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The business was established in 1972 and has a long history in the sector. They have 1.7 million members right now. LegalShield’s attorney network comprises 39 law firms and 900 lawyers with an average of 22 years of expertise throughout all 50 states.

Small companies may obtain the following legal services in return for a monthly fee:

Legal advice in general

Legal consultations on particular problems

Review of documents and contracts

Collecting debts assistant

Make calls or write letters on your company’s behalf.

Services for trial defense

In addition to the aforementioned, LegalShield offers a separate website for starting a company called Launch. LegalShield also provides personal legal and identity theft protection.

Pricing for LegalShield

Pricing for LegalShield

Small Business 10 (10 or fewer employees)
Monthly fee: $39
Consultations over the phone are unlimited (one hour of legal work)Three phone consultations on specific legal problems each year (half-hour calls)A total of 20 papers are examined each year (up to six in a single month, each of which is 16 pages long).A total of 20 phone calls or letters are made per year (up to six in one month)Every month, you will get five debt collection letters.For extra work, take 25% off the attorney’s hourly fee.There may be up to two specified users.
Small Business 50 (50 or fewer employees)89 dollars per monthConsultations over the phone are unlimited (one hour of legal work)Three phone consultations on specific legal problems each year (half-hour calls)A total of 30 papers are examined each year (up to six in a single month, each of which is 16 pages long).Every year, you will get 30 phone calls or mailings (up to six in one month)Every month, you will get ten debt collection letters.For extra work, take 25% off the attorney’s hourly fee.There may be up to three specified users.Trial defense hours total 75 each year, including up to 15 hours of pre-trial work
Small Business 100 (a company with less than 100 workers)Monthly rent is $149.Consultations over the phone are unlimited (one hour of legal work)Three phone consultations on specific legal problems each year (half-hour calls)A total of 40 papers are examined each year (up to six in a single month, each of which is 16 pages long).A total of 40 phone calls or letters are made each year (up to six in one month)Every month, 15 debt collection letters are sent out.For extra work, take 25% off the attorney’s hourly fee.Trial defense hours: 75 total, plus up to 25 hours of pre-trial workUp to five users may be assigned.
Supplemental income from homeAdditional monthly fee of $9.95Consultations over the phone are unlimited (up to one hour of legal work)Two phone consultations on specific legal problems each year (up to half-hour calls)Three papers (16 pages) are examined each month.Every year, you will get six phone calls or mailings (up to six in one month)Every month, you will get three debt collection letters.Help with IRS audits
Supplement to the trial defenseAdditional monthly fee of $9.95If you have to defend yourself or your company in court, you’ll need to do some pre-trial and trial preparation work.
Service for forming a companyPrices begin at $145, plus state filing costs.

Agent of the companyAnnually, $120.

*Note: Your legal work will be handled by a law firm inside LegalShield’s network, regardless of the plan you select. Not all legal firms, however, provide all of the perks mentioned under each plan. Prices may vary somewhat depending on where you are.

As you can see from the chart above, there is a broad variety of costs depending on how much legal assistance your company will need. If you’re a freelancer, the home business supplement, which costs $24.95 a month and can be added to your personal legal plan, could be enough to cover your requirements. For other small companies, choose a plan based on the number of workers you have.

As mentioned above, each plan has time limitations on the lawyer’s time, so read the plan specifics carefully before signing up. For example, the lawyer will spend up to one hour of legal work to a general phone chat. Following that, you’ll be responsible for paying the attorney’s regular hourly fee, less a 25% LegalShield reduction.

Document evaluations are restricted to 15 pages, and you may only request a total of six papers each month. If you require an attorney to contact or write letters on your behalf to a third party, you are restricted to six calls or letters each month. If you exceed these limitations, you will be charged the attorney’s regular fee, less the 25% discount.

Home Business Supplement by LegalShield Pros

Among the online legal services we looked at, LegalShield is the only one that offers a home business supplement. For an extra $9.95 per month, this may be added to any other legal package. This is a cost-effective method for freelancers and consultants to safeguard themselves, their families, and their companies.

Assistance with Debt Collection

LegalShield was also the only one of the legal services we looked at that provided specialized debt collection help. Your lawyer will send debt collection letters to businesses that haven’t paid you on time each month if you want it. Because unpaid invoices are one of the main causes of cash flow problems for small businesses, this service may be very beneficial in ensuring that your clients pay you.

Services for Trial Defense

If your company is brought to court, LegalShield is the only legal service we evaluated that offers trial defense and trial preparation. This may help you save thousands of dollars while also reducing the worry of getting sued.

Work that is consistent and of high quality

While LegalShield cannot promise that you will be assigned to the same attorney for each legal case, you will be assigned to the same law firm. That means the attorneys will get to know your company and the quality of work done on your behalf will be consistent. LegalShield even offers a Member Bill of Rights that spells out the level of service you may expect from your lawyer.

