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MarketResearch.com works with a large number of market research businesses to give you with accurate solutions to your most important business questions. Today, we’d like to introduce LogisticsIQTM, a market research and consulting firm specializing on emerging supply chain and logistics technologies and opportunities. You’ll discover more about this firm in the following interview.

Tell us about your market research publication experience.

LogisticsIQTM is a research and consulting firm that serves Fortune 1000 companies, financial and research institutions, private equity firms, and high-potential start-ups with market insights in the supply chain and logistics sector. We have material handling and logistics expertise with topics such warehouse automation, micro-fulfillment, next-generation supply chain, and AGV/AMR. To provide value to our clients, we examine the ideal mix of the most data, the most effective research technique, and the most knowledgeable industry panel.

What kind of market research studies can you provide?

Our mission is to research the supply chain and logistics industry, with a focus on automated material handling and next-generation supply chain technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), cyber security, 5G, big data, and robotics automation. Micro-fulfillment, urban warehouses, digital twins, last-mile delivery, autonomous mobile robots, piece-picking robots, pick-by-light, cube-ASRS, and delivery robots are just a few of the cutting-edge concepts we like working on.

What kind of problems does your market research help consumers solve?

Market appraisal, market attractiveness over the next 5-10 years, competitive landscape, partner identification, M&A, distribution channel, and end-customer voice analysis are some of the services we provide to our clients. End-to-end go-to-market strategies are provided to our customers, including market entry into a certain region, investment plans, selecting the optimum distribution channel, and understanding the demands of their end-clients.

What distinguishes you from other market research companies?

Because of its accuracy and innovative approach, our research stands out from the crowd. Our strategy is comprised of the logistics index, automation investment, number of warehouses for each country by degree of automation, and automation technology penetration by end-user sector vertical. We’ve looked at over 1,000 players in this ecosystem and can show you a market map to back it up.

Is there anything more you’d want your customers to know about your products?

We also give additional deliverables such as a pivot-ready excel sheet, a market map (with around 650 enterprises in 9-10 different categories), a number of warehouses sheet for significant areas, and an investment sheet in addition to our original market research study.

Reports from LogisticsIQTM may be viewed here.

MarketResearch.com has LogisticsIQTM market research studies available. Two recent trends are the next-generation supply chain market and warehouse automation. Visit the LogisticsIQTM publisher’s website to learn more.