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Description of Business

A wedding ceremony robe is more than simply an item of apparel for a bride-to-be. The gown has a backstory, including why she picked it, who she was with when she realized it was the one, and how many wedding stores and outfits she tried on before settling on this one. The purchasing of her wedding gown is a significant milestone that should be commemorated appropriately. However, there are few possibilities to turn the shopping experience into an event these days, which is where Heirloom Bridal steps in. When the bride and her family and friends are treated to hors d’oeuvres and cake, champagne, and professional photography in addition to exclusive, high-end bridal wear and accessories, the shopping trip transforms into a true event, allowing for more focus on the bride and what she needs to wear on her special day.

Market for New Businesses

Heirloom Bridal will be located in the Los Angeles metropolitan region in California. Heirloom Bridal will target women in their early twenties to mid-thirties, with the average bride in California being 25 years old. With an average wedding budget of $35,000 in 2012, ladies in this market are more likely to spend more on their wedding garments.

Our main competitors include bridal salons such as Blush Bridal, Dolly Couture, Wedding Time, and Glamour Bridal, all of which are located in the Los Angeles area. Overall, these wedding shops benefit from the awareness of having high-quality bridal apparel; nevertheless, although Wedding Time also offers tournament planning and photographic services, none of them can compete with Heirloom Bridal when it comes to finding the perfect gown for the bride.

Aside from offering distinctive designers, what sets us apart from other wedding salons is that the bride’s and her guests’ experience when selecting a gown is just as important as the gown itself, which is why it is a match rather than a simple appointment. Although we cannot assume that every bride will leave with a gown, we can assume that if the bride desires for this to be a happy occasion, she will most likely find one.

Project Management

Heirloom Bridal’s first startup expenditures are estimated to be $78,300:

$4,200 for fixtures (racks, displays, mirrors, and other such items).

$10,000 for décor/furniture

$1300 for a month of rent

$1300.00 as a deposit

$1000 a month in insurance

$4500 for marketing

$56,000 for the first stock.

Depending on the season, the monthly operational expenses will be between $9,940 and $6,340:


$1000 in coverage

$1500 for marketing

Salary ranges from $2540 for a sluggish worker to $4140 for a normal/high worker.


Ansel, Mimi

At St. Olaf, you may specialize in management studies.

Undecided Pre-law or major

Marketing, advertising, and revenue generation are all areas where I’ve done a lot of work (DECA nation winner, a couple of regional wins, etc.)

In-depth statistical knowledge

Christianson, Grace

St. Olaf College focuses on the history and American studies.

Concentrate on subculture and consumerism in the United States.

Healthfinders Collaborative’s Social Media Internship

I did a significant amount of research on social media in order to better my social media strategy.

Extreme fashion and wedding trends are two of my favorite things.

Kozak-Miller, Jasper

“Branding and Organizational Structure,” an individual essential at St. Olaf College.

In the modern media landscape, pay attention to organizational makeup, marketing, and branding.

College Hockey Scouting Service is owned by a businessman (Over The Boards Hockey)

knowledge of social media (cultivated market base on Twitter to over 3500 followers)

Lead generation and product marketing experience

Missy Wilm

“Marriage and the Wedding: Institution, Tradition, and Ritual” is a book by a professor at St. Olaf College.

There’s also a look at weddings and the materialism that goes with them.

A recent effort focused on the history of bridal gowns.

St. Olaf College offers a Management Studies program.

expertise in the bridal business

Volunteer at a traveling bridal show run by a non-profit organization (Brides Against Breast Cancer)

Owners of bridal stores were interviewed for information.

As a branch store partner, you have retail experience.



The bride does not have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most widely anticipated wedding preparation activities – the purchase of her wedding ceremony gown – during any of the pre-wedding events. On a scale of 1 to 5, 77 percent of Voice of the Customer respondents rated the significance of the wedding gown as a 4 or 5.

Bridesmaid costume shopping is also an important wedding planning match that is often overlooked. The bride wishes to have a delightful and memorable experience with her closest female family members and friends on both purchase occasions.

Heirloom Bridal satisfies the bride’s desire to share her one-of-a-kind gown purchase and bridesmaids costume purchase with family and friends. The bride and her loved ones enjoy an occasion-filled voyage while shopping for gowns at Heirloom Bridal. Heirloom Bridal delivers a wonderful, opulent adventure for everyone involved, with 90 percent of survey respondents intending to invite family and 85 percent planning to include friends for the wedding dress purchase.

