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Bachata Rosa’s Lounge & Restaurant is a 60 seat fine dining restaurant with a 20 seat lounge


What We Did for BACHATA ROSA




Target Market

The Business Man

They work hard all day
and often stay
overnight in a strange
city. He needs a
establishment that helps
impress his clients and
prospects. Afterward,
they want to relax and
use the money they are
making. They are the
people that spend the
most on drinks, food
and tips.

Happy Couples

The restaurant will have
an intimate, romantic,
atmosphere that
encourages people to
bring dates and to have
couples arrive. Bachata
Rosa’s wants to be a
search place where
people meet each
other and develop a
network. These young
couples are generally
very successful but
balanced and won’t be
spending as much on

The Family

The perfect place for a
family dinner. Families
will come for the
accommodative menu
and friendly service. The
excellent value in their
meals will keep Bachata
Rosa’s in favor with the



of mouth/In store Marketing

V.I.P. Party We will host a V.I.P. Dinner before the ‘Grand Opening.’ This will serve the dual purpose of training our staff and introducing ourselves to the community. The list of individuals we will invite comes
from the Chamber of Commerce.

Local Media

Newspaper campaign Placing several large ads throughout the
month to deliver our concept to local area.

Direct mail piece Containing interior pictures of our restaurant,
our menu, “Theme Nights,” catering and an explanation of our concept.

 Target marketing to businesses for regular business lunch and dinner entertaining.



Local Store Marketing

Make a brochure for the large hotels and popular lunch &
dinner establishments in town to provide to their guests,
containing interior pictures of our restaurant, menus and prices.

There are several headquarters offices in the city of Long Island.
We will approach them to sponsor meals for the corporate. This will offer us higher visibility to a group that may not be as mobile and we’ll be contributing to the community in a material way.



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