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Starting a company in technology requires a business strategy.

The information technology sector is one of the few that will not go out of business very soon. This industry has grown dramatically since the turn of the century. Despite the fact that the technology business has more companies than you can count, there is still opportunity for new entries. This technology business plan was written to show how to start a technology company in great detail.

This business plan is based on real-world experience from MacArthur Tech Services. Let’s look at how an investor-friendly company plan might assist you in raising funds.

The Company

MacArthur Tech Services will be a certified and registered technology service provider in Detroit. Maximilien MacArthur, a former Silicon Valley executive who has worked for a variety of digital companies, will be in charge. This business plan for a tech company can help you learn from MacArthur’s mistakes.

Technology Company Management

When it comes to explaining how to start a business solutions organization, the first step is to comprehend how the company is run. You must first comprehend the management structure of a technical business before you can establish one. This may also be used as a business plan to get bank financing for your company.

In the vast majority of circumstances, MacArthur will be in charge of MacArthur Tech Services. To help him with the operations, he will seek the help of specialists in the sector.

Technology Company’s Clients

We must first choose who we will be dealing with since a semiconductor business strategy is such a large field. The following are some examples:

  • Customers originating in the United States
  • Those who want their computers fixed will be among these customers.
  • You’re seeking for home networking and technology solutions.
  • I’m searching for assistance with my home’s technology settings.
  • Clients from the world of business
  • These customers will be a little bigger than domestic clients, and they will include the following:
  • Businesses that are looking for ways to automate their processes.
  • Small businesses might benefit from digital accounting and inventory management.
  • Businesses looking for better connectivity choices.
  • Solutions for campus management will be required by these customers.
  • Lab and library computer setups.

Clients in the Industry

Customers that need enterprise-level computers and technology will be the most important.

Owner of a business

MacArthur Tech Services’ owner, Maximilien MacArthur, is an expert in the field. He started his career at a repair shop, which he has turned into a successful computer repair business plan. He then moved to Silicon Valley, where he founded many companies and created a successful information technology business strategy.

Why is a Technology Company being established?

MacArthur is an industry specialist who has supplied several examples of information technology business continuity strategies. He has assisted the creation of many computer companies and now plans to launch his own. He is enthused about it and recognizes a need in the market as well as how he may make a name for himself.

How will the Technology Company be established?

Step 1: Create a strategy.

The second item we’ll look at in this technology business plan example is how to establish a firm. No IT company’s business model is complete without it.

Everything from the number of employees to the firm’s initial costs to prospective customers must be prepared.

Step 2: Establishing Your Brand

People trust companies that have a well-known brand name. In order to be successful, our IT business will also develop a strong brand identity. An eye-catching brand logo, moto, and color palette will be chosen to achieve this.

Step 3: Organize Your Workspace

MacArthur Tech Services will maintain a headquarters in downtown Detroit, from where it will supply all of its services to customers.

Step 4: Establish a web presence

No good technology firm plan can be complete without a web presence. A complete website will allow customers to connect with MacArthur Tech services.

Step 5: Promote and Market

MacArthur Tech Services will utilize all available communication channels to ensure that it is well-known across Detroit and Michigan.


In our technology business plan template, we’ll talk about the services we’ll provide next. In our information technology startup business plan, we’ll provide limited services and strive to be the best at them since technology is such a broad issue that no one company can adequately cover all aspects of the sector.

The following services will be provided by MacArthur Tech Services:

  • Connectivity-related solutions
  • In this area, MacArthur will provide the following services:
  • Connectivity choices are available for domestic users.
  • Solutions for office and business networking.
  • Connectivity solutions are available for corporate clients.
  • Technical Equipment Supply

In this location, MacArthur will provide the following services:

Computers, routers, projectors, and printers are all examples of electronic devices.

Technical Support Services

MacArthur Tech Services will give client help. Assistance will be provided with:

  • There is a significant issue in the technological setup.
  • In the office, there is a network or mainframe failure.
  • Personal and home technologies are supported.
  • MacArthur Tech Services will provide a 24-hour assistance line for people experiencing technology issues.