Heirloom Bridal offers the following services to help the bride and her companions choose the perfect wedding and bridesmaid costumes:

Champagne and catered appetizers d’ oeuvres

The incident was captured on film.

Designer wedding gowns and bridesmaids’ gowns are available.

Dressing rooms and a high-end boutique

Developmental Stage

Currently, we’re in the early stages of planning.

Changes to the business strategy

Research \sLocation

Competition between customers and target markets

Research and Development in the Future

Expansion possibilities include:

Men’s formalwear for prom

These possible growth locations would need a whole new group of target clients. They would, however, look great in a wedding store as discrete regions of formal clothes.


We have not yet registered the name Heirloom Bridal as a trademark but will do so before the business opens. At this moment, no other organization has trademarked the name.

Heirloom Bridal’s one-of-a-kind journey is heavily reliant on distinct dressmaker dresses. We will negotiate licensing arrangements with designers and brands in order to maintain the rights to be the single seller of a fashion designer or brand. Many designers have strict guidelines that only one wedding store within a certain radius may sell their dresses. We’d want complete exclusivity (maybe from a new designer) or stricter limits on who can advertise the dresses and where they can be promoted.

Limitations that may exist

We cannot guarantee that a bride or bridesmaid will find a suitable gown in our shop. To deal with this annoyance, we’ll:

Customers should be informed about inventory before our stock appointment.

We do this via a retail website that showcases the designers and clothing we provide.

Through promotion and marketing (e.g., adverts in magazines) that feature our designers and gowns

Ensure that the bride, bridesmaids, family, and friends have a good time even if they are not purchasing anything by providing match facilities.

If no costume is purchased, keep image marketing to a minimum.

All Services Are Available

Designer wedding gowns for ladies are available for purchase.

Wedding gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Wedding accoutrements (i.e. veils)

Purchases to commemorate the occasion (for wedding ceremony gown and bridesmaid dress)

Cake and hors d’oeuvres are presented.

Champagne will be offered.

Photographs of the event from professional on-site tailor Dress modifications from a professional on-site tailor


An outside caterer will offer the food and beverages for the occasion.

Reciprocal benefits: we promote the caterer’s business while he or she provides us with discounts on services.

We have less responsibility since we don’t have to construct and maintain a kitchen in our save.


We’ll rent a storage space in a Los Angeles suburb. By locating our shop in the suburbs of Los Angeles, we will be able to leverage on the city’s and surrounding area’s target markets while keeping our rent costs low.

Our facility will include the following features:

Showroom for dresses

Area for guests to wait/mirrored exhibition area

Department of Alterations in the Dressing Room

Stockroom \s

Office \s



Profile of the Sector

In the United States, there were 2,142,722 marriages in 2012, generating a $55 billion market charge. A modern wedding ceremony costs over $25-26,000 on average, with expenditure anticipated to rise every year. Although this increase in expenditure may look minor, it is going toward the purchase of a wedding gown. Many reasons might influence this, including the increased prominence of the Wedding Industry in the media, which emphasizes the importance of the wedding ceremony gown on television, and the fact that 70% of women will only marry once in their life, making this a very noteworthy event.

With these considerations in mind, Heirloom Bridal’s marketing will concentrate on the following areas: Following advances in the bridal gown business

Bridal information must be visible across several platforms.

Heirloom Bridal’s one-of-a-kind voyage is shown.

With these considerations in mind, Heirloom Bridal’s promotion and marketing efforts will be focused on: 

*Following advancements in the bridal gown business.

*Visibility on some of the most impressive wedding-related websites

*Heirloom Bridal’s one-of-a-kind journey is shown.


In the Los Angeles metropolitan region, where Heirloom Bridal is located, there were 79,242 marriages in 2012. The average cost of a wedding ceremony in the area is about $35,000, with the market charge estimated to be over $2.8 billion. The Los Angeles area is represented by these figures.

With a higher than the average wedding price range of couples married there (the average wedding ceremony price in 2012 was $25,656), the Los Angeles area has become the second most well-known metropolitan wedding site.

