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Securities Consultancy Business Plan

Table of Contents

Synergy Securities Consultancy is a securities consulting organization that specializes in shares of environmentally responsible firms. A group of financial specialists leads the Dhaka-based partnership organization. To offer suggestions to customers who are concerned about environmental problems, SSCF uses financial research purchased from Asset Management Company, Financial Reports from DSE CSE BSEC, and a variety of other sources.


The SSCF has created a criteria-based marker device that is both practical and effective in assessing the environmental impact of a wide variety of businesses. Only financially sound/performing organizations are considered, ensuring that their recommendations are both financially and environmentally sound.

Advantage over your competitors

To gain market share quickly, SSCF will use its patented contrast method. The machine is simple to use and is based on the extensive study. It provides a clear picture of a company’s environmental performance.


Within the economic market, the SSCF will focus on the unsaved area of environmental investment. Environmentally responsible mutual funds, which conduct a similar job of monitoring a company’s environmental performance but do not allow for character equity investments, are an indirect opponent of SSCF. Due to the lack of such a firm in Bangladesh, it would encounter free market conditions.

Team of Directors

S.M Hafizur Rahman and Mr. M Shah Alam, two highly qualified professionals, head the SSCF. S.M Hafizur Rahman holds a master’s degree in business studies and has worked for the financing protection company, where he was in charge of preparing low-cost influence statements. Mr. M Shah Alam holds an MBA and formerly worked for BRB Securities Ltd., where he built a large network of connections.

Market Effects on Security

It will have a good economic and non-economic influence on the safety market, as well as an indirect attempt to stabilize the market.


  • Attempt to ensure the safety of the market by attracting more individuals to make investments based on environmental actions of prospective enterprises.
  • Continue to reduce the costs of environmental financing searches.
  • Ascend to the top of the securities consulting industry.


The objective of Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm is to become the best financial service employer that invests in companies that have excellent environmental documentation and practices. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm will be able to identify good environmental investments via thorough research and well-thought-out, verified marker criteria. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm will prosper as a company and have a significant impact on our economy by providing the highest possible quality of services.

Success Hints

  • Develop a practical and accurate collection of environmental indicators for a wide range of environmental consequences that a company may experience.
  • Purchase fantastic financial overall performance, funding research, reports from organizations, and be certain that Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm will be given at the lowest possible cost.
  • Price the service to ensure a precise profit margin while being highly competitive.

Overview of the Firm

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm is a Dhaka-based Securities Consultancy Firm that focuses on environmentally conscious businesses. A total of five partners control the company. It’s a partnership firm.

Who owns the company?

In the next section, it will be established as a partnership, with the companions owning the business.

Brief Overview of the Business

To get started, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • System for making calls (5 line).
  • Four workstation PCs, a lower back quit server, DSL Internet access, and a laser printer
  • Furniture for the office, the assembly room, and the waiting area
  • Bears Stearns software is billed on a monthly basis.
  • Fax machine, copier, lights, and other office supplies are all available.


Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm is a financial services firm that specializes in securities investment advice. The SSCF buys financial performance research and reports from the DSE (Dhaka Stock Exchange), CSE (Chittagong Stock Exchange), and BSEC (Bangladesh Securities Exchange Commission) (Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission). SSCF has created a set of environmental markers, in addition to strong economic performance standards, via which it may examine and grade the attractiveness of a corporation’s cost-effective impact.

Because it is a critical decision-making output and a tough endeavor in the security market, the lookup’s self-confidence is rather high.

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm has established a complete set of environmental markers that may be used to assess a company’s environmental impact. The following aspects are assessed:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Structure of capital
  • EPS
  • Return
  • Dividend policy and dividends
  • Credit score
  • Share of the market
  • Goodwill
  • Leverage
  • Net Asset Value (NAV):
  • P/E (Price-to-Earnings) Ratio

Current, next-stage, and long-term benchmarks are all included in the markers.

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm considers the aforementioned equipment while evaluating a company’s security. The end result is a list of feasible investments (stocks) that are recommended based on their market financial performance. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm strives to form views on firms in a wide range of industries so that buyers may decide what kind of company/industry they want to invest in.

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm’s service fee is comparable to a normal pricing device on a quarterly basis, based on a variety of security consulting. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm is more trustworthy than other affiliated organizations since it offers high viable benefits; the difference is no longer that significant, particularly for customers who desire high-performing stocks but only want to invest in financially healthy businesses.

Summary of Market Research

The Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm has identified two outstanding target consumers. With the help of their home wealth, these two groups of clients are exclusive. They’ve been divided into two groups: those with less than $1 million in household wealth and those with more than $1 million in household wealth. The desire to make a difference in the world by making financial decisions that take environmental considerations into account is what makes both of these organizations so attractive.

