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Virtual Reality Service Business Plan

Overview of the Business

VRS is the first of its kind, delivering the E-Tourism carrier everywhere, anytime, and in any region by combining virtual reality science with the travel and tourism industry to allow you to go to any location in the globe at any time with only one click.

We are no longer simply in the tourist industry but will expand into other areas in the future. Our service is based on VR technological know-how (Virtual Reality), in which you purchase the Virtual Reality Gear as part of a one-time carrier bundle that includes all of the necessary tools and packages to run the entire service, and then you can begin purchasing the region you want to see by downloading it immediately from our on-line application or website.

The downloaded application has comprehensive high-definition information of the place you wish to visit, and unless you need a hotel reservation, plane tickets, or a visa, you can go there with only one click. Our services are for individuals who like traveling, seeing, and discovering new places but do not have the means to do so on a regular basis; if you can’t see the globe, we will provide it to you at the lowest price possible.

We offer to the world a new venture that has never been before, and since it is still just a dream, people believe it is impossible, but we say “the dream is coming true,” and anything is possible. We’re entering into the tour business in general, but this is only the beginning; in the future, we’ll expand into the medical, educational, social, and entertainment sectors.

In the future, we want to establish an entirely new world, one in which every desire may come true.


As stated in the overview, our company is a type of provider, but it is divided into two sections: the first is the digital reality tools camera that we use to provide our service to customers, and the second part is also divided into two parts: the first is the photo part, in which we provide photographers and administrators to create a universal imaginative and prescient for specific locations, and the second part is the IT section, in which we provide I.T. services.

Our goal, vision, and pricing provide us with a competitive advantage in the market.

The following is the mission statement

Our goal is to provide complete client satisfaction in all areas. We want to build a new planet.

Statement of Intention

Our mission is to target the market’s medium and low-income individuals, as well as minorities, who are unable to travel or participate in the complete tourist and shopping experience.

In the future, we’ll work with companies that can provide our company with the necessary scientific and software program resources, as well as retailers that wish to try selling their products online using our technology.

It’s the dawn of a new era of online services, and a whole new journey awaits you; don’t miss it. And as for the costs, it will be handled by just charging the equipment for one time only, which will cost roughly $1750, along with our application and one free vacation site you may choose to check out. After that, you’ll be able to purchase and download any vacation destination you choose for a lower price, roughly $650 per area.

Every package that a customer purchases will include a discount on something he purchases online through our service, the ability to bring up to 5 people along at the same time to enjoy the visiting and shopping ride together without additional fees, and the ability to use the same location for an unlimited time without additional fees.

Descriptions of Products and Services (Table 1)

Study of the Market

Our business provides local and national services, beginning in the United States (local) and expanding to a number of countries across the world (national) in the future. Our business’s target market is anybody who wants to travel but is unable to do so. In addition, we will target those with special needs. It’s an additional sector that we want to pursue, as well as a competitive advantage since real-life tourism cannot compete owing to regulations and limitations, such as those who are unable to walk or board an airplane, or who are unable to complete the whole journey. And, since it is less expensive than a standard tour package, we will be able to provide them with the most enjoyable experience possible.

The travel market in our immediate neighborhood is also growing, but it is beset by challenges ranging from economic concerns to safety concerns, among other things, so we can provide our customers with the needed satisfaction in those areas via our firm (more secured, less costs, greater freedom in their journey experience…). We’ll also have seasonal pricing to set ourselves apart from the competition. To put it another way, we will provide aggressive applications at aggressive costs, such as during holidays such as New Year’s, Christmas, and other specified days.

Based on the results of a survey conducted in the local market, we can lower the price by starting with the most popular locations, allowing us to provide people with what they want at a lower price. We will also provide a middle pricing provider with a standard package deal that carries the desired pride for customers. We will have another aggressive edge at this moment;

the airlines are unable to control their costs due to high-cost commodities such as aircraft fuel, routine servicing costs, and labor…..

According to the survey, there are two sorts of customers: those searching for fun, shopping, an interesting nightlife, and participation in life; and those looking for fun, shopping, and exciting nightlife, and participation in life. The second group is those who are looking for peace and quiet. They just want to sit and relax in nature or go for a short stroll. As a result, we divide the questionnaire into two sections: one for young individuals and another for the elderly.


Any business in the world has competitors, and ours does as well, despite the fact that it is a new concept. Our competitors include airlines, tourist agencies, tourist guides, and hotels, which are our main competitors because our service will allow customers to travel around the world without having to pay for plane tickets or hotel reservations, and they will be able to tour without the assistance of a guide.