Because the average age of brides in Los Angeles is 25, we’ll focus on ladies in the 20-35 age range more often than not, but we won’t discriminate based on age.

We now have a new group of couples to sell to since gay marriage is now illegal in California.

Market Developments

With the Wedding Industry as big as it is, it’s important to stay on top of what’s new, especially if it means more money:

*Brides who want to wear many gowns on their wedding day.

*An increase in demand for less traditional wedding gowns, as a result of high-end bridal designers’ trends.

*veiling and head-portioning trends

Market Competitors

Within its market share, Heirloom Bridal will be up against both direct and indirect competitors. Given that we will be located in a Los Angeles suburb, our competition will be based in the Los Angeles metropolitan region. Any wedding salon in Los Angeles with a distinct edge will be Heirloom Bridal’s direct competitor. Blush Bridal, Dolly Bridal, Wedding Time, and Glamour Bridal are just a handful of the salons we’ve come across. 4

“Blush Wedding Couture is a one-of-a-kind bridal boutique in Orange County,” says the Blush Bridal website. Blush has a wonderful selection of wedding robes, as well as unique jewelry designs, veils, and headpieces, all at reasonable pricing.”

Dolly Couture: “For personalized, vintage-inspired, and retro wedding gowns, Dolly Couture is the place to go.” Dolly Thicke was determined to build her own cocktail-length wedding gown following a long search in 2006.”

“Wedding Time is the secret treasure among wedding businesses in Los Angeles,” says the company. It’s unique since it’s not just a bridal boutique where a bride-to-be can get designer wedding dresses at realistic costs, but it’s also a photography and tournament planning company. Wedding Time is a one-stop store for all things related to weddings and bridal gowns.”

“If you’re looking for a beautiful fashion designer wedding gown, Glamour Closet Bridal Savings provides fashion designer wedding gowns for 25% to 75% off retail costs,” says Glamour Bridal. Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Amsale, Carolina Herrera, Pronovias, Enzoani, and more designers have wedding dresses available.” 6

While each of these Bridal salons caters to a distinct market niche, none compares to Heirloom Bridal, which offers a unique shopping experience as well as one-of-a-kind, high-end gowns. In terms of our tangential competition, California, as well as other significant cities around the United States, has a slew of wedding stores. Competitions might be considered any wedding salon in the usual.

Barriers to Entry

In order to keep our customer base, Heirloom Bridal will compete in the following areas:

*Provide a one-of-a-kind and opulent celebration.

*Sell items and brands that aren’t available anywhere else.

*Create a positive impression on clients by allowing them to have a wonderful and opulent shopping experience.

*New consumers will be attracted via word-of-mouth from our clientele.

*Women who purchased bridesmaid gowns from us will return to purchase wedding ceremony gowns from us.


According to a 20117 poll, the following are the most common resources couples visit to research documents and acquire ideas for their wedding ceremony:

*The internet (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) (25%)

*A wedding or a bridal celebration is an occasion when two people get together to celebrate their love a 40%

*Suggestions from family and friends a whopping 61%

*61 percent are from bridal magazines.

*76 percent of wedding websites

*These figures are crucial in determining how Heirloom Bridal should be promoted. We’ll opt to advertise in wedding magazines and on websites because of the large number of couples who use them for inspiration, and if we could even be featured in a magazine, that would be very exciting.

*One of the higher-quality methods to market will be via social media. These numbers may not reflect current social media use since they were collected two years ago. Facebook and Pinterest are the two social media platforms Heirloom Bridal will focus on for marketing.

*Facebook has approximately 1.9 billion users, with women accounting for 58 percent of all users.

*Pinterest: Currently, there are over 25 million members on Pinterest, compared to about 10 million at the start of 2012, making it a rather popular social networking platform. On average, individuals who shop on Pinterest spend $170 every session, $75 more than those who shop on Facebook. 9 Despite the fact that we are no longer an online shop, this demonstrates that advertising on Pinterest will appeal to our ideal target client.

Heirloom Bridal will also rely heavily on word of mouth to promote itself. 61 percent of couples get information via pointers, and 40% get information from past bridal/wedding events. With the addition of events, current customers will be exposed to Heirloom Bridal and will very certainly return to purchase future wedding gowns or bridesmaid gowns.