Technology Consultancy

Customers that are unclear where to begin with technology can benefit from our tech consultancy services.

Technology Business Marketing Analysis

If you want to understand how to write a business plan for a tech company, the marketing analysis of the technical business plan example is crucial. We’re doing a marketing research of the business plan technology description to make things easier for you. We need a solid grasp of technical business solutions if we want the company to prosper.

Market Developments

The information technology sector is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. The bulk of the world’s top corporations and richest people currently work in this area. In this industry, several successful IT companies have arisen.

Despite the fact that the market is very crowded, there is always place for firms who want to provide better services.

Segmentation of the Market

The clientele of our tech company will be divided into the following market segments. Each part will need a unique set of professional services.

Individual Customers in the United States

These are the customers who will pay the least but value the most. This category comprises anybody looking for advice on which laptop to buy or assistance setting up their workstation. Everything from the installation of Windows to the repair of defective displays will be handled by us. Our major objective here will be to develop repeat customers.

Small and Large Enterprises

Our clientele will be businesses that want help with their IT setup. We’ll provide them with automation, accounting, inventory management, connectivity, and anything else they need.

Clients in the Business

This is the market segment from which the bulk of our income will come. They’ll be fewer in number, but they’ll pay a larger price. We will provide a wide variety of services, including cloud computing, blockchain, and any other technology-related services that a firm may need.


Finally, we will give discounted services to the company’s nonprofit sector in order to contribute to community development.

Business Objective

To become North America’s foremost supplier of technological services in five years.

Our mission is to provide top-notch IT services to our clients.

We intend to be in at least three more states by the end of the year.

The firm should make a profit of $368,000 per year by the end of year three.

We’ll keep product price lower than the market average at beginning. This will be done in order to attract customers, and once we have a sufficient number, we will increase the price.

Marketing Techniques

Now that we’ve decided which sector we’ll enter, the next stage is to develop a marketing business plan to guarantee we achieve our objectives. Because the IT business is so congested, marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of any information technology firm proposal template’s success.

In order to be successful, we must be objective and take advantage of every competitive edge we have, and we will go to any extent to guarantee that our technical startup organization succeeds.

Analysis of Competitors

Mr. MacArthur’s extensive experience will give us an edge over the competitors.

We will provide top-notch service and just the best of the best equipment to gain permanent recurring clients.

We’ll provide a 24-hour help line, which may have a significant effect and is something that few of our competitors give.

Strategy for Selling

To maximize our profit margins, we’ll simultaneously target the domestic, business, and corporate markets.

We’ll give a one-year warranty on all of our products and services to encourage clients to trust us and buy from us.

We’ll give you a big discount for the first two months, just like all the best biotech startup ideas.

Personnel strategy

The next stage in writing a business plan for a tech startup is to figure out how many employees will be needed to run the company successfully. This web hosting and other tech services company’s strategy will need a large number of competent workers to make it run properly. Because the major purpose of this organization is to provide technical support and services, its employees will be its most valuable asset.

Employees of the company

  • Maximilien MacArthur will be the company’s owner and CEO.
  • There is just one general manager on staff.
  • There is just one Operations Manager in the team.
  • There is just one liaison manager on staff.
  • There are a total of five technicians.
  • There are two engineers in the team.
  • There are a total of five Support Agents.
  • Two drivers are required for the support crew.
  • There are two Office Boys in the office.
  • There is just one receptionist on staff.
  • There is just one accountant on staff.

Plan your finances

The last element of this information technology company business plan is the firm’s financial planning. Reduce operational expenses while generating income is the key to a successful business. To make this possible, we’ll need a comprehensive understanding of the expenses of starting and running a business. Let’s take a look at an approximate budget for a technology firm.

Here’s a summary of the expenses of starting and running a business until it produces enough revenue to fund itself and turn a profit.

The cost of setting up an office.

The cost of getting a website up and running.

The cost of a company’s advertising.

Employees’ salaries throughout their first year on the job.

The whole cost of running a business, including overheads.