Our provider will provide consumers a free trial prior to purchase so that they can try it out with all of its features and then decide whether or not to purchase it; we will also offer our carrier at competitive pricing. A fashionable tour for two people to the UAE for ten days, for example, will cost a minimum of 3000$ (tickets $320 per person, lodge reservation; two men and women for ten days $1500, standard restaurant for two people once per day cost $200, dinner cost around $250, with a minimum of $500 for transportation and souvenir shopping). Our service will provide unlimited travel to the UAE for a one-time payment of 2000$, after which the purchaser may use our service to tour this location for an unlimited period for free, and any updates required for this area will cost a very cheap fee, such as 20$ for one-time usage.

Our carrier may also be shared with family members; up to 5 people can go to the same destination using our carrier at the same time for the same price, excluding any additional or hidden fees.

We will also provide competitive rates to anyone who would like to test our service in a group of more than five people if they wish to go to the same place at the same time.

Furthermore, we will provide our clients with an online shopping feature, allowing them to walk between stores and, if they are interested in something, select it for review and make an online purchase, allowing them to enjoy the purchasing experience in the same way they would if they were shopping in person.

By offering our consumers a package deal with discounts on any goods they purchase online via our service, they will save money on travel and online shopping.

Customers often wish to go to a tour company to make a reservation and plan a trip, or they may do it themselves by going to an airline company and hotels to make the necessary arrangements. Unlike our competitors, however, our customers do not need to take any of these steps; they only need to come to us once to purchase the most important product, and then they can purchase any package that meets their needs, including our carrier and all of its components, on the internet without having to exert any effort.

Strategy for Promotion

The most important aspect of our strategy is to promote and distribute our services in the most effective manner possible. To attract clients, we use three strategies:

To begin, we may reach a large range of consumers utilizing television advertisements. This method allows us to reach a diverse range of markets, places, and sorts of clients. According to our questionnaire, “teenagers, young, and mature individuals” are the three distinct time periods accessible, implying that our provider is open to a big quarter of the population that can only be reached via the employment of commonplace and everyday ways. We are free to place our advertisements here. For example, we may place our advertising at a time when there is a great diversity of individuals accessible. On news channels at 20:00 p.m., when a large number of people are watching, or at a certain hour when a popular TV program is shown and has a large number of viewers.

Second, many people do not watch news channels or specific television shows; instead, they engage in other activities like sports or traveling to other places with friends. So, in order to target this group of individuals, we may use roadside billboards so that they may notice our service while walking or driving and be drawn to learn more about it.

Third, we may utilize social media websites to place our advertising since we are now in the era of speed and internet usage, and millions of people use social media every day, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and a plethora of other social media platforms. On them, and take advantage of the huge crowds that have gathered.

Of course, we aren’t stopping there; we’re working on brochures that have a definition for our business, as well as our goods and services, and we’re handing out business cards to our customers so they can learn how to contact us and chat with our knowledgeable personnel.

Plan of Exit

I’m often hearing about a small firm closing its doors because the “new recruit is too expensive,” “the owner had a stroke,” “simply got weary,” or “business was once modest.” Every day, a number of groups go out in this direction. A small business, a home improvement store, a shoe store, or a doctor’s office are often closed on a daily basis.

If such problems arise, we will take some measures to address them, but not enough to remove the company from the market or close it down. We will preserve our name and reputation by downsizing our company to a small software service that provides a simple service to customers, such as the ability to take 360-degree photographs with their mobile phones, or by branching out into new segments, such as digital training for the military or other related services.

Second, if there is nothing else to do and the business is failing, we begin the process of planning to sell the business on the open market; this is the best way to sell a small business to a different company or individual in the market, who will pay a fair amount of money to take it over in its current state.


Every commercial operation desires to be funded, either via personal investment or by external traders such as investment firms, bank loans, and other business owners…

Our company will be funded by another business owner who will supply us with the necessary funds to launch our company, with the intention of recouping the investment by paying the purchasers a portion of the net profit or a certain amount to be determined later in the contract.

This is our first option for an economic aircraft for our firm, but it is also capable of negotiating with purchasers to discover alternative ways or give financing for the company.

A financial table, which can be found at the end of the business sketch, will illustrate how much we estimate to make at the end of the first year, as well as a table of expectations for the second year, which will provide information on sales and profits growth.

 a strategy

Any business plan must have an action framework that demonstrates how the company will get started. It depicts the whole process from beginning to end of a business’s start-up, as well as providing some information about the business’s start-up.

Appendix 1 : Analyze the Competition

Our adversaries are much too numerous to be included in a simple table. We compete with airlines, hotels, tour companies, and any other person or company involved in this segment because we provide clients the same vacation at a lower cost and without the need to follow any of the lengthy procedures.

Simply said, the table below will show who your competitors are in a straightforward manner, along with a brief description.

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