Our personal trainers can help you create and execute a fitness program since they have the knowledge and experience. Champ Gymnastics Club is in the process of obtaining Athletics South Africa (ASA) accreditation, as well as general first aid and CPR certification for all of its instructors.


This 45-minute session aims to improve your child’s motor, listening, and social skills through fun gymnastics exercises (a person is anticipated to actively take part with their child). Teens from 3 to 7 years are invited to take part in this session.

This one-hour lesson introduces basic gymnastics abilities with a 5-degree goal. Tumbling, low bar, floor beam, and motor skills are just a few of the activities available. Six pupils per teacher for three-year-olds. There are 8 pupils per teacher for 4-12 months olds to kindergarten. Children between the ages of three and kindergarten are served in this group. We also provide an excellent preschool program, which requires teacher clearance before a child may enroll.

With six levels to acquire, the ninety-minute type comprises basic, moderate, and advanced gymnastics talents. Vault, bars, beam, tumbling, trampoline, and dance are just a few of the activities available. Each teacher has a class of eight pupils. Women between the ages of 1 and 12 are targeted for this kind.


Basic, intermediate, and advanced gymnastics talents are divided into six divisions for this 90-minute classification. Single bar, rings, parallel bars, tumbling, vault, and trampoline are just a few of the activities available. Each teacher teaches eight pupils. Boys aged 6 and above may participate in this division.


This 75-minute lesson is meant to evaluate basic to intermediate tumbling and trampoline skills in both boys and girls. Handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, re-handsprings, re-tucks, and other tricks are among the skills available. Each teacher has a class of eight pupils. This session is open to any teenager between the ages of six and eighteen.

Skipping and Cheernastics

This is a 60-minute tumbling competition for cheer squads of eight or more, focusing on lower back handsprings. The cheerleaders will need to make contact with our office to schedule their squad’s appearance. All ages of cheer teams are encouraged to attend.


This 60-minute class is designed for anyone who wants to learn basic, intermediate, or expert cheering methods. Flexibility, leaps, and stunts are all taught in this class. A range of ages is served with this style.

Gymnastics for Adults (Skipping) (Below 68)

This 75-minute lesson is for anybody who wants to learn or re-learn basic to advanced skipping techniques. Each teacher has an eight-student class.

Celebrations for Birthdays

This is a lovely way to celebrate a child’s birthday party. Games, trampolines, and other fun gymnastics activities occupy the first 60 minutes. The last 30 minutes of the event are reserved for beverages, food, and presents from the parents.

Adventures in the field

This is a basic gymnastics technique that will be taught to a crew. This program runs for 60 minutes. The cost is determined by the group’s size.

Impact in the Long Run

Furthermore, each coach has their own unique experience and training, allowing them to provide each client with a custom-designed program.

Champ Gymnastics Club will provide a vast array of cutting-edge gear that is biomechanically suited for the female body.

Different types of skipping a gear

Treadmills (ten); Step mills; Steppers; Upright and recumbent cycles; Elliptical trainers; Stairmaster; Rower; Body Trek; Graviton; Cross aerobic trainers

A floating foam ground will be available for a variety of aerobic, step, muscle training, and yoga programs at Champ Gymnastics Club.


The personal trainer charge is R25 per hour and the membership fee is R50 per month.

Champ Gymnastics Club is dedicated to offering gymnastics to Diepkloof at a reasonable price. For sociable to aggressive stage skipping athletes, we will provide individual and crew gymnastics courses. College students at Champ Gymnastics Club will have a variety of educational options. We can best suit their man or woman desires and budgetary constraints by providing them with a plethora of choices.

This provides the highest return on investment for students. Students will work one-on-one with an instructor during a private class, obtaining individualized instruction and immediate correction. Both beginning and advanced students will benefit from one-on-one instruction in the good ways. Private classes must be scheduled with the teacher who will be conducting the class. The cost is determined on the instructor’s level of expertise.

Study of the Market Summary

Soweto is a rapidly developing city. For the last three years, the population has increased by 10% annually. Mapleton has a population of 1 695 047,000 people nowadays. Champ Gymnastics Club is a fitness club that provides Skipping Gymnastics in this large community.

