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Executive Summary

Ctrone Xpress Transport is a business committed to innovation in logistics and transportation services over the years and has discovered ways to make shipping domestically and internationally for our clients simpler, quicker, and more effective.

Problem Summary: There are several rules to follow while crossing state and international borders. You must abide by several national and international laws. When choosing long-distance movers, this is one of the most crucial qualities you need to look for.

Solution Summary: We are aware of them and have the essential information. We will provide everyday services all around Colorado and the rest of America. All necessary licenses and permissions are now in place for Ctron Xpress Transport to do business throughout the US. 

Industry Overview: 

During the forecast period, 2019–2030, the market for box trucks is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.3%. The worldwide box truck market will grow due to the need for single bridge and double bridge box trucks in various sectors, including commercial, military, and industrial. Furthermore, factors like increased government efforts for sustainable modes of transportation and increasing investments by major companies in emerging nations are anticipated to improve this market’s development prospects throughout the projected period. 

Financial Forecast: 

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Business Description

Business Name: Ctrone Xpress Transport

Chief Operating Officer(Owner): Kevin Cetrone

Management Team:

Rachelle CaseyAdmin and HR Manager
Liam Van-MoorselOperations Manager
Daniel VanceMarketing and Sales Executive
Luisa WhiteAccountant

Legal Structure: LLC

Locations: Our trucking business is based in Colorado. All the necessary logistics have been set up to enable us to quickly deliver daily freight services (trucking, moving, and bulk material sales & supplies) on one skid to full truckloads to and from Colorado, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, Tennessee, and Chicago and to other states across the USA. 

Mission: Create effective administrative and operational procedures that emphasize client pleasure, continuously improving our services to obtain solid and long-lasting linkages.

Vision:  To be the best international transportation company in Colorado, the one that is most effective, successful, and esteemed by all of our employees, suppliers, and clients.

Products and Services: 

Ctrone Xpress Transport is a business that strives to provide top-notch services to assist in moving our clients’ products and equipment from one location to another. We will ensure that each service we provide meets or exceeds our client’s expectations since we want to compete with the top box truck businesses in the US. We aim to be recognized as a transportation business that cares about its clients.

We offer:

• Transporting furniture and office supplies locally and over considerable distances

• Services related to warehousing and storage

• Services related to packing and packaging

• Advisory & Consulting Services for Process, Distribution, and Logistics

• Retail sales as well as other related services

Financial Overview

Fund Usage

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Key Metrics

Gross Profit$5M$14M$23M
Gross Margin60%59%59%
EBIT Margin25%31%32%
Current Ratio566
Cash Ratio455
Average CAC$18$20$22
Inventory Turnover111111


As a company, we look forward to leveraging our advantages and strengths while simultaneously avoiding dangers and threats. Here is the SWOT analysis that was carried out;

  Our strengths include excellent customer service, cost benefits, client loyalty, and a solid strength among domestic industry participants.   The company was able to serve a larger market share because of its flexible and extensive variety of services.      The sector is price sensitive due to the industry’s fierce rivalry and the market’s fragmented character.
  Online marketplaces, new technologies, new services, and the opening of new markets are opportunities accessible to us as trucking firms in the United States.   The business can expand its products internationally.  Mature markets, global politics, fierce rivalry, and rising fuel costs are some threats we’ll probably have to deal with.   Any nation’s trade laws modification will affect the company’s operation.


  • To develop a market for people who are relocating and need the assistance of a trucking firm to transport their furniture and other possessions to their new home. 
  • To obtain local business to establish your reputation. 
  • To advertise to more businesses that need transportation services from their production facilities to distribution hubs and to assist companies that need to move items.


Kevin Cetrone
Chief Operating Officer(Owner) 

He came from humble beginnings. He was raised in Colorado and learned the virtue of perseverance at a very early age. When he and his family had to move back to his hometown, but the moving costs were too high, he purchased a box truck for $15K and hired some contractors to assist him with the hard lifting. He still had the box truck after he had settled in Denver, but instead of selling it, he chose to rent it to his neighbors. Ironically,  Kevin used that box truck as a starting point for their moving business. Kevin then grew Ctrone Xpress Transport into what it is today by making a few additional box truck purchases (and persuading others to join him). His enthusiasm for the business comes from his commitment to connecting people and ideas. He consults with companies on how to do business in transportation and trucking.