There are several niches in the financial services business. Some advisers provide traditional financing services. Others will exclusively provide one sort of investment, such as mutual funds, or only focus on bonds. Other service providers may focus on a particular area of interest, such as technology or socially responsible businesses, whilst we will give investing advice to potential investors on securities.

Segmentation of the Market

The target market has been divided into two fantastic groups by Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm. Families with a net worth of less than one million dollars and those with a net worth of more than one million dollars distinguish the organizations.

  • 1 million (household wealth): These consumers are middle-class individuals who are concerned about the environment and are taking personal action by investing in companies that have strong economic and environmental success records. Because these people no longer have an overabundance of money, they have little or no knowledge of the fundamental terms of securities and the securities market, but they do have money and would want to invest it wisely. They choose equities with a reasonable level of risk. In general, this group invests 25 percent to 35 percent of their portfolio in equities, with the remaining percentages split among other types of assets.
  • Clients with a household worth of more than $1 million are upper middle to high class. They have amassed over a million dollars in savings and are experienced investors (themselves or the people they hire). These individuals are often concerned about the rate of return on their investments, but they are also concerned about the security market.

Market Segmentation Strategy

Because of the ideological convictions and the fact that these values translate into consumer companies seeking services that Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm can deliver, Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm has picked the previously referred to target market categories. While individuals may generally acquire shares in a socially responsible mutual fund, which allows them to put their views into action, mutual funds are just one kind of investing. The disadvantages of investments include their very low rate of return (in comparison to right stocks), as well as the inability to acquire personalized assistance, and the capacity to make bespoke choices beyond the mutual fund type.

As a result, Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm has targeted these specific consumer categories since they represent a market niche with unmet demands. These companies have the funds and the inclination to invest in the environment, but their only cutting-edge goal is a mutual fund. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm has opted to differentiate the two market categories by family, which is an important trait to evaluate since it provides relevant behavioral data about the individuals.

Analysis of the Service Industry

The financial carrier sector is where Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm operates. This multi-billion taka (350) organization provides economic services such as investments to a wide spectrum of people and businesses. There are a variety of unique investment options available, including but not limited to:


Bills issued by the Treasury

Stocks and mutual funds are examples of investments.

Customers are serviced by a wide range of service providers in the business, including:

BSRM Steel and the Beximco Group are large national corporations.


Individual businesses

Brokers on the internet

Purchasing decisions are usually made solely on the basis of who you know or if you are acquainted with a certain firm. The majority of the service providers may provide a comparable range of financing choices.

For a variety of securities, fee structures are mostly dependent on terms. Many are depending on the quantity of money invested by the buyer. Some businesses charge hourly rates, while others impose a quarterly administrative fee. For certain carrier suppliers, pricing structures are fixed in stone, while others are more flexible and willing to work with customers to create specific arrangements.

Patterns of Competition and Purchasing

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm does not have any direct competitors that provide cost-effective inventory finance services. All of today’s cost-effective investing options are based on mutual funds.

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm also has to contend with a wide selection of financial advisers. Customers may choose from a wide selection of special financing possibilities provided by these indirect rivals. They should always place an investment order for a certain firm, but these unique competitors perform no impartial study on the environmental stewardship of various businesses.

Summary of Strategy and Implementation

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm will use its long-term aggressive component of impartial reasonable study based on a bespoke set of standards-based indicators to determine a company’s commitment to economics. The aggressive aspect will be promoted by using the motto “think globally, act locally.” This advertising phrase will motivate people to make their investments in a prudent manner. Environmental investments can and do beat the DSE30 index, according to the measures used in the sales-marketing campaign.

a competitive advantage

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm’s competitive advantage is the environmental marker criteria, which, when used, indicate whether firms are functioning economically and have low-cost investment commitments. The markers are of exceptional quality and are highly prized for a variety of reasons:

Meaningful: They are based entirely on extensive research and provide a concise assessment of the firms’ financial performance.

Context-based: This allows for a high level of comparison with other firms in the same industry.

Convenient: Interior audits on a wide scale are even more difficult to use.

The key here is that objective, simple to use, and precise measurement equipment has been designed to provide environmental analysis for any company that has the markers applied on it. No one else in Bangladesh can afford such a service as a statistics source for stock investing decision-making.


A strategic SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis can help you transform your knowledge into strategy, which you can then put into action. It directs you to the company and its marketing methods.

Use this chart to define your team’s strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics, as well as enhance tactics to help you avoid or minimize them. Lists ways to build on your talents and take advantage of chances.

Consider using your Action Plan to put the methods into practice.

Marketing Techniques

“Think globally, act locally,” as the saying goes. This well-known and succinct adage actually implies that everyone must do their role. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm’s services enable people to invest in accordance with their conscience. So many people want to do something good but aren’t sure how. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm’s services enable people to do the right thing while providing little tangible benefit in comparison to alternative possibilities. The returns of Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm outperform the DSE30 Index.

