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 PART 1 


Healvetalife Insurance Corporation (Healvetalife) is an HMO and health-care provider that offers long-term health-care options not just to regular people, but also to veterans and retirees across the Philippines. Healvetalife also offers a one-call-express outpatient and inpatient medical care exclusively for veterans and former military personnel.

Healvetalife is in Makati City, Philippines, at Mile Long Bldg., Amorsolo St., Cor. V.A Rufino St.

There are two (2) comprehensive fitness care packages to choose from at Healvetalife. These health-care apps are for anyone aged 6 months to 70 years. The current sign-up age is 60 years old. However, participants over the age of 50 must have a medical check. The business initiative is said to have been a success over the course of five years, not just in terms of sales income, but also in terms of outstanding return on investment (ROI). It provides a comprehensive exercise program that allows customers to get the most out of their money. Depending on the variants of each bundle, the abovementioned apps may be paid for throughout a lifetime on a monthly basis.

The Company’s Vision

To be the nation’s leading and most trusted fitness care issuer and insurance plan.

The Company’s Mission

To deliver a good variety of fitness care benefits and offers to our customers with care and in the suitable lifestyles.

The Study’s Goals

The following are the main goals of this investigation:

Determine if the company mission will be evident in the intended area.

To set up a low-cost HMO and Health Insurance plan that is also quite convenient.

To offer emergency services to our veteran and retired customers.



Healvetalife Insurance Corporation (Healvetalife) is an HMO and health-care provider that offers long-term health-care solutions not just to regular people, but also to veterans and retirees across the Philippines. Healvetalife also offers one-call-express outpatient and inpatient medical treatments, which are only available to veterans and retired people.

Healvetalife offers two (2) comprehensive health care plans.

The Health360 and the HealthPro are two options to consider. The following are some examples of health-care applications:


It is a complete health plan that covers preventative, outpatient, inpatient, and emergency treatment, including ambulance service, as well as additional financial assistance such as term life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment. It comes in four (4) versions, each with a different Annual Benefit Limit (ABL) for each year’s conditions.


It’s a generous comprehensive health coverage with higher benefit limits and a larger range of services. It also provides preventative care insurance, inpatient and outpatient coverage, emergency and ambulance services, and more.

Additional financial support, such as time period life insurance, unforeseen death, and dismemberment, is available via the Travel Assistance Program. Room and board, as well as doctor’s fees and necessary medical treatments, are covered under inpatient benefits. It offers two (2) insurance options based on the most advantageous restriction (MBL) per illness per year. The following tables summarize the coverage of the two (2) service applications:

Package 1 – Health 360

Benefit LimitP100,000P150,000P300,000P500,000
Room and BoardWardSemi-PrivateRegular PrivateRegular Private
(Room Rate)P900P1000P1,400P1,500
Out Patient/ Clinic Access– Healvetalife owned Clinics
– Access to more than 400 accredited clinics by referral.
Hospital Access-More than 500 hospitals nationwide
Reimbursement– 100% of hospital and professional fees based on Healvetalife rates- Up to P15,000/case
Road Ambulance Coverage-Nationwide coverage for hospital to hospital transfer and home to hospital transfer
Accidental Death & DismembermentP100,000
Life InsuranceP100,000
On Call Consultation-Includes doctor’s fee & necessary medical procedure

Package 2 – Health Pro

FeaturesHealth Pro
Benefit Limit (Php)P150,000P300,000P500,000
Room& Board (Php)Semi-Private OpenPrivate OpenPrivate Open
Out Patient/Clinic Access-Direct Access to more than 400 Healvetalife accredited Clinics
Additional Benefits-Speech therapy, passive & active vaccines for treatment of tetanus & animal bites.
Reimbursement of Emergency care at non- affiliated hospitals100% of hospitals & professional fees based on Healvetalife rates-Up to P30,000/case
Road Ambulance Coverage-Nationwide coverage for hospital to hospital transfer by ambulance
Life InsuranceP100,000
Accidental Death & DismembermentP100,000
On Call Consultation-Includes Doctor’s fee & necessary medical procedure


Healvetalife is well-versed in current trends and technical breakthroughs. Because Healvetalife is an insurance firm, having a website is almost a must. Healvitalife would investigate the creation and development of a website in addition to the traditional stable branch or office location to expedite and improve its procedures. Although applying for a sketch is a time-consuming process in and of itself, a website may make it easier for applicants to take advantage of the insurance plans that Healvitalife has to offer. Healvitalife’s activities will be greatly aided by a basic internet site with a straightforward user interface. Furthermore, allowing customers to generate and register their own invoices on the company’s website will assist the company in keeping track of each customer’s activities and accounts. It will be a comprehensive database that will make obtaining and storing information simple.