Management Team

Rachelle Casey
Admin and HR Manager 

Rachelle Casey is a talented professional. She received her education at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. She was given a chance to work at Ctrone Xpress Transport after eight years of HR management expertise in the field. The company’s daily administrative and human resources functions are led, managed, and carried out by Rachelle. She oversees administrative tasks, gives the office strategic HR advice, and provides supervision and direction for creating and monitoring systems linked to recruiting and retention.

Liam Van-Moorsel
Operations Manager

Liam Van-Moorsel is an experienced and motivated professional. He has a strong sense of interpersonal interaction and is quite charming. He gives you a warm greeting and talks to you with wisdom and charm. Liam is aware of the organization’s procedures and ensures that everyone follows them. He is in charge of managing the warehouse, the movers, dispatch, and customer support.

Daniel Vance
Marketing and Sales Executive

Daniel Vance is an intelligent and quick-witted successful sales executive who can handle any challenge. His techniques for focused marketing help him increase sales. He’s also in charge of keeping track of sales statistics, keeping track of client interactions and producing performance reports.


Operational Overview

The CEO, Mr. Kevin Cetrone, will lead the group and be in charge of all business activities. Mr. Liam Van-Moorsel manages the daily operations. The warehouse management, movers, dispatch, and customer service will fall under his purview. Our HR and Admin Manager, Ms. Casey, will take the lead on the administrative duty and supervise, direct, and keep an eye on the procedures for hiring and retaining staff members. Mr. Vance will be in charge of sales and marketing, monitor the sales, and record customer contacts.

Industry Analysis

Industry Overview

The trucking business has seen a significant change in the last year in terms of how they operate and the types of vehicles that are entering the market. The industry has had ups and downs only in the United States this year, which has affected the entire output and development in this field. Several factors have altered how the business has operated. Numerous factors have changed how work is seen within this sector. Given that 2022 is rapidly approaching, it is necessary to examine some anticipated trends in that year to determine how they will affect the industry.

The facts utilized to support these statements remain the same, even if the forecasts for 2022’s market figures are vulnerable to change owing to market volatility. Understanding the most recent statistical data that supports the trucking sector is crucial for everyone who wants to become knowledgeable about its inner workings. Here are some facts about the trucking business and its changes in the last 12 months that you need to know.

Regarding the trucking industry’s contribution to GDP, the United States now holds the top rank. This industry’s GDP exceeds that of 150 different countries worldwide. Over 5.8% of employment in the United States is associated with the trucking business, making up a significant portion of the country’s labor market. Trucks transported around 10.8 billion tons of cargo across the United States. Trucks transport commodities from one state to the next for nearly 70% of the nation. More than 40% of the employment in the trucking sector is held by persons from underrepresented groups, demonstrating the industry’s remarkable diversity. Most grocery shops would run out of stock in three days if truck drivers stopped delivering their products, showing how reliant grocery retailers are on them.

Market Size

Merchants, farmers, contractors, industrialists, and a host of other individuals that need the transportation of products from one point to another are among the demographic groups that should be considered when developing marketing and sales strategies.

We handle both short-distance (inter-state) and long-distance moving, and our target market is essentially everyone (organizations and individuals alike that have reason to transfer stuff from one area to another one) (inter-state). Anyone with items to move inside or from the United States to Canada may get in touch with us. 

Competitive Landscape

Since Ctrone Xpress Transport has a lower overhead than its rivals in the sector, we have honed our strategies for setting competitive prices. We’ll use pricing as a competitive advantage to attract clients; our costs will be reasonable and non-negotiable. We will have several pricing ranges for various customer categories since our firm is accessible to people and organizations. As the company expands, we’ll keep reviewing our price structure to serve multiple customers.

Following are some of the major competitors:

Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P. 

A public firm with its corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania and around 64,000 workers is estimated to be Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P. The firm is a market leader in at least one industry in the US: truck rental, where they generate an estimated 14.7% of total industry revenue. They are regarded as an All-Star because they outperform their competitors regarding market share, profitability, and revenue growth.

