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Do you want to create your own men’s salon?

Would you want to start your own tanning salon? Well, considering that one-third of the American population frequent salons to tan their skin, you won’t be short of cash once you start this business. The tanning business is lucrative, but it requires a lot of planning and effort to get started. In addition to obtaining a license, you’ll need to purchase medical equipment and apparatus and recruit expert tanning specialists.

However, you must first develop a clear and profitable business plan before starting this organization. You may use an example tanning salon business plan or this sample plan for a tanning salon startup named ‘Suntan Salon’ if you don’t know how to write a business plan.

The Company

Suntan Clinic will be a licensed tanning establishment that provides high-quality tanning treatments. The business will start off in a leased Manhattan space.


Suntan Salon will be owned by Jack Andrew, who now controls a pharmaceutical products firm. Because of his history in the pharmaceutical industry, Andrew knows how to set up and operate a tanning salon.


Our initial customers will be Manhattan’s residential neighborhoods. Depending on the needs of the customer, we will provide a variety of packages with varying exposure lengths.

Business Objective

In the next three years, we intend to achieve the following business objectives.

Owner of a business

Suntan Salon will be owned by Jack Andrew, a wealthy businessman renowned for his medicinal product companies. As a consequence of his work in the pharmaceutical industry, Andrew is well aware of the health risks associated with this dangerous career, and he has hired medical professionals to help him with his business.

Why is the company being established?

Andrew has been interested in healthcare-related businesses from the beginning of his career, and his considerable field experience has helped him understand how to start a tanning salon. He also plans to profit from this market by providing unparalleled tanning services.

How will the company get started?

Suntan Salon will open in a Manhattan rental space with huge air-conditioned rooms, a large greeting area, a conservatory, a waiting room, and four bathrooms. In addition to its standard inventory, the company will purchase air-conditioned climatronic controlled aromatherapic tanning beds with high-powered tanning lamps and a music system. The starting expenses are as follows:

Services and Products

Your tanning salon business plan must cover the services you will provide to your customers. You should develop your services with the awareness that you will be competing with many other businesses in a competitive market. Once you’ve decided what services you’ll provide, you may educate your staff how to operate tanning equipment or establish a tanning bed.

Suntan Salon offers the following services to its clients:

We provide a 10-minute tan service for individuals who do not want to be exposed to Ultraviolet rays for a long length of time. This tan will last for a week to a month and is much lighter than the other choice.

25-Minute Tan: If you want a dark tan and are strong enough to tolerate a bit more sun exposure, we’ll offer you a 25-minute tan. This tan will last for almost two months and will make them look darker.

Tanning Lotion: Following a customer’s tanning service, we will provide them with tanning lotion. This saves our customers the effort of having to go out and buy tanning lotion themselves.

Customers may schedule an appointment with us by visiting our salon or contacting us via our official website.

Summary of Strategy and Implementation

After you’ve found out how to open a tanning salon, you’ll need to come up with a marketing strategy that will attract and maintain customers.

Analysis of Competitors

Our most major competitive advantage will be the pleasant ambience and comfort that we will provide to our customers. Furthermore, we shall maintain the cleanliness and hygienic conditions of our salon and tanning beds.

Our second important competitive advantage will be our excellent customer healthcare service. We’ll make sure our customers only get the kind of tan that looks good on them and isn’t detrimental to their health. We will also use the most up-to-date and best-in-class equipment to perform our services.

Strategy for Selling

Following a comprehensive analysis, we came up with the following proposals for promoting and selling ourselves.

We’ll use social media and the press to market our tanning parlor.

Customers who recommend others will get a discount.

We will provide a 15% discount on our services for the first month after we launch.

Personnel strategy

Our tanning salon’s personnel approach is as follows.

Personnel for the business We’ll start by recruiting the following people:

All salon activities are overseen by a single salon manager.

One accountant is in charge of maintaining financial and other records.

Three tanning experts will be on hand to assist customers.

Three helpers to help the experts

1 technician to ensure that our machinery is in excellent operating condition

1 Client engagement and order tracking are the responsibilities of receptionists.

After completing a series of examinations, all employees will be hired and trained before being onboarded.

Plan your finances

Before laying the basis for a new business, you must establish a financial plan that covers all of the necessary expenses. Create a precise financial plan that covers all costs such as inventory, equipment, tanning machines, payroll, rent, and so on to maximize your tanning salon profit. You may obtain a general idea from this sample business plan, but if you need more specific information, you should consult a financial expert.