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# 1 Business Plan Consultant

Business Plan

From USD 700

30-50 Pages

Includes Industry Analysis and Marketing Plan

15 Revisions in 2 months

Financial Model

From USD 300

3 Statement Model

3-5 Years Projection

Includes DCF Valuation

5 Revisions in 1 month

Pitch Deck

From USD 300

15-20 Slides

5 Revision within 1 month

Business Plan for loan

Business plan prepared for loan is different from one prepared for investment. The main difference is in the financial model/ projections. Financial projections for loan has to support consitent and relatively secure income source. 

Business plan for investment

The financial model for investment has to support high level of growth even if the venture has relatively higher levels of risk. In addition the Business Plan has to be accompanied with a Pitch Deck. 


We do not share samples due to NDAs but we are providing some samples as we have permission from respective clients. Below are samples of Pitch Decks, Business Plans and Financial Models.


Feasibility Study

If you have a business idea, our job is to figure out whether it is feasible to pursue your dreams. 

Marketing Plan

IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) plan to help you achieve your campaign objectives.

Industry Analysis

This is part of feasibility analysis. This helps to understand overall situation of an industry. 

Operational Improvement

Our Sig Sigma Consultants will help you reduce cost and increase efficiency by redesigning production or services delivery process. 

Accounting Services

We provide receivables, complete back office accounting and other related services

Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity plan services and disaster recovery plans, which will support business sustainability and improve process efficiency.

About Us

Skyrocketbpo started its journey back in 2007. We help you raise capital and make investment decisions. Till date we have helped businesses raise USD 500M+ and worked with startups and ventures across 15 countries.

We emphasize on understanding your business and treat each project in a unique manner. We do not use any templates as it does not work for our target market. Templates may work for a 1 page Business Plan but it will never work for a project which required detailed financial projections or marketing plan. 

We have experience of working with SAAS business model startups, manufacturing companies, pharma companies, food delivery services and many more. Our lead time and pricing varies according to your requirements as each of our project is custom built and prices can co up due to complexity of financial models, scenario analysis, in depth market research, pitch deck, etc. Please remember; our job is to make you look your best in front of potential investors by giving a third eye perspective, identifying problems and explaining your business on paper . So best of luck on your fund raising journey



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