September 2016: Establish a business in a Los Angeles suburb. Expand to include prom services and/or men’s formal clothing in February 2018. The deadline to abandon the company is January 2030.

Growth Strategy

After improving Heirloom Bridal’s success, exposure, and awareness of its services, we want to expand our business in the following ways:

*Enter the world of promenade attire.

*It is simple to expand our firm into this market since it is a component of the formal placed on business.

*It’s a good fit for Heirloom Bridal’s business strategy.

*It entails a grouping of buddy agencies (high college females)

*It entails the purchase of an essential gown for a memorable occasion (prom) that occurs just a few times in a lifetime.

*Enter the world of men’s formal clothing.

*Assist male consumers in selecting suits and tuxedos.

*Create a similar level of luxury and exclusivity, but tailored to the groom’s and groomsmen’s tastes and needs.

Plan of Exit

By January 2030, we want to have built a prosperous wedding salon known for its one-of-a-kind luxury experience. To depart, we will market our shop and its products as a one-of-a-kind wedding or formal wear business. Heirloom Bridal’s popularity stems in large part from its assortment of unique robes that no other store sells. Taking over the Heirloom Bridal boutique and immediately associating their brand with the premium experience would be very beneficial to one of these unique businesses.


$4,200 for fixtures (racks, displays, mirrors, etc.)

$10,000 Décor/Furniture

$1300 for a month’s rent

$1300 as a security deposit

Monthly insurance: $1000

$4500 for advertising

$56,000 was the first investment.


Important Assumptions

Our financial model is entirely dependent on a series of critical assumptions, the first of which is that we will be able to mark up our retail items at a rate 53 percent higher than what we pay for them. This amount is withdrawn from a business resource and provides us with a healthy and large profit margin with which to run our business. Another major assumption derived from a conversation with wedding shop owner Deb Bauernfeind is that we will have three sorts of business seasons: a low, average, and high business season, which will correspond to other bridal salons’ natural swings in business throughout the year. These are almost entirely based on the fact that engagements are more common at particular times of the year. Mid-September through mid-December is considered the low season. From late December to late February, the peak season arrives quickly. The daily season runs from late February to mid-September. These are broken down into three-month quarters, with the fiscal year beginning in September, when running costs are low but the opportunity to raise awareness for the following peak season is high. We just need to gain and convert a little fraction of the market share to reach our forecasted statistics. 11 Our last assumption is that we will be able to raise $100,000 towards our challenge, which we will try to fulfill within a year of starting the business.

Bridal Gowns is a product of Bridal Gowns (Revenue Driver)

$2800 profit margin ($5200 cost of a product, $8000 retail markup)

Low Sale Expectations: $1,800 per week Two sales each week ($5600) are expected to be normal. Three sales every week ($8400) are expected to be made.

Bridesmaid Dresses is a product that we provide (Secondary Revenue Stream) 

$105 profit margin ($195 cost of the product, $300 retail markup)

Low Sale Expectations: $420 per week

Eight sales each week ($840) are expected to be made on average. 

Twelve sales each week ($1260) are projected to be made.

Alterations as a service (Inherent Staff Competency, Supplemental Revenue Stream)

12 Profit Margin: $300 (Salaried Competency, Service Markup of $300) 

Low Sale Expectations: $300 per week

Two sales each week ($600) are expected to be normal. 

Three sales each week ($900) are expected to be made.

Veils are a product (Tertiary Revenue Stream)

$35 profit margin ($65 cost of item, $100 markup) 

Low Sale Expectations: One ($35) Per Week

Sale Expectations: Two each week ($70) 

Three sales each week ($105) are expected to be made.

Service: Special Events (Assumed Cost with Bridal Dress or Bridesmaid Dress Purchase)

$140 profit margin ($60 catering expense, high variable, $200 markup, high fluctuation) 

Sale projections are low: 1.6 per week ($224).

3.3 per week ($462) is the average sale projection.

Sales projections are high: 5 per week ($700).

Monthly Operating Costs: $1300 for rent

$1000 in insurance

$1500 for advertising

Salary ranges from $2540 for a sluggish worker to $4140 for a normal or high worker.