Most notably, the city’s high-tech businesses have driven the rise. This has attracted a certain kind of expert from nearby nations. The people we’re trying to reach want a unique sort of fitness membership. They will be the only center of our attention at Champ Gymnastics Club.

Our programs will appeal to younger moms searching for a club that would meet their requirements while keeping their children near. Everyone working in the main training area at Champ Gymnastics Club is aware of the kids. We acknowledge that such changes will be seen as pleasant bonuses that attract new members.

Segmenting Your Market

Champ Gymnastics Club intends to target two types of buyers:

Women in their twenties who are experts in the city; moms of children in their twenties (ages newborn to three years of age)

Market Analysis
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Potential CustomersGrowthCAGR
Young Urban ProfessionalWomen







Segmentation of the Market

The market for community health is particularly fragmented since potential consumers include residents of diverse ages, qualifications, and financial means.

Champ Gymnastics Club, on the other hand, divides its services into categories for different types of people and organizations. Champ Gymnastics Club will collaborate with top management to develop purpose statements and incentive strategies, as well as with staff to design individualized fitness and health programs.

a competitive advantage

Our concentration on all-level competitive gymnastics will be Champ Gymnastics Club’s competitive edge. This will allow instructors to concentrate their efforts on the students and classes who are less advanced, as well as adults. We’ll create solid lessons that cover the fundamentals. Teenagers who are not properly taught the fundamentals of gymnastics will go to higher levels with sloppy abilities. In contrast to most personal gyms, which are often high-level competition, we would want to focus our applications on established courses. For the ease of the aggressive gymnasts, the opening classes in these private gyms are pushed about on one-of-a-kind equipment. Women who attend a high-level competitive fitness club will be taught by ladies who are much more advanced; these women should be superior to Olympic aspirants.

The competitive advantage The ambiance that is established in the facility is known as Champ Gymnastics Club. Members feel more at ease and at ease with software that is totally focused on them.

Getting a Service Distributed

Few Skipping health centers can be found in Soweto, while the bulk may be found in suburban neighborhoods and shopping malls. Those living in the downtown area are near expert centers with restaurants, parks, and other leisure activities. These businesses are often placed near grocery shops, restaurants, and retail establishments in suburban areas. Ours will assist previously underprivileged communities.

Principal Partners

Champ Gymnastics Club’s three main competitors are:

Athletics Departments of Sports and Recreation in South Africa

Companies, both private and public

The target market for Youth Clubs is lower-income families and/or students who want health care that is both accessible and affordable. Better Bodies is targeted at casual fitness buffs who don’t want to put in a lot of effort but yet want to gain fame and notoriety.

Summary of Strategy and Implementation

Champ Gymnastics Club will be successful by providing a secure, entertaining environment for its customers’ children to learn gymnastics with close, personalized attention from skilled trainers. The gymnasium’s objectives are twofold:

To assist parents in feeling truthful about the environment in which their children have grown up and the physical and social benefits they have gotten there.

To provide a youngster with a safe, instructive, and fun journey.

We’d also want to foster positive ties with the children and their families. That may seem to be a difficult task, but when you coach the same teenagers over time and years, you’ll be astonished at how much you learn about them. The majority of these details will be supplied by parents after or before instructions when they just come up and talk to me or one of the other instructors. If strong bonds are formed, mothers and fathers will be considerably less inclined to remove their children from our gymnasium and send them to anybody else for any reason.

Marketing Techniques

Our consumers range in age from 6 months to 68 years old, are male and female, of all colors and income levels, and might be local residents or related county residents. That is why our advertising graph began at the design process, with the understanding that if it looks entertaining, people would visit. As a result, the most crucial factor in our success is that a child may have a positive experience at our fitness center while engaging in gymnastics, which will stimulate their mind and body. Our management team must include public members of the family in order to ensure that customer satisfaction is provided and to gather information from the public about the types of instructions that are most desired, allowing our company to stay in touch with the community and be ready to meet their needs.