App for mobile devices

LegalShield offers a mobile app for iOS and Android that can aid company owners who need legal support on the move. The LegalShield app allows you to ask legal questions and obtain legal paperwork without having to go to your computer or laptop.

Cons of LegalShield

There is no free trial membership available, nor is there a money-back guarantee.

LegalShield’s competitors offer a free trial membership or a money-back guarantee. Rocket Lawyer, for example, provides a seven-day free trial as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. A 60-day money-back guarantee is offered by LegalZoom. You can’t test LegalShield before you purchase it or receive a refund, so make sure you read the terms of the plan you’re buying carefully.

After a few months of use, if you feel you no longer need LegalShield, you may cancel your membership by contacting customer service.

The Website Is Slow

The LegalShield website is not the most user-friendly, and it may be sluggish at times. Fortunately, you won’t need to visit the site very frequently after you’ve purchased your package. You may contact your lawyer directly or go to the website of the legal firm’s partner.

A monthly membership to a LegalShield plan comes with limitations, just like any other online legal service. These include time restrictions for the lawyer and document review page limits. If your legal job exceeds the limitations, you’ll have to pay extra.

Furthermore, not all legal companies and attorneys take use of all of the advantages. Some advantages are left to the discretion of the lawyer and the firm. This implies you may not be able to use all of the features mentioned in the price table above.

Customer service that isn’t up to par

Customers have complained about LegalShield’s bad customer support in online reviews. When we emailed customer service, we had a bad experience. Our query was not answered by the representative.

Customer Feedback on LegalShield in Condensed Form

LegalShield (previously known as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.) has received mostly favorable feedback on the internet.

Testimonials about LegalShield are overwhelmingly positive.

On the plus side, when individuals were in a bind, the LegalShield lawyers were quick to respond. The lawyers were successful in resolving their legal issues. The majority of those who gave LegalShield excellent ratings had been members for many years and had utilized the service numerous times. They said that by utilizing LegalShield, they were able to save thousands of dollars in legal costs over time.

LegalShield Reviews That Aren’t Positive

On the negative side, many complained that canceling their LegalShield package when they no longer required it was difficult. Even after canceling the plan, several individuals discovered that their credit card had been debited. Others claimed that the legal firms did not complete the work that was supposed to be done as part of their LegalShield advantages.

Competitors and Alternatives to LegalShield

LegalShield is an excellent choice for companies that need quick access to legal assistance at a low set cost. There are, however, a number of rival services available.

Here are some of the top LegalShield alternatives:

LegalZoom is a bigger, more well-known rival to LegalShield that provides similar services. You’ll get attorney phone consultations, legal forms, and document review with the LegalZoom company legal package. They also assist in the establishment of businesses.

But that’s where the resemblances end. LegalShield’s legal plans contain several unique features, such as debt collection help and trial defense. These may be very beneficial to a small company that cannot afford to employ expensive collection agency or trial lawyers. If you’re a freelancer seeking for personal and company legal protection, LegalShield also provides a home business supplement, which is an excellent bargain. All attorney consultations with LegalZoom are limited to 30 minutes, and document evaluations are limited to 10 pages. LegalShield is a better deal here—only specialized legal consultations have a time restriction, and document evaluations may be up to 15 pages long.

If you’re searching for tax guidance, though, LegalZoom’s legal plan may be a better fit. In their legal strategy, they incorporate access to a tax expert. If you’re a creative type, LegalZoom’s membership plan offers one free copyright registration each month.

For company creation, IncFile is the best LegalShield option.

IncFile is a more cost-effective alternative to Launch, LegalShield’s company incorporation solution, for companies seeking to establish a new firm.

While LegalShield costs $145 plus state filing fees for company formation, IncFile charges just $49 plus state filing expenses. That is the best pricing we could discover for a company creation on the internet (unless you do everything yourself).

During the first year of your company, IncFile provides free registered agent service, while LegalShield costs $120. A registered agent is a person or firm that receives official mail on behalf of your corporation.

When starting a company, most states require you to designate a registered agent.

If you need a fast response to a legal issue or an attorney to handle a minor case for you, LegalShield’s plans are ideal. However, for more complicated issues, you may want to use a service like UpCounsel.

On more complicated legal problems, such as immigration difficulties with workers, IP issues, and import/export issues, LegalShield restricts you to a few 30-minute phone conversations. You may describe your legal job or legal issue on UpCounsel, and their network of lawyers will reply with a bid.

UpCounsel offers a network of over 5,000 business lawyers that have worked with top law firms, Google, Apple, and other major corporations. Their hourly rates usually vary from $125 to $350, although certain fixed-fee agreements are available.