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Summary of the Executive Summary

Summary of the problem

Iwawe bar will appeal to a variety of clients since it will serve both beer and juice. Iwawe Bar seeks to provide superior service to its customers at a reasonable price through industrial wholesalers since most bars sell at a premium above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Summary of the Solution

Additionally, customers will be able to move bottles depending on their location, lessening the likelihood of their being returned and accordingly cutting the cost. To ensure market coverage, the first pricing will be determined by the manufacturer.


Iwawe Bar will exploit the seller’s extensive knowledge in the retail beer industry to quickly gain market share. Our target market includes residents of the region, persons in motion who are assaulted by thirst, and residents of unique domains in the region and nearby areas.


We’re willing to take up the danger of lending bottles to consumers that reside in close proximity to the Iwawe tavern. We would go above and above to satisfy all clients by delivering better service and treating them with respect. Each year, we will have a few days to market certain products, such as beer and juice, in order to undermine our competitor’s position. If customers residing in close proximity to our bar demand our products, our completion campaign will include complimentary delivery.

Notable points

TABLE – Profitability and cost of some items

Success Factors

The key to success is to match the need for an upmarket by IWAWE bar that offers a diverse variety and personalized service.


The following are the goals for the first three months of operation:

  1. To establish a product-based retail establishment with the main objective of exceeding client expectations?
  2. To grow monthly clientele by 20% by meeting an unmet demand via superior variety and customer service.
  3. To build a start-up company or start-up cost that is self-sufficient in terms of cash flow.


The objective of Iwawe bar is to give an elite assortment of beer and exceptional customer service to the area. Our purpose is to acquire and retain clients. Everything else will fall into place if we stick to this rule. Our services will surpass our consumers’ expectations.

Business Synopsis

IWAWE is an expensive beer shop situated in a hitherto unserviced niche (Cartier). Customers seeking this beer ought to be treated with the utmost respect. IWAWE BAR will be able to give a broad range of services since they will typically only have one kind available for each man or woman in his personality. This particular kind serves as a demonstration model. All other types are available within a single day.

Business Ownership

HIGIRO JEAN CLAUDE is the only owner of IWAWE BAR.

Summary of the Startup

IWAWE BAR, which will serve just beer, will incur the following startup costs:

The following is a list of things and their associated expenditures for IWAWE BAR’s start-up, some of which will be considered single proprietor assets (the owner of the business: HIGIRO JEAN CLAUDE).

Apparatus & Instruments

The following is a list of any specialized equipment that iwawe bar intends to purchase prior to opening. This is a critical component of many industrial enterprises’ business plans.

Please note that the items listed above that are deemed long-term assets and will be depreciated using the authorized straight-line technique will be classified as long-term assets.


Locations and Amenities

IWAWE BAR should be located in one of Kigali’s metropolitan zones with a population that is neither affluent nor impoverished. A place where the majority of people live over an extended period of time and where market activity and consumer movement are low or moderate. Other comparable places, such as NYABISINDU(REMERA), NYAGATOVU(KIMIRONKO), ZINDIRO(KIMIRONKO), GIKONDO(GIKONDO), and KAJAGALI(KANOMBE: home to the majority of Kigali Free Economic Zone employees and a good market), may be able to take over this company based on market assessments and plans.


IWAWE BAR will need no additional technology beyond refrigerators to chill beverages and meat to satisfy the style and enjoyment of our consumers, as well as care for the storage of iwawe items. Otherwise, music through standard television screens and perhaps football events, as well as good-sounding music, will be played in line with the hours and usual mood to appeal to clients, which is a kind of customer service.


Management Personnel

Iwawe bar will be handled by HIGIRO Jean Claude on top. You should be required to get daily records of sales and other operational operations. And you will get a weekly report. Daily cash sales must be paid into your account, and you are entitled to pay for entries as they become required. Three people will be employed: two waiters, a single meat processor, and self-serving meat. For meat processor/preparation employees, there must be agreement on the method of selling, thus his earnings cannot be established in this instance. While waiters must earn 45000rwfcs each hour.


Simply connect with other buyers who are interested in the subject or contact an advisor who is knowledgeable about business operations, such as business directors and economists, experts, educated friends or family members, small-business counselors, or others who can assist you as a business owner.

Revenue projections for the first three months

Depending on the market’s level, it is feasible to sell between six and seven chaises, liquors, juices, and meat, earning an average of 12000rwfcs every day. This might generate 360,000 dollars each month.

By subsidizing 135,000 rwfcs in salary and 50,000 rwfcs in daily bar activities such as shopping for salt, sanitary papers, hygiene soaps, water, and electricity.

Taxes, normal hygiene payments, and other public expenditures, among others, may also be included in the 30,000rwfcs and then added to the housing charge of 50,000rwfcs.


Utilization of Funds

The funds will be utilized to acquire assets and various dwellings, as well as to invest in items for resale that benefit the owner.

Funding Sources

The funds are expected to be produced in cash by the owner HIGIRO Jean Claude. Sources are no longer targeted with the owner’s assistance. If there is no capacity for company expansion, there should be a need for a mortgage.

Balance Sheet Projection

INSTRUCTIONS: Please provide your stability sheet in this section.


Project viability

The project is lucrative for a variety of reasons, which are listed below:

1. For two months, just the housing rent will be sunk in cost.

2. If you acquire one piece of each of the products listed above, you may expect to sell between six and eight cases. This will result in an average daily profit of 12000rwf and above, or more than 360,000rwf each month. The amount sold on meat and juices containing liquor is included in the total above.

3. During the period you are required to be out of this firm, you will get the full value of the items and assets you possess.

4. After three months, you will have back your money, as shown in the preceding balance sheet and cash flow statement, and will be able to invest it in another firm if desired. This is because the first three months, after paying housing rent, you would get 285000rwf w. This section is entirely profitable for you. Three months will be the repayment time. Where you will earn 95,000rwf in profit after paying the home rent and other monthly expenditures. Thus, by the fourth month, your capital will have increased by 2.5 times what it was at the start of the project.

5. Depending on how the market is assessed, the profit averaged above may be larger than predicted for a variety of reasons that market factors may decide.

6. The things you offer will not deteriorate due to their readiness for refrigeration.


  1. Bottles may be damaged in an accident, whether caused by you or your customers.
  1. It is not simple to control alcoholics.
  1. Depending on the location of the
  1.  You’ll need a female to handle customer service and attract males, since they’ll make up a large portion of your clients and won’t come regardless of the girl, unless it’s a tiny company that must be handled by one person to maximize profit.


I recommend you to begin this project since it is lucrative and their issue does not immediately impact the capital, which means it can be addressed gradually and successfully.

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