Heirloom Bridal: Customer Survey


The Wedding Industry is a burgeoning industry that is classified as a part of the Other Personal Services industries. In 2012, there were 2,142,722 marriages in the United States, resulting in a $55 billion market charge. A typical wedding costs roughly $25-26,000, with a projected 1% increase in expenditure each year. Although this may seem to be a little amount, it is important to realize that there have been mild rises and declines in certain areas of wedding ceremony expenditure over the last several years. There has been a noticeable rise in the amount of money spent on acquiring the bridal gown. There are numerous factors that contribute to this, but most commonly it can be attributed to an increase in the visibility of the Wedding Industry in the media, with emphasis on the importance of the wedding ceremony costume on television, and the fact that 70% of girls will only be married once in their lives, making this a significant event.

Heirloom Wedding is a bridal boutique committed to providing brides with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Many women consider the purchase of their wedding ceremony gown to be the most important aspect of their wedding planning, and Heirloom Bridal strives to make this a memorable occasion by providing refreshments to sample and professional photographs to capture the priceless moment when she says yes! to her gown. Heirloom Wedding caters to all women, but the first target market is women between the ages of 25 and 35 since they are more likely to want to make their bridal gown purchasing experience a memorable one. These are the females who will pay just a little more on the dress since it will most likely be the only one they ever buy.



Deb Bauernfeind is the co-owner of Weddings by Way of Deb, LLC in Faribault, Minnesota.

Ms. Bauernfeind has been working in the wedding industry for over 25 years. She began as a part-time employee for Weddings by Deb’s original owner, and she eventually took over the company with her husband and family. Weddings by Deb provides wedding gowns, prom gowns, and men’s formalwear to consumers in Faribault, Minnesota, and the surrounding region.

Questions and Answers in an Interview

How do you choose your store’s inventory?

Based on the preferences of the buyer.

Know who your target market is.

“We’re no longer in California,” or “We’re no longer in New York,” so be aware of geographical differences in buyer preferences.

Establish fee points, quality levels, and service levels that correlate.

Using stock levels from past years as a guide.

When does business slow down? How can you make up for these gaps?

Because of Minnesota’s unique weather, the transition from autumn to iciness is delayed (people are no longer marrying in the winter months).

To adjust to fluctuations in workload, use seasonal workers.

What is the bride’s opinion on the experience of shopping for a wedding gown?

It is determined by the bride’s maturity, age, and previous travel experience.

The more mature bride will usually take the match more seriously (i.e. through asking for an appointment and now not honestly taking walks in).

Some people like to watch Say Yes to the Dress on TV, while others prefer a more personal atmosphere.

In-store modification services are an important element of the wedding purchasing experience.

Other Important Points

Make a connection with your consumer. You may work with a bride from the moment she makes her first purchase until her wedding ceremony (which ought to span somewhere from 6 months to 1 year). Later on, a good rapport will result in recommendation customers.

Get to know each and every customer that goes through the door.

The wedding industry is like a yo-yo: different sorts of women come into the salon, so pay attention to their individual goals and aspirations.


Know who your consumer is and cater to them.

Be ready to adapt to a wide range of business conditions and clients.

Catering Manager Kayla Paro

Kayle works as a supervisor in Bon Appetit’s catering department and has experience in that area. She just recently returned to the catering industry six months ago, and it was then that she started catering to major events such as weddings.

Questions & Answers from an Interview

What kind of information would you like to use to cater an event?

How many people are there?

Meal or hors d’oeuvres – time of day to decide the quantity

How do you carry or prepare food for a match that you’ll be catering from afar?

If cold hors d’oeuvres are required, I will prepare them and transport them to the location.

If it’s a warm dinner, I’ll prepare it ahead of time and serve it during the occasion.

How much would it cost to deliver delectable hors d’oeuvres to a group of up to 20 people?

430 dollars before taxes, without drinks, with carrier fee and gratuity.

Other Important Points

If they transport it to a site, they’ll need a separate portion to make anything hot.

In conclusion, catering is no longer prohibitively costly.

Some Costs:

Platter of imported cheeses for up to 20 people: $70

Antipasto classico for up to 25 people: $72

Crudités of Garden Vegetables (up to 10): $18

Carolyn Kellogg is a lady who is presently engaged.

Carolyn Kellogg was previously engaged in September of 2013.

Is the wedding gown purchasing experience something you’re looking forward to?

