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Last updated on October 13th, 2023

Neon Lights Business Plan

Executive Summary

Neon Lights Dance Hall, located in Kerrville, Texas, is a new business that provides the people of Kerr County with a beautiful spot to unwind after a long day at work by providing excellent music and a high-quality environment for customers to dance and enjoy themselves. The dance hall will give a local answer to Kerr County’s dearth of dance and live music venues oriented at the 21-35 age bracket, as well as help to keep late-night entertainment costs down.

Marissa Fallis, Nina Dunn, Jared Thompson, and DJ Roque are the owners and operators of Neon Lights. We are a joint venture that is willing to invest $20,000 of our own money in the start-up of this business. We’re looking for a $150,000 loan. We’ll use the anticipated loans to buy the premises and equipment needed to open a new dance corridor venue.

Neon Lights is dedicated to making Kerrville a pleasant and fascinating place to live by providing people with a dance corridor that holds concerts, employer parties, university nights, and music every weekend. Neon Lights is a fantastic place to take the family. We want to cater to Schreiner University students, families, Kerrville locals, overabundant students, and anybody else seeking a great place to dance and listen to country music. Some people attend Neon Lights to hear the music, observe the dancers, or just spend an evening out with friends.

Statement of Purpose

Neon Lights Dance Hall’s mission is to provide a beautiful American environment in the Kerr County region. We’ll do it by providing live music and a fantastic setting in which to spend time with friends and family. Our goal is to keep one step ahead of our competitors by providing exceptional carrier service. With a basic, yet distinct ecology that creates a feeling of “belonging” for locals, we expect our visitors to have even more enjoyment for the length of their amusement time.

Statement of Intent

We set out to provide our clients with a fantastic place to hit the dance floor and enjoy great company while listening to great music.


To become Kerrville’s most well-known and well-known dance corridor and entertainment destination, respectively, while increasing earnings by 15% annually.

During the next 12 months, we expect to 

  • generate $100,000 in income 
  • 24,000 consumers are served.
  • 12 local bands will perform live.

During our second year of operation, we’d want to begin exposing our facility and amenities to Kerr County residents for events like agency parties, birthday parties, and so on.

Success Factors

  • Live United States of America tune every other weekend- By offering our customers with various United States singers every other weekend, we are able to bring in residents and Schreiner students to enjoy fantastic music at Neon Lights.
  • Our design and ambience are one of the key reasons why people like coming to Neon Lights. The radiance of old signals and a strong sense of belonging to the United States of America
  • Specials for College Night and Ladies Night- Having particular nightly specials like strong point cocktails and free entrance for ladies will bring in more females to Neon Lights, which will also assist bring in more men.
  • Hosting parties- After the first six months, we will begin to offer special events for the community and adjacent businesses.
  • Promoting our dance hall on a regular and consistent basis in order to maintain brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Business Description

In the entertainment sector, Neon Lights Dance Hall is a limited liability corporation (LLC). The filing fee for forming a company in the state of Texas is $300. To completely complete all vital processes of incorporation, we shall choose a Texas Registered Agent (lawyer).

We have the option of dealing with our company acts as a partnership since we are a limited legal responsibility corporation. With the partnership, each member of the company would own a quarter of the company.

As a partnership, no taxes will be taken out of the organization; instead, each individual will pay taxes on their own non-public income.

Neon Lights is a dance hall in the entertainment sector in the state of Texas. The Texas Department of State Health Services requires us to apply for a new license at https://vo.ras.dshs.state.tx.us/datamart/registration.do?from=loginPage.

The Neon Lights Dance Hall is a brand-new, small-business venture.

Business Group

Marissa is the Chief Executive Officer and owns 25% of the company.

DJ – 25 percent ownership, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer

Jared is the President of Production and owns 25% of the company.

