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Home Inventory Business Plan

Start your own business with a home inventory business plan.

Do you want to start your business for as little money as possible? This home inventory firm business plan can assist you in doing exactly that. In the following paragraphs, we’ll teach you how to run a home inventory firm. All you have to do is keep track of what people have at home. That’s all there is to it!

This is a really simple business to run. You won’t need as much capital to get started as you would with real estate company ideas. For cash-strapped investors, this makes it the best business plan. As an example, we’ll look into Cobol Home Inventory Reporting.

The Company

Cobol Home Inventory Reporting, situated in Fort Lauderdale, provides certified, insured, and bonded home inventory services across the state of Florida. This new house inventory company will be owned by Dickard Cobol.

Let’s look at how to start a home inventory business.

Home Inventory Company Management

If you want to discover how to build up an inventory system for a small home business, keep reading. To be successful, the organization has to establish a large number of locations across Florida. As a result, a franchise business plan must be developed.

The management of this organization will be divided into two departments. The one in charge of operations will report to the other in charge of external relations and public relations.

Home Inventory Company’s clients

Consumers of the Home Inventory Company will be divided into three groups:

People who want to keep track of their own belongings.

Insurance companies that need information on the contents of covered people’s homes.

If the government need information on a crime scene’s inventory, they may be a customer.

Business Objective

The ultimate objective of the organization is to become the first nationwide home inventory service. This looks a lot like an a. The goals are as follows:

We want to expand to at least three states before the end of the year.

In the following six months, obtaining at least 10 important clients.

The annual revenue will have climbed to $311,000 dollars by the end of year three.

Owner of a business

Cobol Home Inventory Reporting will be owned by Dickard Cobol. Cobol will also be the CEO of the firm. Because of his 30 years in the insurance adjusting industry, Cobol has a large network of contacts. If such people are engaged, this inventory business plan example could work.

Why was the Home Inventory Business established?

Based on his significant experience, Cobol is creating a home inventory firm. Another reason he founded this business is the recent increase in demand in this field. When people insure their homes, they also insure their belongings. Following the recent disasters in the United States, the need for home inventory reporting has risen dramatically to guarantee that people claim only what they really own.

How will the Home Inventory Business get off the ground?

Step 1: Create a strategy.

The first step in beginning this company is to create a business plan inventory example. This is the stage at which we will choose the services we will give and how much of each we will deliver. This procedure will aid in determining which market segments the company will focus on. Before downloading the home inventory business plan, you should read it.

Step 2: Develop a Brand

This isn’t a resort business plan where you can put in a large sum of money in order to make a large profit. You’ll have to establish a brand. Only by portraying a favorable image of ethical conduct and great service can this be done. You’ll need to think of a great brand name, logo, and tagline.

Step 3: Organize Your Workspace

The next step will be to start a company. This is required in order to acquire the trust of consumers.

Step 4: Create a presence on the internet.

Unlike a real estate agent, this company needs an online presence. You must develop a website for your consumers to connect with you.

The sixth phase is marketing.

Your services must be advertised in print, online, and on social media.


Before you can establish a home inventory service company, you’ll need a detailed business strategy. Because this is not as simple as developing a property management business plan, you must explain the services you will give to consumers. The services provided by this firm will be divided into three categories:

Domestic Home Inventory Service

This group will have the biggest number of consumers while simultaneously having the lowest per-client revenue. These customers will be provided with the following services: Keeping a home inventory list for future reference.

For insurance purposes, home inventory lists are being compiled.

The inventory must be submitted in the event that the property is damaged.

Inventory Service for Insurance Assets

In this region, we will have fewer customers, but each one will contribute considerably to our income. One of the services supplied to these clients will be home inventory reporting for insured residences.

Inventory reporting for non-residential insured buildings.

Providing inventory reports to the right authorities as required.

Retailers’ Inventory Management

These customers will be in lesser numbers as well, but they will be well paid. We will provide the following services to them:

Inventory data for the office are managed.

Inventory reporting is essential for insurance purposes.