A crucial and essential part of the wedding ceremony experience

Brides await such a day with bated breath. Many different people attend the bride, including friends and relatives.

Those that accompany the bride should be patient as she prepares to show off her gown.

What would put your mind at rest while shopping for a wedding gown?

Doesn’t want to go in right now since he’s anxious.

Expecting to have a good time

It’s critical to choose the ideal bridal salon.

Other Important Points

Shopping for bridesmaid gowns might be stressful, but it’s also a lot of fun.


It would have been fantastic to be given the chance to have a more unique wedding ceremony clothing experience (for the occasion in a celebratory form).

Brides are concerned about the wedding ceremony outfit purchasing process.

Shannon Bickel is a married lady these days.

Shannon Bickel married on the 6th of June in 2013. Shannon’s memories of the bridal gown shopping trip are quite recent.

How long did it take you to choose your “ideal” wedding gown for the ceremony?

When the suitable costume store could be discovered, a day’s worth of shopping would take around 2 hours.

The first few gowns you try on are generally not the ones you end up buying.

Those who accompany you should be patient as you become “geared up.”

Did you have a good time looking for a wedding gown?

Very pleasant and entertaining

An unforgettable tournament

It would be fun to remember the match with pictures.

Other Important Points

It’s also crucial to shop for bridesmaid outfits.

In conclusion, the experience might be quite stressful.

Aim for a festive trip as an incentive.

The Four Interviews in Context

Recognize the kind of bride Heirloom Bridal aspires to be, and tailor your offerings to her desires and requirements.

Catering seems to be a viable option for Heirloom Bridal, as long as it caters to the consumer.

Current and prior brides questioned expressed a distinct interest in Heirloom Bridal’s unique celebration offerings.

Results of a Larger Market Survey

Wedding Preferences of Married/Involved People

20 people answered the survey.

Women under the age of 35, who are either married or engaged. Google Drive Survey is the survey format of choice (online)

The survey’s results were mixed. Positive survey respondents were neither married nor engaged, and numbers and statistics no longer added up appropriately. Furthermore, it is a tiny sample size. As a result, the Married/Engaged Wedding survey will be utilized as a reference, but specific and meaningful results for this report cannot be guaranteed.

69 people responded to the Future Wedding Preferences Survey.

Females between the ages of 18 and 35 who are neither married nor engaged Google Drive Survey is the survey format of choice (online)

As an appendix to this paper, you will find a textual and graphical analysis of the survey findings.


From both the in-depth interviews and the results of the larger market study, there was once a wealth of information to be gained. The first critical takeaway was that the majority of the girls polled considered the purchase of their wedding gown to be necessary or very important, and the females who were questioned in detail considered the purchase of their wedding gown to be fundamental to their normal wedding experience. However, as Heirloom Wedding grows, it will be critical to choose which direction the business will go, depending on the growing common reception of having bridesmaid dresses be a match rather than the bridal gown. Location is another important factor.

That will play a big role in determining how big the wedding market will be and who the target client will be. According to the survey’s results, the majority of girls would not be willing to go beyond their budget in order to enjoy the experience Heirloom Bridal offers.

As a result, it would be a good idea to consider giving women more control over the work, which would fit into their wedding budget. Overall, Heirloom Bridal has the potential to develop a specialized service within the wedding industry; it will mostly depend on determining who we are serving to and where we are catering to.

APPENDIX: Questions from a Survey on Future Wedding Preferences

Do you have a partner at the moment?

Only 28% of those polled were in a relationship, while the remaining 72% were single.

Would you have a wedding ceremony and/or party (i.e. reception) if and when you are married?

97 percent of respondents said they would have a wedding ceremony, and all said they planned to marry at some point in the future.

What does your wedding ceremony dress/wedding attire mean to you on a scale of 1 to 5? 5 indicates that something is really essential, 3 indicates that something is somewhat significant, and 1 indicates that something is currently not very important.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 95% of respondents evaluated their wedding ceremony clothing is important. It did not get a perfect score from anybody.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how important is the occasion of shopping for your wedding gown or wedding attire? (5 = very important, 3 = somewhat significant, 1 = not at all essential). On a scale of 1 to 5, 84 percent of respondents rated the significance of ‘the event of shopping for their wedding gown as 3-5.

36 percent said they were 3, 27 percent said they were 4, and 21 percent said they were 5. Only 16% of people answered with a 1 or a 2.