Ryder System, Inc.

Ryder System, Inc has a corporate headquarters in Florida and an estimated 42,800 workers. At least two sectors in the US where the corporation has a significant market share are supply chain management services and truck rental. Its highest market share is in the Supply Chain Management Services industry. They represent over 24.3% of total industry revenue. They are estimated as an All-Star because of their outperformer status in market share, profit, and revenue growth compared to their competitors.


Amerco is a publicly traded business with its headquarters in Nevada and an estimated 29,800 workers. The firm is a market leader in at least one industry in the US: truck rental, where they generate an estimated 10.5% of total industry revenue. They are regarded as an All-Star since they outperform their competitors regarding market share, profitability, and revenue growth.

Marketing Plan

Ctrone Xpress Transport will see that we use our advantages and prospects in the U.S. market to earn enough revenue to propel the company into stability. We will take every step necessary to investigate all potential revenue streams in the transportation sector. Here are the potential revenue streams for Ctrone Xpress Transport that we want to explore:

  • moving equipment
  • All furniture is covered with quilts for protection.
  • timely delivery and pickup
  • Office and home travel, both regional and international travel

Marketing Budget

Total budget for projected years:

The following graphs indicate budget allocation across projected years:

Marketing Channels

Social Media: We want to take advantage of Facebook and Instagram. To start, we’ll advertise content and deals to get more followers. After reaching a particular number of followers, our sponsored and organic campaigns will combine. Due to growing competition, the CAC for this channel will likewise rise with time.

Google Ads: this will aid in raising awareness, boosting sales, and early content quality testing. Since there won’t be many visitors at first, Google Analytics stats will assist us in drawing traffic and gauging how our target market will respond. In turn, this will enable us to assess the level of our material. Due to growing competition, the CAC for this channel will likewise rise with time.

Google Ads: this will aid in raising awareness, boosting sales, and early content quality testing. Since there won’t be many visitors at first, Google Analytics stats will assist us in drawing traffic and gauging how our target market will respond. In turn, this will enable us to assess the level of our material. Due to growing competition, the CAC for this channel will likewise rise with time.

Email Marketing: Due to the short email list and the lack of initial material on our site, our first budget allocation for this channel will be relatively minimal. Email marketing will be our primary emphasis beginning in the second year. As greater competition has no effect, the CAC for this channel will stay steady over time.

In-person Marketing: Marketing staff will visit companies, event hosts, and other pertinent venues to raise awareness among stakeholders. As we need to build awareness via word of mouth, we will initially set aside a bigger budget for this channel. After first contact with stakeholders, communication may be continued using a more cost-effective method, which will cause the customer acquisition cost (CAC) for this channel to decline continuously.

Event Sponsorship: Either we can get in touch with these event planners, or we can arrange our events. By offering discount coupons and using other promotional strategies, these events will enable us to increase brand recognition and sales.

Content Marketing: Content creation will take the form of blog entries, YouTube videos, Quora responses, social media postings, etc. We will undertake keyword research to write articles based on specific keywords with a large search volume and low keyword difficulty. The CAC for this channel will rise over time due to heightened competition.