Furthermore, Healvitalife will consider developing a smartphone app that would deliver the same service but in a much more streamlined manner. This decision will be based on the success of the first criteria, which is to improve the user experience on a website. Because people today live in a culture where smartphones are widely utilized and virtually seen as a need, an app for smartphones will not only be more streamlined, but also more useful. Current trends point to a society in which smartphones will become more prevalent in people’s lives, resulting in the emergence of a whole new market group of smartphone users who may be leveraged for business growth and profit.


The health-care industry is going through a period of growth and change. Being prepared is always preferable than being cured, and there have been significant changes in how Filipinos regard health care, mostly as a result of the private sector’s active engagement, which accounts for 50% of the fitness care system in the Philippines. Healvetalife Insurance Corporation (Healvetalife) is a health maintenance organization (HMO) and health-care provider that provides long-term health care solutions not only to regular people, but also to veterans and retirees across the Philippines. Our primary market is comprised of comprehensive health-care plans. All of Healvetalife’s cutting-edge top competitors have been in the public eye for more than 20 years. Insular Life, Manulife, Philamlife, AIG, and Blue Cross are now the top competitors. The bulk of Healvetalife’s clients are enterprises who provide HMO to their workers, whether government or private, but proponents are expanding our vision to include people who need our health care plan. The company’s main rival offers the same service, but the domestic services that the proponents would supply will be more convenient for them. It’s all about catering to human wants and assisting customers while making a profit. Because the majority of our clientele are veterans or retirees who are unable to go to our location on their own, the proponents anticipate that our products and services will reach them. It is predicted that by delivering a more convenient approach, we would be able to attract and retain more clients. Healvetalife will give in-home care to consumers who are unable to travel due to a medical condition. A home medical check-up and examination will be provided by the closest physician.

This will postpone the need for and cost of a medical institution admission. Admission will need a financial commitment and expenses. Healvetalife, on the other hand, must ensure that physicians in the buyer’s region are available to meet their medical needs.


The marketing strategy section of the assignment is a feasibility that explains how the proponents will fit into the market shape that they just described in the previous chapters. This part will aid them in finding their ideal clients, appreciating their needs, and implementing the best marketing strategies.

The unique features of a marketing technique, such as target market strategy and price approach, will be discussed in this chapter.


Special strategies are considered in order to attract the target market.

Healvetalife intends to employ the following types of advertising and marketing:

Advertising on the Internet

This marketing strategy will react to internet trends by establishing online bills and releasing real-time promos. Because of the convenience and dependability, we propose this online marketing to our customers.

Affinity Marketing

By building alliances with complimentary companies, you may create strategic relationships that are collectively recommended. This method, also known as collaboration marketing, allows one manufacturer to produce revenue while the other finds new customers and raises corporate exposure. Healvetalife will be able to optimize the value of excellent with the use of this technique.

Word-of-mouth advertising

Healvitalife will use oral communication to pass information from person to person via Word of Mouth Marketing. Customers are ecstatic to share the brands they like with the rest of the world. Many customers find a way to express themselves by telling others about their favorite products and services. Word of mouth is very important for a company since it may enhance brand awareness and demand. The proponents’ goal is to make their potential customers aware that their company exists.

Strategy for Pricing

The following health packages include a membership charge, which varies based on the health package selected by the clients:

1. Php 800.00 for Health 360°

2. Php 1,000.00 for a Health Pro

Method of Payment

Conditions of Use: Monthly payments are accepted. Option 1: Monthly full payment by the client Choice 2: Client 60 percent; Beneficiary Guarantor 40 percent

*Note: Price terms may vary

Package 1 Price Scheme

Variant 1Variant 2Variant 3Variant 4

Package 2 Price Scheme

Variant 1Variant 2Variant 3Variant 4


In recent years, corporate enterprise contribution to care shipping has increased significantly. Given the intricacy of fitness care agencies and function groups’ roles in influencing care systems, a project including academics and policymakers working out methods to improve care by enhancing companies that provide this care.