Nina (Nina) – 25 percent ownership, Chief Financial Officer

Business Core Competencies


Each of us has a strong bond and understands how to operate together. If there is a problem, we all want to speak about it and work together to find the best solution for our organization. We take satisfaction in aiding other members of the crew in achieving a common goal in a timely and efficient manner.

Dedicated to providing excellent customer service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to each and every client, thus each employee will be expected to follow our guidelines for dealing with consumers. To do this, management will provide training on each new recruit, ensuring that they adhere to our vision for excellent customer service.

Excellence in Marketing

During our first three years, we will focus a strong emphasis on advertising. In order to reach every possible buyer in our target market, we need to mix radio, print, and web advertising methods. Through banners, word of mouth, and promotion, a strong focus will be placed on advertising and marketing to area universities.

A diverse range of specialty products is available

Our business offers a diverse selection of unusual cocktails and alcoholic beverages. For our customers’ enjoyment, we provide unique cocktails such as Jell-O shots, shots of the day, and other alcoholic beverages.


101 Crystal Dr.

Kerrville, Texas 78028

Operating Hours

Sunday: Closed


Closed: Wednesday-Saturday


Weekday Opening Hours: 25

Services and Products

Kerr County’s college students and population provide a unique opportunity for a dance-themed facility in the United States. The project benefits greatly from its central position, demographics, and lack of direct competition. The planned facility would provide a local answer to Kerrville’s lack of a social atmosphere aimed specifically toward the 21-35 age group, as well as assist in keeping late-night entertainment costs within the localized area.

The new club will focus on Country dance music, providing a first-class experience in a relaxed and comfortable setting, as well as beer, wine, and a variety of liquors and blended beverages. Neon Lights will also advertise non-alcoholic beverages including soft drinks, juices, and bottled water. The first hours of operation will be Wednesday through Saturday, 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. The restaurant will cater to the Kerrville market in particular, as well as visitors from other nearby cities and villages.

Organizational Structure


Chief Executive Officer (Operations/Personnel Management)

  • Degree: BBA Advertising and Marketing
  • Background: Customer service, accounts receivables/payables, and marketing are all areas where you may help.
  • Strengths: Interpersonal skills, initiative, a problem-solving approach, and a willingness to work hard
  • Responsibilities:
    • 1) Recruiting and training staff 
    • 2) overseeing day-to-day activities 
    • 3) compensation and benefits management
    • Notifying DJ (procurement) when inventory levels are low and need to be refilled.


 Chief Marketing Officer (Marketing/Procurement) and Chief Operations Officer (Operations)

  • Degree: BBA Advertising and Marketing
  • Background: Training, and Safety Management
  • Strengths: Ambitious, personable, and “beyond the box” thinker
  • Responsibilities:
    • 1) Every marketing/advertising campaign,
    • 2) Inventory, which includes maintaining levels filled at all times and monitoring supplier accounts.


Production President (Marketing/Operations)

  • Degree: BBA Information Systems is a company that specializes in information management.
  • Background: Service to Customers
  • Strengths: Interpersonal abilities, as well as a creative thinker
  • Responsibilities:
    • 1) Employee scheduling
    • 2) Oversight of functions
    • 3) Use of social media profiles for marketing


Vice President of Finance (Accounting)

  • Degree: BBA Finance is a company that specializes in financial services
  • Background: Various accounting duties, including bookkeeping
  • Strengths: Quick learner with a strong desire to achieve, who is industrious, observant, and productive in a team or solo setting.
  • Responsibilities:
    • 1) Maintains asset, liability, retained profits, and weekly sales records in our books.
    • 2) Keep an eye on income to make sure we don’t go beyond our break-even threshold.
    • 3) Make timely payments to all suppliers and partners.

Our Team’s Weaknesses

1) There is no formal management or technological training.

2) No previous experience in the entertainment business is required.

3) Workweeks of 25 hours.


