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In the realm of automobile care, car detailing stands out as a meticulous service aiming to rejuvenate and protect both the interior and exterior of vehicles. As people increasingly seek to maintain their vehicles in pristine condition, either for personal satisfaction or to uphold resale value, the demand for car detailing services has surged. But does this heightened interest translate to profitability for those venturing into the car detailing business? This article examines the revenue streams, cost of goods sold, and operating expenses to shed light on this inquiry.


Below is a hypothetical revenue table for a car detailing business:

image 87

Cost of Goods Sold

Here’s a hypothetical table outlining the cost of goods sold (COGS) for a car detailing business:

image 88

It’s important to remember that these figures are purely illustrative. The actual COGS can vary based on factors such as the quality and brand of products used, the volume of cars detailed, and specific business choices made (like opting for more eco-friendly products or high-end equipment). Furthermore, some costs, like tools and equipment, can be spread out over several years, decreasing the annual COGS.

Operating Expenses

Here’s a hypothetical table outlining the operating expenses for a car detailing business:

image 89

To calculate the net profit or loss for the hypothetical car detailing business, we’ll use the following formula:

Net Profit (or Loss) = Total Revenue – (COGS + Total Operating Expenses)

From the tables provided:

  • Total Revenue = $122,500
  • Total COGS = $11,400
  • Total Operating Expenses = $47,700

Plugging in the numbers:

Net Profit (or Loss) = $122,500 – ($11,400 + $47,700)
Net Profit (or Loss) = $122,500 – $59,100
Net Profit (or Loss) = $63,400

In this hypothetical scenario, the car detailing business would have a net profit of $63,400 for the year.

As always, these figures are based on illustrative numbers and actual profitability can vary based on numerous factors including location, competition, quality of service, and business efficiencies.