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Have a Business Idea?

We can help you find out if it’s worth putting the effort

What are Included ?

Market Research

Find out the data required to support the financial model.

Financial Model

Find out how much returns and sales you can generate and how much you should invest.

About Proof of Concept

Is this for you?

If you are a small or mid sized business looking for a 3rd eye perspective on your business idea then we can help you

Why do I need this?

In case you do not wish to take a leap of faith with a significant sum of money then you should find out depth of the situation first.

What is market size?

Find out TAM- global potential, SAM- regional potential and SOM- potential using your current resources.

Who are my competitors?

Find out major market players, their prices, offerings and key points about them.

How long will it take to be profitable?

Businesses usually take at least 1-2 years to break-even. Our financial model considers most of the assumptions to provide a realistic idea on whether the business is feasible and how long it may take to be profitable.

What is the potential?

Find out the potential in terms of revenue and profit.

Market Research

This allows us to find out information and data to support the feasibility study


Competitive Landscape

Who are the direct and indirect competitors?

Potential Market Size

Three components- TAM, SAM and SOM. TAM


Startup Cost

Capex items and other costs to start the venture

Problems & Opportunities

Gaps in the market which can be exploited