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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) set forth on this page serve as the legal contract between the customer (hereinafter referred to as “User,” “You,” or “Your”) and Skyrocketbpo (hereinafter referred to as “Skyrocketbpo,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our” or similar), a business that provides a variety of materials and services with the aim of assisting entrepreneurs in managing and eventually expanding their businesses.
Before using the website further and accepting the terms of this agreement, it is strongly urged that you read this agreement in its entirety. Please stop using the website right once if you disagree with any or all of the provisions of these terms and conditions.


The terms of this agreement are enforceable against the User and Skyrocketbpo. Your continuing usage of Skyrocketbpo services as a user signifies that you have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to all of their stated terms. You agree to take responsibility for any duty or liability resulting from your continuous usage of the website when you sign up. Users are responsible for any losses or damages the company may suffer, as well as any other rights and remedies the firm may have, if they violate any of the terms and conditions indicated here.


Subject to the terms and circumstances set forth in this agreement, Skyrocketbpo hereby grants you limited access to and permission to use our website for the reasons specified in this agreement.

Using a product. You have the right to edit, replace, or customize a downloadable template to your specifications after it has been downloaded. In no manner is Skyrocketbpo required to modify the downloaded template to your advantage. However, we might accept template customization in exchange for additional, fair fees.
A product update. At any time, we may change Skyrocketbpo’s features, functionality, or content. Additionally, we have the right to alter or remove any documents, material, or other content in our sole discretion.
Breaks in service. 


Your privacy and the security of your personal information are important to us. We shall regard all information we have about you that we have obtained as part of the subscription process as confidential. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional details on your privacy rights.


If you see the phrase “unlimited downloads” on the website or in advertising, it refers to your capacity to download products for as long as you are a member of Skyrocketbpo, not just how many. This is done to prevent the product from being used in an excessive, improper, unreasonable, or fraudulent manner that could harm the website’s functionality and affect other users.

Download Limits

Any file format, including Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, vectors (Eps), Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, Apple Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, is available for download.


By registering, you give Skyrocketbpo permission to use your email address to contact you. Up to the extent permitted by law, service-related notices may be sent to you through email.

We may occasionally send you pertinent items via email, such as newsletters, promotions, special offers, and updates on products and services.

Depending on what is required, Skyrocketbpo may send additional notifications by email, “push” mobile notifications, or by posting material on the Skyrocketbpo website. We reserve the right to choose the format and method for informing registered users of alerts. However, you or your network provider may automatically block notifications sent to the email address you provided, and we are not liable for any such filtering.


As a user, you consent to refrain from doing any of the following things:

Using automatic or manual “scraping” to copy, distribute, or disclose any portion of Skyrocketbpo in another medium. These automated systems may include “robots,” “spiders,” and “offline readers,” among others, to visit Skyrocketbpo in a way that sends more request messages than is humanly conceivable with the usage of traditional online web browsers in a given amount of time. Transmission of spam, chain letters, and other unsolicited promotional email content are further examples of uses that revoke license to utilize items from Skyrocketbpo.


As a user, you consent to refrain from taking part in any of the following forbidden behaviors:

Attempting to decode any transmissions to or from the servers hosting Skyrocketbpo, interfere with or compromise system integrity, or both;
doing any activity that could put our website under an unjustifiably high load, as decided by Skyrocketbpo at our sole discretion;
uploading harmful software such as viruses, worms, or other agents via Skyrocketbpo;
gathering or harvesting any personal data from Skyrocketbpo, including account names and emails;
making use of the website to advertise;
fraud, impersonating someone else, falsely asserting affiliations with other people or organizations, and hiding or attempting to disguise your identity;
preventing Skyrocketbpo from functioning properly; accessing stuff on the


Each and every piece of artwork, typography, graphic design, and picture used on the website is royalty-free. They are essential components of the goods provided by Skyrocketbpo. You are not required to pay anything in order to utilize them in the permitted methods. These, other than the template designs, may not be distributed or used. This agreement will be deemed violated if you do so.

The website’s business and legal document templates are still wholly owned by Skyrocketbpo. Any unauthorized use of the content is considered a breach of the company’s intellectual property rights, and relevant and reasonable legal action will be taken.

Infringement. We honor other people’s rights to their intellectual property. Please visit the Rights Policy page or get in touch with us if you think something on the Skyrocketbpo website violates any intellectual property rights. Plagiarism and other forms of intellectual property violation are not tolerated by us. For that matter, you may be sure that we’ll take the appropriate steps.