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Spray Tan Company Business Plan

Start your own spray tan company with a mobile spray tan business plan.

Do you want to start a business that will provide you a lot of opportunities in the future? As a result, starting a mobile tanning business is one of the greatest possibilities. Furthermore, it does not need a large amount of money to begin began!

Get a tan if you want to seem more appealing. They, on the other hand, prefer to get a tan at home rather than in a salon. As a consequence, launching a door-to-door tanning service will almost surely expand your clientele. Furthermore, since you will not be required to set up and maintain a tanning facility, operating a mobile tanning salon may initially save you money.

So, if you’ve decided to enter this field, the first step is to draft an airbrush tanning business plan. This sample spray tan business plan template for Tan Stunners may be useful if you’re not sure what should be included in a business plan.

Spray tan service that comes to you

Tan Stunners will be a fully licensed mobile tanning business based in Pocatello, Idaho. Julia Steve will oversee the business, which will transport employees and equipment to Pocatello customers’ homes to deliver spray tanning and airbrush tanning treatments.

Management of a spray tan business

You should prepare a mobile tanning business plan before launching a spray tan business so that everything from administration to negotiations may be planned ahead of time.

Julia has chosen to run her business on her own, but she will hire a co-manager, a director of operations, tanning staff, general assistants, technical assistants, and transporters to help her succeed.

Customers who use a spray tan service

Before you create a business plan for a mobile airbrush tanning service, get to know your customers. This will help you make critical decisions like what services to provide.

The bulk of our customers will be adults and young people, both men and women, who reside in our city. Later in our spray tanning business plan, we’ll go through each of our customer segments in further detail.

Business Objective

Our goal is to become the most well-known mobile tanning service in the region. Second, we aim to expand our activities to other cities in the area. Our measurable aim is to achieve a monthly net profit margin of $10,000 at the end of the first year.

Owner of a business

Tan Stunners will be owned by Julia Steve, a Haas School of Business alumna. She has experience as a manager and is noted for her organizational and management skills.

Why is the company being established?

After reviewing a variety of possibilities, Julia decided to start a mobile tanning business since it was the most convenient option. Starting a spray tan business is quite simple when compared to other sorts of companies. Because when you start a mobile spray tan business, you won’t have to worry about rent or electricity costs. Additionally, while starting a mobile airbrush tanning business, one must focus only on tanning equipment, staff training, and transportation costs.

How will the company get started?

Julia was motivated to succeed right from the start of her spray tan business after gathering spray tan business ideas. In Pocatello, the company’s headquarters will be housed in a leased space. A well-planned and managed transportation system, as well as high-quality equipment, tools, lotions, and sprays, will be obtained.

Customers will be able to book tanning services online, and the company will have a strong internet presence. They will also be given an ID and password so that their favorite employees, skin conditions, and tanning experiences may be registered for a better experience.

The following is a synopsis of the company:

Customers’ Services

Before learning how to start a mobile airbrush tanning business, you should decide on your company’s methods and services. Because you’ll have to move your equipment from one site to another in order to serve your clients in their homes, you’ll need to figure out which services you can provide this way first.


Furthermore, knowing precisely what you’ll have to do might help you make the most of your spray tanning business opportunities.

We’ve included ours in this sample business plan on how to start a mobile spray tan business to give you an idea of the services that such businesses often provide.

15-Minute Spray Tan: We provide a 15-minute spray tan treatment for those who don’t want to be exposed to UV rays for long periods of time. This 15-minute tan will last almost a month and give them a more youthful appearance.

Spray Tan in 25 Minutes: We will provide a 25-minute spray tan treatment for individuals who want a magnificent orange and dark hue. This kind of tan will last three months on average.

Airbrush Tan: Three months after launching our spray tan business, we’ll provide natural-looking airbrush tanning. Because airbrush tanning is absolutely safe, we expect to see a lot of customers.

Manicures and Pedicures: We will provide cosmetic treatment for the feet, hands, and nails for therapeutic purposes.

All four treatments will be provided after deciding which product is ideal for the client’s skin.