Marketing Plan

Champ Gymnastics is a social uprising. It will generate a lot of money because of the fantastic services it provides to the general population, as well as governmental and private sector assistance. Despite the fact that Gymnastics Jump-Start is a not-for-profit organization compared to other private gyms, the company will make money within the first year owing to positive word-of-mouth marketing. Siphiwe and David Nxumalo presently work at a private fitness facility and a public activity center, and Champ Gymnastics Club aims to accept customers from both of these locations. For the first 18 months, the firm anticipates doubling its customer base every six months.

Our commercial business is expected to continue to grow in the number of pupils during the first three years. The revenue prediction for the first year is based entirely on half of the existing clients of the private gym where I now work. Our numbers, I think, will eventually surpass those of this exclusive gym. I can’t think of a reason why this information isn’t correct.

The hourly salaries given to teachers without the owners are included in our sales price. These figures are based on prices discussed with potential instructors, which vary according to the number of teenagers in each session. This pricing also accounts for the facilitators’ teaching hours – an individual trainer will very certainly earn 40-50 percent of the category charge, but our trainers will teach many of these seminars for a modest, flat fee. There will also be a receptionist, although her salary will be independent of that of the instructors. In the Personnel table, these wages are presented individually.

Expected Sales

Due to our cheap membership prices, Champ Gymnastics expects a steady increase in revenue during the first and second months of operation. Following that, sales will skyrocket as the number of help campaigns grows.

Milestones The Milestones desk is one-of-a-kind in terms of design, allowing for a smooth flow of operations that are critical to getting the gym ready for the Grand Opening on time. Each feature is assigned to the appropriate execution and completion time for each job. Each supervisor is given certain responsibilities based on her area of expertise.

MilestoneStart DateEnd DateBudgetManagerCGC
Class schedule planning1/5/20183/15/2018R0DavidCGC
File for a city permit3/15/20183/17/2018R2000DavidCGC
Equipment purchase and delivery3/20/20183/28/2018R70,000BothCGC
Equipment set-up3/28/20183/31/2018R0BothCGC
Negotiate lease1/8/20185/1/2018R0BothCGC
Train staff4/1/20185/1/2018R40,000SiphiweCGC
Registry for classes4/1/20185/1/2018R0SiphiweCGC
Grand opening5/1/20185/1/2018R20,000BothCGC

Promotional Plan

Following a pilot advertising push that included classified advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and on television and radio, Corporate Fitness will significantly curtail its promoting efforts in the hopes of attracting controllable customers by word-of-mouth.

Promotional activity will still be used via various media venues, but only to a limited extent.

Champ Gymnastics will improve its reputation for outstanding and patron service by adapting services and implementing tailored programs for communities and people.

Personnel Strategy

The following is the Ladies Only Fitness staff plan:

Personal/Group trainers (2); Childcare employees (2); Receptionist/Clerk (1); Operations manager/lead trainer

One more personnel coach will be employed during the sixth month of operations.

The Most Important Financial Indicators

The most important economic indicators are net cash flow and net income. The association between online revenue and net money from working activities will be represented by net growth from cash. Champ Gymnastics has that stage of economic vitality at that point in time, the greater the extent is.


Start-up Financial Plan Summary

Champ Gymnastics’ startup costs are mostly focused on tools and cushioned flooring surfaces for the lessons. We’re investing R40, 000 in long-term assets and R30, 000 in expensed tools that will need to be updated every three to four years.

Start-up Expenses
LegalR10 000
Stationery etc.R5 000
InsuranceR10 000
RentR20 000
Gymnastics EquipmentR30 000
OtherR20 000
Total Start-up ExpensesR74 000
Start-up Assets
Cash RequiredR100,000
Other Current AssetsR0
Long-term AssetsR400 000
Total AssetsR500,000
Total RequirementsR574,600

Personnel Plan

Corporate Fitness’ personnel staff requirements are shown in the table below.

Personnel Plan
Year 1Year 2Year 3
Fitness Center ManagementR15,000R15,000R15,000
Program DirectorR54,000R54,000R54,000
Personnel ManagerR36,000R36,000R36,000
Health/Fitness Specialistsx2R33,000R33,000R33,000
Attendants x 2R12,000R12,000R12,000
Total People777

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