The success of Neon Lights is dependent on its promotional initiatives. As a result, the venue will provide promotional deals on a nightly, weekly, and monthly basis. These promotions will serve to increase the excitement for the dance hall, resulting in an influx of people and visibility. The main concept is to deliver a unique and exciting adventure every night. In the dance business, this is the most important factor for success, profitability, and longevity. The following are some of the proposals:

  • Giveaways of prizes
  • Contests on the dance floor and on the stage are held every night.
  • Promotions in collaboration with local radio stations
  • Nights at the College
  • Special Occasions
  • Parties in the workplace

The entertainment will be provided by DJs and vocalists that specialize in American music. Exclusive theme evenings and promotions will be employed throughout the week to attract a more diversified population and to expand the range of consumers that visit the dance hall every day. These nights will include one-of-a-kind genres of music. These theme evenings will vary based on demand and reputation.

The following key vehicles will be employed to target and reach the target market: ads in local print media, strategically aired radio spots, and an Internet website. Advertisements in local and university media, as well as announcements on local radio stations, will provide members with exciting membership information about current promotions and offers. An additional “grassroots” advertising and marketing strategy will also be used. This includes attendance at regional events by membership reps and spokespersons, college campus postering, a “prize patrol” van, and other person-to-person marketing initiatives.


The population is 50,149 people.

47.9 years old is the average age.

15.9% of the population lives in poverty.

$43,810 is the median family income.

The total number of employees is 20,523 people.

$158,200 is the median property value.

Kerr County, Texas is the 63rd most populous county in Texas, with 2 census places. Kerrville, TX and Ingram, TX are the two most populous cities in Kerr County, TX.

The median household income in Kerr County, TX was $43,810 in 2015, up 2.05 percent from the previous year. In Kerr County, TX, there were 20,523 people with employment in 2015, a -0.67% decrease from 2014.

Advantage in Marketing

From Kerrville to Ozona, Revolution Broadcasting operates stations. In Kerr and the adjacent counties, we have the most extensive coverage of any broadcast organization.

RevFM is the most popular radio station among adults in the Texas Hill Country, and its popularity is rising. They have the ability to get our message to the wealthiest customers, both on television and online. They can help us improve our craft by assisting us with a fantastic marketing plan that includes radio and connections to our website from there are- revfm. Each month, rocks receive over 10,000 new visitors and have over 3000 Facebook friends! It might also be the best option we can make for a company’s new dancehall venture.


Crider’s Rodeo & Dance

o, Ingram, Texas is the location.

o The closest dance club to Neon Lights 

o Outdoor venue with a rodeo where bull riders participate

The Wild West

o The company is based in San Antonio, Texas.

o Wednesday through Saturday, 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. 

o Thursday College Night 

o Monthly concerts

Cowboy’s Dance Hall is a dance hall for cowboys.

o The company is based in San Antonio, Texas.

o Wednesday College Night o Monthly performances 

o Hours of operation: Wednesday-Saturday 7:00 PM-2:00 AM

What sets us apart from the competition?

Kerrville’s lone country dance hall is Neon Lights.


  • a ten percent deposit that is refundable

An event during the day is permitted, but it must be booked two weeks in advance.


  • The location  – Our facility will be at a fantastic location just off of the main thoroughfares. We will continue to have a high-quality stream of guests coming through our location every day, and we are Kerrville’s only dance hall, so competition will be minimal.
  • Atmosphere – Neon Light will have a top-notch ambience, with the building’s décor consisting of ancient neon lights and antique signs and symptoms to give them the impression that they are in a hip older dance hall designed particularly for them.
  • Schreiner University – The fact that Schreiner University is just 7 miles away is one of our biggest assets. It’s a tremendous strength to be able to market our dance corridor to a younger demographic searching for a fresh place to hang out on weekends.
  • Drinks and service – Our customers will have access to a wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We will also provide excellent customer service.
  • Drinks at an Affordable Price – In comparison to other current nightclubs, our drink pricing will be lower and our charge will be lower, attracting a larger number of potential customers to our establishment. The lower rate will create more profit and aid in the manipulation of irrational behavior.
  • There will always be some kind of entertainment at Neon Lights, whether it is a DJ, a local band, or a large event, there will always be correct tunes and amazing entertainment for our guests to enjoy.