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm’s capacity to enable people to make a significant difference in the world while receiving a high return on their investment will be the focus of the marketing campaign. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm will increase awareness for Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm and its services via magazine advertisements and community-based advertising (networking, sponsorship, and participation in seminars). Advertisements will be a common approach for consumers to become aware of investment options as well as some publicity for the company itself. Community participation implicitly accepts the notion that a successful company relies on networking (interpersonal ties, both economic and personal) as a major source of revenue and goodwill. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm will participate in a number of on-topic events and seminars, demonstrating their expertise and providing them with a platform to discuss their one-of-a-kind services. It will use social media platforms such as Facebook, Line, and Viber to stay in touch with its customers.

 Strategy for Selling

The income method will be important since encouraged firms to outperform the DSE30 Index based on quantitative data. Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm’s recommended groupings are expected to exceed the index by 2.5 percent. This is a substantial sum. The sales approach will focus on the fact that by using the intelligent Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm, you may get higher-than-average returns on your investment. A sales package will be created and sent to prospective clients, highlighting Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm’s recommended groups’ higher-than-average historical returns.

 Forecasted Sales

The sales projection is being reached in a cautious manner in order to avoid any exaggerated expectations that may or may not be realized. The first several months will be tedious. Sales are expected to increase steadily and incrementally, according to Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm. This may be explained as a result of Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm’s improved revenue talent as well as the objective customers’ greater attention to environmental financing. Please have a look at the following desk numerical representations of revenue predictions for the next year.

Summary of the Web Strategy

The website will be utilized as a marketing tool to convey information about Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm and the services they provide to those who are interested. The website will be straightforward, providing an overview of Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm.

Website Promotional Techniques

The website will be promoted via the spoken words of Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm employees, written material, and submission to well-known Internet search engines such as Google, Bing, and others.

Summary of Management

Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm will be led by S.M Hafizur Rahman and Mr. M Shah Alam, who founded the company. S.M Hafizur Rahman graduated from the Islamic University with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in commercial business studies. S.M Hafizur Rahman came to Bangladesh after receiving his Ph.D. from Oxford University. He also has four years of practical experience generating financial impact statements for a number of sectors, firms, and projects at the DSE (Dhaka Stock Exchange). S.M. Hafizur Rahman worked as a project manager for BRB Security Ltd’s comparative department, where he did organization-wide security evaluations of organizations that were point-of-view investments for the fund.

Mr. M Shah Alam is the other member of the Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm administrative team. Mr. M Shah Alam has a background in finance. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance from North South University and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Washington. Mr. M Shah Alam worked for Rahim Mutual Fund Ltd at their financing division for eight years after graduating from high school.

Requirements for Development

Due to the site’s simple nature as an informative site as opposed to more intricate websites that incorporate e-commerce operations or more interactive elements, the website’s upgrading needs will no longer be significant. The graph and development of the site will be handled by a computer science student.


Md. Bokhtiar Hasan is a member of the Islamic University of Kushtia’s Business Faculty. Former DSE researcher and student of the protection market, he has freely agreed to serve as a volunteer adviser for our business.

Personnel Strategy

S.M. Hafizur Rahman (Expert): Market research, marker enhancement, and sales.

Mr. M Shah Alam (Expert): Sales, accounting and finance, account management, and marketing are some of Mr. M Shah Alam’s specialties.

Account manager: A person who assists customers with their financing accounts.

Administrative assistant: Miscellaneous oddities.

Bookkeeper: Is in charge of the day-to-day debt receivables and payables.

Assisting S.M Hafizur Rahman with her research as a research assistant.

The roles will be filled on a need-to-know basis. Please see the chart below for staffing projections.

Plan your finances

 Important Premises

Important Financial Assumptions are included in the table below.

Profit and Loss Estimates

Cash Flow Forecast

 Balance Sheet Forecast

Tool for choosing decisions

NPV (Net Present Value) calculation

Calculating the Internal Rate of Return

Payback Period Calculation


Synergy Securities Consultancy Firm has defined a number of milestones that will serve as intimidating but realistic goals for the company. The desire to achieve the objectives will produce an implicit motivation for all organizational members to work hard to achieve the milestones.

  • Completion of the business layout: The business plan serves as the organization’s road map. There is a cost in the system for drafting a business plan, which forces the authors to consider a wide range of topics.
  • First account with over a million dollars in it: This is a substantial sum of money for a single account, and the company will make every effort to acquire as many of these consumers as possible.
  • Profitability: It will become necessary at some point.
  • Location of the office: It is located in Dhaka’s Motijel commercial district.


The commercial business design was formerly employed only to get finance from a financial institution and had no specified purpose. However, this record is arranged from the perspective of reality, and it will be used to create and retain a real financial securities consulting business. As a result, this concept has a realistic chance of being implemented in Bangladesh.

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