Cost of Goods Sold

Operating Cost

Cash Flow Statement2023F2024F2025F
Cash Flow from Operating Activities
Salaries payables$14,750$16,000$19,400
Total payables$14,750$16,000$19,400
change in payables$14,750$1,250$3,400
Revenue related receivables$46,688$79,064$99,960
Total receivables$46,688$79,064$99,960
change in receivables-$46,688-$32,376-$20,896
COGS inventory$56,725$96,102$121,502
Total inventory$56,725$96,102$121,502
change in inventory-$56,725-$39,377-$25,399
Net cash flow from operating activities-$112,134$50,259$123,877
Cash Flow from Investing Activities
Web Development$15,000$10,136$9,617
Net cash flow from investing activities-$50,000-$67,573-$64,110
Cash Flow from Financing Activities
Net cash flow from financing activities$500,000
Net (decrease)/ increase in cash/ cash equivalents$337,866-$17,315$59,767
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the year$0$337,866$320,551
Cash & cash equivalents at the end of the year$337,866$320,551$380,318
Balance Sheet2023F2024F2025F
Non- Current Assets
Web Development$15,000$25,136$34,753
Total non- current assets$50,000$117,573$181,683
Accumulated Depreciation-$2,000-$5,351-$9,985
Net non- current assets$48,000$112,222$171,698
Current Assets
Total current- assets$441,279$495,717$601,780
Total assets$489,279$607,939$773,478
Accounts payable$14,750$16,000$19,400
Total liabilities$14,750$16,000$19,400
Retained earnings-$25,471$91,939$254,078
Total equity$474,529$591,939$754,078
Total liabilities & equities$489,279$607,939$773,478
Management & Operations
Head of HR$0$0$0
Marketing & Sales
Marketing Manager$15,000$30,000$30,000
Regional Representative$108,000$108,000$108,000
Online Store Manager$12,000$12,000$12,000
Digital Marketer$0$0$19,200
Finance & Accounting
Bookkeeping Personnel$18,000$18,000$18,000
Audit Personnel$0$0$0
Total Salaries$177,000$192,000$232,800
Non- Current Asset Schedule2023F2024F2025F
accumulated DepreciationNANANA
Net book value$25,000$75,680$126,147
Web Development$15,000$25,136$35,229
accumulated DepreciationNANANA
Net book value$15,000$25,136$35,229
accumulated Depreciation$2,000$5,351$10,049
Net book value$8,000$11,406$13,438
Total Net book value$48,000$112,222$174,814
Total Depreciation$2,000$3,351$4,697
Total Accumulated Depreciation$2,000$5,351$10,049


Investment Assumptions2023F2024F2025F
Equity Injection$500,000
Total Capital$500,000
% of initial equity5%
% of last year’s ending cash balance15%15%
Web Development$15,000$10,136$9,617
% of initial equity3%
% of last year’s ending cash balance3%3%
% of initial equity2%
% of last year’s ending cash balance2%2%
Working capital$450,000$270,293$256,441
% of initial equity90%
% of last year’s ending cash balance80%80%
No. of Sales Assumptions2023F2024F2025F
Total Promotional Budget$135,000$175,690$217,975
as % of working capital30%65%85%
In- person Marketing
proportion of total budget35%25%15%
No. of Sales1,8904,3924,671
Event Sponsorship
proportion of total budget10%12%13%
No. of Sales540703810
Content Marketing
proportion of total budget13%15%20%
No. of Sales1,1701,3181,744
Social Media
proportion of total budget15%15%15%
No. of Sales1,3501,7572,180
Google Ads
proportion of total budget5%13%15%
No. of Sales225653817
Email Marketing
proportion of total budget7%10%12%
No. of Sales9451,7572,616
Affiliate Marketing
proportion of total budget15%10%10%
No. of Sales1,350878872
Revenue Assumptions2023F2024F2025F
Light Knee Pad for Women
% of total sales100%50%50%
No. of sales7,4705,7296,855
unit price$75$75$75
Aggressive Knee Pad with Shin Guard for Women
% of total sales0%25%25%
No. of sales02,8643,427
unit price$65$65$65
Spine Protector for Women
% of total sales0%25%25%
No. of sales02,8643,427
unit price$80$80$80
COGS Assumptions2023F2024F2025F
Light Knee Pad for Women
unit cost$26.3$26.3$26.3
Aggressive Knee Pad with Shin Guard for Women
unit cost$22.8$22.8$22.8
Spine Protector for Women
unit cost$28$28$28
Payment processing fees
as % of revenue3%3%3%
Packaging fess
as % of revenue1%1%1%
In- bound shipping cost
as % of revenue1.5%1.5%1.5%
OpEx Assumptions2023F2024F2025F
Legal & professional expenses
as % of revenue1%1%1%
Employee travel and relevant expenses
as % of revenue3%3%3%
as % of revenue2%2%2%
Spillage & wastage
as % of revenue2%2%2%
Cash Flow Assumptions2023F2024F2025F
Salaries payables as % of total salaries8%8%8%
period in months111
as % of revenue8%8%8%
period in months111
as % of revenue25%25%25%
period in months333