  • monetary situation – Because we are a young company, we will have financial challenges for the first several months, if not years. This is due to the many payments and upfront costs involved in creating Neon Lights.
  • Advertising: Because we are a new dance hall in our selected area, selling our membership may be difficult initially because we will be unknown and unrecognized by our target market. To get the commercial business and visibility we want, we will need to market our nightclub in a unique way. We may not be able to attract the attention of our target market if we do not consider or apply strong advertising and marketing methods.
  • Consumer requirements: Due to the fact that many different consumers have unique needs, goals, and expectations, as well as changes in tastes and preferences, we will need to find out what our target market wants in order to match their demands and expectations and make our dance hall a success.
  • Issues of Security and Safety – Working at a nightclub and consuming alcohol typically results in a high level of delinquent conduct; yet, safety is vital. We have the most up-to-date security systems and a well-trained crew with 3-month, 6-month, and annual bans.
  • a policy of insurance – Insurance would very certainly be prohibitively costly. Property damage is a typical occurrence in dance halls, and my continual claims on it would significantly increase our rates.


  • Artists from the area – You get the opportunity to perform in our dance hall. We will save money on paying big-name performers for entertainment by welcoming local artists into our company. This is a chance for the artist as well as an opportunity for us to save money.
  • Opportunities for Employment – The opening of a new dance hall in Kerrville creates job openings, and when we hire the right people, it helps people find a precise paying job that they can work part-time, late at night, lowering the unemployment rate and stimulating the economy, which counteracts the threat of a sluggish economy.
  • Concerts are a popular pastime. – Once Neon Lights is fully operational and the locals are visiting on a regular basis, we will be able to begin paying more money to musicians to come to our venue and perform a concert, resulting in increased revenue and new customers for our company.
  • Parties and events hosted by the company – Because of the unique nature of the venue and its environment, as well as the fact that it is no longer open until 7:00 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday, Neon Light may always be a location for corporate parties, where we can provide entertainment and bartenders to fulfill any party/ event demands.


  • Complaints are a common occurrence. – Humans talking about issues with our membership may discourage others from choosing our institution over another.
  • Contemporaries (Food venues and nightclubs) – Competition is always a threat since they may devise clever ways to bring in more clients. Furthermore, they already have a customer base.
  • Liabilities are financial obligations. – If an accident occurred on our land, we might be sued and our business could be shut down.
  • There will be issues with regulating organizations such as the council, licensing, and permitting agencies, as well as constantly changing regulations to comply.
  • Supplier Price Increases: The club’s suppliers should decide to increase their spending on booze, food, and equipment, resulting in higher fees and worse profitability.
  • a decrease in the segment’s measurement: The club may need to focus on the growing section to expand the company’s portfolio due to financial issues or population growth/reduction (through our target market relocating due to higher education, for example); as a result, the club would have to focus on the growing section to expand the company’s portfolio.
  • The Economic Situation – If the economy is in a slump, potential customers are more likely to save and spend less, which means less people will visit our nightclub.

Plan for the Unexpected

In the case that the Neon Lights is a total loss, our LLC will be able to disperse thanks to a well-established contingency plan.

  • The building had previously been rented as part of an early departure plan. No building will be purchased until the Neon Lights have shown themselves to be profitable after a few years of operation. We chose not to purchase so that if our dance hall collapses, we are no longer burdened with the responsibility of proudly owning the structure.
  • The previously purchased equipment and décor (walk-in fridge, chairs, etc.) will be sold, most likely at a loss.
  • The proceeds from the sale of the equipment will be used to pay off the $150,000 loan we took out to establish our company.
  • If the cost for the notification is not paid, we will be forced to default on our loan.

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