App for Keeping Track of Inventory For those who want to keep track of their belongings on their own, we’ll give a user-friendly smartphone app. An app will be available for a monthly fee that will allow our customers to keep track of their kitchen goods and more.

Home Inventory Company Marketing Analysis

If you want to run a successful home inventory company, you’ll need to know how to do a house inventory for insurance purposes. However, you must first and foremost comprehend the market. Even before you start a house-cleaning business. More than half of all homeowners in the United States, according to a recent research, do not keep a house inventory. Given the large gap in the market, all you need is a property inventory business plan to start a profitable company. All you’ll need is a group of folks that understand how to create a home inventory.

The next step is to look at the current market trends in the business to determine how you may become engaged. As a newbie, you’ll have to provide something your competitors don’t. Only then will you have a genuine chance of making it in this business.

Market Developments

The house inventory sector grew after Hurricane Katrina, when it became obligatory by law to retain a home inventory with a licensed provider. It was previously exclusively accessible to the ultra-rich. A middle-class man does not have enough things to warrant having anything written down for them.

Uncle Sam, on the other hand, is now requesting your MacBook and washing machine. Your chances of collecting insurance reimbursement will be greatly lowered if they aren’t. Home inventory service providers are in for a treat as a result of this. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity before it, like so many others, gets saturated.

Let’s look at the marketing segmentation to determine how we may improve this company’s planning.

Segmentation of the Market

Some of our potential customers for our home inventory reporting service include:


This is the market segment that will attract the most customers. We’ll help them maintain track of their personal items. If their property is lost, we may give the inventory to the insurance company or law enforcement agency managing the case.

Providers of Insurance

Insurance companies employ the services of home inventory reporting providers to report on the items of insured homes. The bulk of our cash flow will come from this business.

Clients in the Business

These clients need someone to keep track of everything that occurs in their offices. There will be a small number of these clients, but their projects will be big.

Business Objective

To establish contracts with the top 10 insurance firms in Florida.

To obtain and maintain an average rating of at least 4.5 during our service years.

The corporation should have produced at least $311,000 in profit by the end of year three.

To earn and maintain a 95 percent CSAT score.

Pricing of Products

Our services will cost more than those of our competitors. This is owing to the founder’s knowledge and the enthusiasm of our employees. However, we will provide discounts at beginning. This is not a business plan for a painting firm. We have to earn money from what we’re doing.

Home Inventory Company’s Marketing Strategy

Among all the aspects that contribute to the success of a home inventory firm, marketing is the most important. Before you establish a home inventory business franchise, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy.

To construct a successful marketing plan, you must do a comprehensive competitive study and base your marketing and sales strategy on it.

Analysis of Competitors

After doing a comparison analysis, we discovered that no home inventory firm in Florida has a more experienced team.

Dickard Cobol’s contacts with insurance industry leaders provide Cobol Home Inventory Reporting an additional competitive advantage.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Cobol Home Inventory Reporting will provide services to independent homeowners, unlike any competitor.

Strategy for Selling

The business will be promoted via online adverts and television commercials, with the marketing effort being supplemented by contacting insurance companies.

We will provide a flat 30% discount to the first 100 customers and ten insurance companies.

We will establish a strong reputation for honesty and reliability.

Personal Strategy

In order for the home inventory firm to function successfully, we need competent professional staff. Employees will be expected to have two types of competence. Your team is one of the most important factors in determining your success in the home inventory company.

Employees of the company

  • One Chief Operational Officer is in charge.
  • 1 public relations and liaison officer
  • Five surveyors will be on the job in the field.
  • One IT professional is needed to manage the website, software, and social media presence.
  • There are four different types of drivers.
  • One peon is needed for office tasks.
  • 1 Workplace Boy to do errands around the office.

Plan your finances

In order to run a lucrative home inventory firm, you must first establish the cost of home inventory service. In this sense, developing a financial plan for the company is crucial. For the first several years of the company, we’ll focus on the costs that will be incurred. The following will be included:

The price of renting office space.

The price of four pick-up trucks to convey the employees.

The pay of the employees.

The cost of advertising and having a social media presence.

The cost of overheads before a company starts to make money.