Mobile Spray Tan Business Marketing Analysis

Marketing analysis is another key thing to consider if you’re looking to start your own spray tanning business. Knowing the market trends, market rivals, and demand for one’s services in a certain location may help identify areas where more effort is required.

Before launching a tanning business, you must also figure out who your customers will be. Knowing who your target customers are before starting a mobile spray tan business can help you create important rules based on their ages, genders, and interests.

Market Developments

According to IBISWorld, tanning salons were in great demand in 2019. The total revenue generated by tanning salons was predicted to be $4 billion in 2019. The website has expanded at a rate of 5.2 percent each year over the previous five years. These figures clearly show the market’s need for tanning, which necessitates people traveling vast distances from their homes. As a consequence, it’s easy to see demand for mobile tanning services skyrocketing as customers seek such individualized services in the privacy of their own homes.

Segmentation of the Market

Tan Stunners’ target customer categories are included in this sample mobile spray tan business plan.

Young Ladies: The most frequent customers of our services will be our city’s young ladies. Our community’s residents are often rich enough to have tanning treatments conducted at their homes. Women are frequently the most concerned about their appearance and aesthetics, thus all of our services, including pedicures and manicures, are anticipated to be used by them.

Men: Our second target group is our city’s male population. They’re also likely to employ our services since tanning is a common pastime among them.

Older Folks: Our city’s senior citizens, including men and women, are our third target group. Our manicure and pedicure services are virtually guaranteed to be used. Senior citizens from the upper crust, on the other hand, are more inclined to inquire about our tanning services.

A complete market analysis of our potential clients may be seen in the table below:

Business Objective

Our goal is to become the most well-known mobile tanning service in our region.

We hope to establish a monthly net profit margin of $10,000 at the end of the first year.

The startup’s initial expenses should be matched with generated revenues by the end of the first year.

At least two more branches will have opened in this and nearby cities by the end of the first five years.

Pricing of Products

Despite the fact that the area we’ll be covering is highly packed with tanning salons, no one provides in-home services. As a consequence, our costs are much higher than theirs.

Marketing Techniques

It’s vital to identify competitive qualities before starting an airbrush tanning business so that you can attract a larger number of consumers. Make sure you have a great sales plan in place before launching an airbrush tanning business.

Analysis of Competitors

The fact that Tan Stunners provides services in people’s homes is a significant competitive advantage. Working-class folks seldom have time to leave their homes and go to a salon to improve their appearance. We are certain that this feature will distinguish us from the competition since we will provide services in their homes, requiring them to spend just a few minutes out of their busy schedules. Second, people will take advantage of both services when they hear that we provide manicures and pedicures at the same time as spray tans. Finally, our highly trained and customer service oriented workers will urge our clients to come to us solely for such services.

Strategy for Selling

To reach out to everyone in our community, we’ll undertake a social media campaign.

Anyone who takes our 25-minute tan service will get free manicures and pedicures for the first two months after we open.

Our services will be promoted in trade publications, newspapers, and television stations.

Personnel strategy

Before you start your mobile spray tan business, you need to figure out how many employees you’ll need. You’ll need to perform comprehensive testing and interviews once you’ve made your pick to locate the most suitable applicants. Because your staff will be directly responsible for customer satisfaction, it’s vital to pick emotionally attuned and competent personnel.

Employees of the company

Julia will do all of her company’s work on her own, although she will enlist the help of the following individuals:

All operations are overseen by one Co-Manager.

One accountant is in charge of maintaining financial and other records.

Six tanning/pedicure/manicure professionals will tan customers.

6 General Assistants to assist with a wide range of tasks

1 technician is responsible for maintaining the equipment’s functionality.

The company’s websites and social media accounts are managed by one Web Developer.

Transportation services need three drivers. 1 Sales Executive is in charge of putting the sales plan into action.

1 customer service professional who interacts with customers and keeps track of their orders.

Plan your finances

Even while beginning a mobile tanning business does not need a large number of money, having a clear financial plan is essential. Inventory, equipment, tanning machines, tanning lotions and sprays, labor, transportation fees, and other expenses must all be included into your financial plan.

Before you start your airbrush tanning business, have an approximate concept of what you could spend. This will help you design techniques to save expenses where they aren’t absolutely essential.