Structure of the Organization


Founder and President

Obtain a master’s degree in a relevant field.

15 years of experience in health administration (five years in a senior management position)

7–10 years of experience as a corporate manager

Expert accounting software and advanced features in MS Workplace

Leadership qualities, as well as the capacity to handle both internal and external issues and efficiently organize, allocate responsibilities, solve problems swiftly, and communicate clearly

Certification from the ICPM (Institute of Licensed Professional Managers) is a plus.

Chief Executive Officer’s Roles and Responsibilities

Patient safety is paramount.

Keeping the economy in good shape and maintaining economic stability

Advancing excellence healthcare

Patient contentment is encouraged.

preparing for the future

Norms and regulations



Relationships and communication.

Director of medical services

A four-year bachelor’s degree (MHA), an MBA in healthcare, or a master’s degree in public health, as well as experience in the same field, is necessary.

Adaptability and quick critical thinking skills are essential.

Have the analytical skills necessary to comply with the most recent facility rules and regulatory regulations.

Supervising clinician

A master’s or doctoral degree is necessary after completion of the certificate.

3-5 years of experience is required.

Clinical supervisor’s tasks and duties

Patient safety is paramount.

Keeping the economy in good shape and maintaining economic stability

Advancing excellent healthcare

Patient contentment is encouraged.

preparing for the future

Norms and regulations



Relationships and communication.

Counseling at home

For a clinical hospital psychologist, bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD psychology studies are necessary.

Qualifications for the job

Compassion: In order to help individuals feel at ease, you need have a strong sense of empathy and compassion.

Listening to patients describe their problems, working with them to develop strategies, and communicating progress to the patient, their family, other doctors, and insurance companies are all abilities that therapists must possess.

Physical stamina: Some therapy positions need you to manipulate a person’s body and aid them in entering and exiting gadgets.

Problem-solving abilities: you’ll have to think outside the box to come up with specific strategies for each individual, based on their requirements, level of relief, and limits.

Some therapeutic occupations include a comfort level with computer equipment in order to help a patient recover.

Supervises treatment

For a medical degree, applicants must have a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD in psychology. A four-year degree qualifies a hospital psychologist for entry level work.

a travel in a similar line of employment is required

bedside multitasking Manner, infection control, health promotion and maintenance, creating a safe, high-quality environment, educating others, clinical collaboration, hospital environment Medication administration and pain relief

Medical services on a contract basis

The General Medical Council (GMC) recognizes a degree in medicine (GMC)

Two-year general training foundation program

Specialized medical education in a particular field.

Experience working in a caring or health care setting is required.


It is expected that Healvetalife Insurance will take 5 years to get off the ground. Many of the venture’s foundational elements, such as charging methods, bundles, and the like, are already in place.


The proponents advised that this business venture, Healvetalife Insurance Corporation, accepts the business plan and its financial ambitions based on the facts supplied in this research. The results indicate that this endeavor will be very valuable to the firm and its customers, and that it has a strong chance of succeeding. The following are some of the key findings:


Can adapt to current technological trends such as active and successful websites and mobile/smartphone apps

Simple to create, run, and maintain with a low relative cost


To employ for the advantage of the customers, effective marketing methods should be used.

Packages with reasonable cost and simple payment methods

Because it is close to a hospital and business hubs, it is an easily accessible market.

Early expansions may be possible.


With no modifications to the organizational structure, only minor additions in manpower are necessary.


The proponents advised that this business venture, Healvetalife Insurance Corporation, accept the commercial enterprise concept and its financial efforts based on the facts presented in this research. The results show that this project will be very beneficial to the company and its customers, and it has a high chance of success. The following are some of the key findings


For the advantage of the customers, effective advertising methods should be used.

Programs with reasonable cost and easy payment options

Due to its proximity to sanatoriums and industrial hubs, this market is easily accessible.

Early expansions may be possible.


With no modifications to the organizational structure, only minor additions in manpower are necessary.


The first 12 months of business may provide a very high return on investment (ROI).

The first year of business may provide a high return on investment (ROI).