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Have you heard about the lack of nurses in the US? As hospitals with very few staff continue to deal with Covid hospitalizations, the problem has hit record levels and turned into a full-blown disaster. But you can help solve the problem by starting your own nursing service. You can make a good living and give hospitals and clinics in your area trustworthy nurses who are in high demand. Because of a lack of workers, the healthcare recruiting business has nearly doubled in the last ten years, showing that the chance is there. No matter what your medical training is, you can start your own business from home for a small amount of money and start saving lives.

But before you call people, you need to know how to start a business. You’ll be able to finish all of your homework if you read this step-by-step guide, which will show you how to run a successful nurse staffing business.

Step 1: Find Out if this is the Right Business for You?

Positives Vs Negatives

Rewarding: Help save lives and solve a big problem for society.
You can work from home and don’t need an office.
Use commissions to make a good living.
Time to Get Started – Building a name will take time and work.
Crowded Market: Compete with big, well-known hiring companies.
  • Size and growth in the past: After five years of steady 4.4% growth, the healthcare job service business in the US will be worth $25.8 billion in 2022. In the past ten years, the business has almost doubled in size.
  • The US medical care intake office business is expected to grow by more than 6% by 2022.
  • In the United States in 2022, 3,182 healthcare employment companies were in business. 
  • In the United States, there will be 347,403 people working in the healthcare employment agency business in 2022.

Cost of Starting Nurse Staffing Agency

A medical caretaker hiring company will need between $3,500 and $10,000 to get started. Costs include a website, software, files for nurses and healthcare facilities, and other things.

Is Nurse Staffing Agency Profitable?

Most of the time, the cost of the attendant hiring group is about 25% of the first-year salary of the medical sitter. About 70% of your total income should come from working at home.

For the first year or two, you could work from home and hire eight nurses on $40,000 contracts, giving you an annual income of $80,000. Using that 70% edge, this would mean a gain of $56,000. As your systems management and reaches skills improve, you could move up 40 places every year. At this point, you would hire people and rent a storefront, which would cut your profit margin to 30%. With $400,000 in yearly sales, you would make an amazing profit of $120,000.

Entry Barriers

  • To get contracts, you need to know how to network and sell.
  • Established organizations’ competition

Step 2: Create a Strategy

Identify a Gap

Find a chance to look into nurse hiring companies in your area to find out what they offer, how much they charge, and what their customers say about them. You want to make up for a hole in the market. For example, there may not be a casual nursing service, a company that hires certified nursing assistants, or a flight nurse hiring business in the local market.

This could get people talking about you again and bring you customers right away.


Find out what you sell or what you do. It will be easy to find your services. You’ll think of medical services centers when you think of nursing candidates. You can do all kinds of care or focus on a few.


Usually, the fee is equal to 25% of the nurse’s first pay. When you work for yourself, you should make around 70% of what you spend.

When you know your spending, you can use this Bit by Bit net income number cruncher to figure out your rise and final sticker costs. Keep in mind that the prices you use at send-off should depend on how the market changes in the future.

Target Market

Identify your target market Your main audience is nurses, healthcare groups, and clinics. All of these are on LinkedIn, and there are also a lot of nurse groups on Facebook that you can join. It’s also a good idea to buy access to the main medical assistant and medical care office data sets and connect with those in your area. NurseRecuiter is a good spot to begin.


Pick a spot for your business. In the beginning, you might want to save money by running your business from home. But as your business grows, you’ll likely need to hire people to do different jobs and you may need to rent an office. You can look for business space to rent near you on Craigslist, Crexi, and Instant Offices.

If you are looking for a place to do business, you might want to keep these basic rules in mind:

  • Focus area accessible by public transportation
  • Spacious, well-lit, and well-ventilated.
  • Flexible rent that can go up or down as your business grows.
  • Ready-to-use room that doesn’t need any major changes or fixes

Step 3: Write a Business Plan

Every firm need a strategy. This will serve as a manual to help your business through the launch process while staying focused on your core goals. A business plan also helps prospective partners and investors understand your organization and its vision:

  • Executive Summary: A brief outline of the whole business plan that should be written after the plan is done.
  • Business Overview: A summary of the company’s goals, vision, purpose, assets, and control structure.
  • What we make and what we do: Explain in detail what you’re selling.
  • Do a SWOT analysis and look at market trends like changes in demand and growth opportunities.
  • Competitive Analysis: Look at your key rivals’ strengths and flaws and make a list of what makes your services better.
  • Sales and Marketing: Look at the unique selling points (USPs) of your business and come up with sales, marketing, and promotion plans.
  • Management Team: An overview of the team’s tasks and professional backgrounds, as well as a business structure.
  • Operations Plan: Your company’s operational plan includes how it will get supplies, where it will put its office, what its most important assets and tools are, and other practical details.
  • Financial Plan: A three-year plan for money, including start-up costs, a break-even analysis, predictions of profits and losses, cash flow, and a balance sheet.
  • Appendix: Add any other papers related to money or business.

Step 4: Create a Marketing Plan

Some of your customers will come from walking by or finding you online, but you should still spend money on advertising! For new businesses, getting the word out is very important because it will bring in more customers and raise brand recognition. 

Connect your website to your social media accounts once it is up and running. Social media is a great way to get the word out about your business because you can make fun content and sell your goods.

  • Facebook is a great paid advertising site where you can target specific groups, like men under 50 in the Cleveland area. 
  • Instagram has the same benefits as Facebook, but its users are different.
  • Website: SEO will help your website show up near the top of relevant search results, which is very important if you want to make more sales. Make sure the calls to action on your website are effective. Try changing the wording, color, size, and placement of calls to action, like “Recruit Now,” to see if you can greatly boost sales.
  • Google and Yelp: Businesses that depend on local customers may need to be mentioned on Yelp and Google My Business in order to get people to know about them and buy from them. 
  • Offer your nurse hiring service at nearby hospitals and clinics to make sales in person.
  • Newsletters and email marketing: Send customers and possible buyers regular texts. Make each one different.
  • Make a blog: Make a blog and update it often. Change up your content and sell it in different places.
  • Paid social media ads: Run ads on sites where your target crowd is.
  • Pay-per-click advertising: To do better in look, use Google AdWords. Do your study on keywords first.
  • Testimonials: Have happy clients say how your nurse hiring service helped them in a testimonial.