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Medical Centre Business Plan


Medical Services have emerged as a “required” carrier in our nation during the last several years. This has resulted in an increased burden for medical workers due to the convenient workout facilities. The majority of scientific workers have relocated in an effort to alleviate the overall strain by providing adequate staff and services in the field. In this regard, the demand for scientific offerings has increased significantly; however, away from the traditional scientific provision, many sufferers have multiplied the demand for scientific offerings; consequently, this enterprise thought examines methods for filling this inevitable gap while generating revenue for both shareholders and employees and striving to provide maximum delight to sufferers or any other clinical provider seeker.


Description of the Business

The planned commercial business will be called “NIGHTINGALE MEDICAL CENTRE” and will be located at P. O. Box 1971-40100, Kisumu. The firm will be headquartered in Kisumu’s Milimani neighborhood. It will first operate as a sole proprietorship before converting to a limited liability company. This is a service organization that offers inpatient and outpatient therapy, as well as medication sales, maternity care, outreach programs, counseling, theater, and laboratory services.

Market Strategy

Patients with low, moderate, and high incomes, as well as individuals and organizations requiring a variety of medical services, are among the target customers. During the firm’s early phases, fieldwork officers will be hired to reach out to prospective clients, and advertising will be conducted for the benefit of both individual and corporate customers.

Commercial Real Estate

All medical services will be integrated into the company and operated out of it. On the other side, various services will be provided to targeted customers through our temporary field staff and campaigns arranged by our supporting partners. Additionally, supplies will be provided from the company’s site.


The management structure will include a board of directors, interior management (administration), registered doctors and nurses, medical officers, laboratory technicians, radiographers, pharmaceutical technologists, dentists, nutritionists, and kitchen and cleaning workers. The Managing Director will be Dr. Philip Chek. A front office assistant will be sought. The Accountant, who will serve as the procurement officer, will conduct bids and give sourcing.

Financial Strategy

The firm will commence with a capitalization of Ksh 73,000,000, comprised of Ksh 3,000,000 in owner shares and Ksh 70,000,000 in borrowed funds. This is a long-term loan with a ten-year repayment period. Money for incidental expenses is supposed to come from the operating business.

Implementation Strategy

Table 1: The business’s calendar of activities

Risks and Issues

As a service business, the primary risk is client loss caused by either low-quality goods and services, the advent of less priced alternatives, or a combination of the two indicating a broader variety of competitive emphasis. The firm will use an active market research framework in conjunction with its existing experience in the sector to provide high-quality services at competitive prices. The suggested one-year upgrade is intended to counteract instances of competition from new players who may result in a more invigorated organizational environment.



The Business’s Name

NIGHTINGALE MEDICAL CENTRE” shall be the company’s name, and its postal address will be P. O. Box 1971-40100 Kisumu. The word refers to a pleasant, stress- and strain-free interaction with clients. This is a registered business name that emphasizes long-term viability via smart healthcare efforts.

1.1 Aims

All citizens have access to affordable health care.

1.2 Objective

To deliver inexpensive, high-quality healthcare.

1.3 Objective

Pursue excellence.

1.4 Goals

Certain clinical standards are adhered to in partnership with the Health Ministry by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, the Laboratory Technicians and Technology Board, the National Hospital Insurance Fund, and the Nursing Council of Kenya.

To offer inexpensive health care to residents of Kisumu Town and its environs.

1.5 Fundamental Values

At all costs, promote life

Provide the highest quality medical treatment to everybody

Accountability and Transparency

Commitment to its clients/patients

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