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The laundromat business has often been considered a steady and somewhat recession-proof venture. Like all businesses, its profitability boils down to the balance between the revenue it generates and its associated expenses. Let’s break down these aspects to gauge the potential profitability of owning and operating a laundromat.


Here’s a hypothetical table outlining potential revenue items for a laundromat. Keep in mind that the numbers provided are entirely fictional and for illustrative purposes only. Actual values can vary based on location, market conditions, and specific business strategies.

image 14

Cost of Goods Sold

Here’s a hypothetical table outlining potential Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for a laundromat. Once again, these numbers are entirely illustrative and may vary based on actual conditions, location, efficiency of machines, and other factors.

image 12

As a reminder, these figures are hypothetical. The actual costs will be influenced by many factors, including regional utility costs, the efficiency of the equipment used, frequency of maintenance, and bulk prices for laundry products. It’s always essential to conduct a detailed cost analysis specific to the location and conditions of the individual laundromat business to achieve a realistic projection.

Operating Expenses

Here’s a fictional table that breaks down potential operating expenses for a laundromat. Remember, these numbers are illustrative and may vary based on the region, the specifics of a business lease, local wage rates, and other factors.

image 13

To calculate the net profit or loss, we’ll use the formula:

Net Profit (or Loss) = Total Revenue – (COGS + Operating Expenses)

From the tables provided:

Total Revenue (Monthly) = $17,400

Total COGS (Monthly) = $2,800

Total Operating Expenses (Monthly) = $8,100

Plugging in these values:

Net Profit (or Loss) = $17,400 – ($2,800 + $8,100)

Net Profit (or Loss) = $17,400 – $10,900

Net Profit (or Loss) = $6,500

Based on the hypothetical figures provided, the laundromat would have a net monthly profit of $6,500. This is a positive result, indicating profitability in this fictional scenario. However, it’s essential to remember that these numbers are illustrative, and real-life results can vary significantly based on numerous factors.