My wedding gown would be purchased with the help of my family. Friends would be there for the purchase of my wedding gown. My colleague would accompany me to the store to purchase my wedding gown.

Family members will be present in 90% of cases. Friends would be there in 85 percent of cases, but their partner would not attend in 87 percent of cases, in keeping with the cultural tradition of the husband not seeing his wife’s attire. It’s unclear if this custom applies to same-sex couples, however, it’s worth noting that 13% of respondents said their partner will be there.

How many people would be present for your wedding gown purchase?

According to 68 percent of respondents, their wedding gown purchase would be done with a target audience of three to five people. Only 9% (six respondents) believed that the target audience for their wedding gown purchase might be

There should be at least five, but no more than 10. This shows that there is an ingrained mindset in American culture to limit the intended audience to close relatives and bridesmaids.

Would you want to treat your bridal gown buying trip as a pre-wedding celebration (like a shower or bachelorette party)?

34 percent indicated they’d want to see the wedding gown shopping process turned into its own tournament. 21 percent would be more likely to devote a larger portion of their wedding budget to the aforementioned event.

Would you consider allocating more of your wedding gown/wedding gown budget to the above-mentioned joyful journey?

When the question was framed differently, 61 percent stated they would not be willing to spend more than half of their wedding ceremony budget on the purchasing event, while 25% stated they would no longer prefer the experience at all – this is 41 percent less than the respondents who stated ‘they would no longer want to have a good time their purchasing experience’ simply two questions earlier, suggesting that there may be some pliability to this opinion i.e.

Would you be willing to go OVER your wedding ceremony dress/wedding outfit budget for the above-mentioned journey?

13 percent stated they would be tempted to spend more than their budget allows. More curiously, when the question was presented in this way, two respondents said ‘no’ instead of ‘do not wish the experience’ — maybe when the charge is framed as a greater fee, it causes potential customers to reconsider their view or desire it more? If the data is focused on the upper-income bracket, it should be valuable information.

Do you want to have a bachelorette party?

91 percent of respondents said they would, suggesting that combining a bachelorette birthday party with the costume shopping process may be a good idea.

How many bridesmaids do you plan on having?

Ninety percent of respondents said they would have at least three bridesmaids, with 19 percent saying they would have more than five, up to 10.

Would you like to have a nice time shopping for bridesmaids’ outfits with your bridal birthday party in a joyous manner (similar to a wedding shower or bachelorette party)?

The majority of respondents (53%) said they would want to make shopping for bridesmaids’ outfits a festive experience.

I’d want to choose out my bridesmaids’ dresses on the same day that I pick out my wedding gown.

54 percent would be interested in selecting their bridesmaids’ dresses on the same day as their wedding gown, indicating that a sizable number of respondents would be open to combining the ceremonies.

Which of the following services would you choose if they were available for the course of your wedding gown shopping experience or for the duration of your bridesmaids’ dress shopping experience? Check all of the boxes that apply. (Photography, champagne/drinks/wine, hors d’oeuvres, and more options were available.)

At the wedding ceremony gown buying event, 84 percent of respondents said they would pick champagne/drinks/wine. Hors d’oeuvres would be preferred by 60% of those polled. 25% would be prepared to pay a fee for the services offered, while 47% said they were ‘not sure’ – which is positive since the option of ‘no’ was also available.

What do you think your entire wedding budget will be?

Only 19 percent said they would pay less than $5000. The bulk of respondents, 40%, said they would pay less than $10000. 27 percent of respondents said their wedding ceremony would cost between $10000 and $30000, with 4% saying it would cost more than $30000. It’s worth noting that these figures aren’t always accurate, with just 28% of respondents claiming to be in a committed relationship.

What do you think the cost of your wedding ceremony attire will be?

The average price range for wedding attire was between 1000 and 2000 dollars, according to 22% of respondents.

Please prioritize the following wedding-related activities: bridal shower, bachelorette party, proposal, wedding, and reception.

The wedding ceremony itself was deemed the most important aspect of the wedding ceremony experience by 48 percent of respondents, while the reception or celebration was seen as the most important by the remaining 52 percent.

The Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party were ranked as the 4th/5th most important aspect of the wedding experience by all but 13 respondents.

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