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Muskoka Airport Business Plan

Example of a Muskoka Airport Business Plan

The Muskoka Airport business plan, established in 2006, was designed with strategic planning in mind. The strategic component looks forward and establishes the company’s long-term goals. A goal might be as simple as continuing in business for the long term, or it could be more sophisticated, such as meeting specific growth or development targets.

Long-Term Plans Overview

The following elements should be addressed during strategic planning, whether you’re planning an airport expansion or a retail store opening:

• Long-term business objective

• Benefits, drawbacks, possibilities, and threats (SWOT)

• An overview of the marketing campaign to verify that all efforts are in line with the company’s long-term objectives.

• Land development or site utilization, which includes factors including feasibility, infrastructure requirements, and expected commercial use.

It is never possible to fix anything in time.

Although the Muskoka Airport has a long-term business plan, it is not set in stone. To stay up with market changes, every company’s strategy should be examined and altered on a regular basis. In an airport, for example, you could run into:

• New government regulations requiring the airport authority to make policy and procedure changes

• As a consequence of political changes, commercial firms ending land leasing contracts, and other causes, revenue streams that were intended do not materialize.

• New federal, state, and/or local law necessitates unanticipated infrastructure alterations or improvements.

• Lighting, approach route signals, rotating beacons, emergency generators, cabling, computers, and other equipment will need to be updated as technology progresses.

• Surprisingly rapid growth needs the building of new runways, rental hangars, and maintenance facilities, to name a few.

Always in Style

The company plan will never go out of style as long as there is effective strategic planning. As the market changes, the corporate strategy will need to be altered, but the purpose and strategic goals will remain the rock solid foundation.

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