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Written by Elma Steven | Updated on July, 2024

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Find Out- Is Home Inspection Business Profitable?

The profitability of your Home Inspection business depends on 4 important factors: Industry Prospects, Investments, Revenue Sources, Cost and Profitability. We have taken a deep dive to find out potential profitability from the Home Inspection business. 

Home Inspection Industry Prospects

According to a report, the global home inspection market is $13.3 billion in 2023  and is projected to reach $24.3 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% (gitnux). The provided results mainly focus on the global market size and growth rate of home inspection software. For the most accurate and up-to-date market size information for the US home inspection business in 2023, it is recommended to refer to industry reports, market research firms, or financial databases.


  • Vehicle: A reliable vehicle to travel between inspection sites.
  • Inspection Tools and Equipment: High-quality tools such as moisture meters, infrared cameras, electrical testers, gas detectors and ladders.
  • Technology: Computers, software for report writing and scheduling and possibly tablets or smartphones for on-site reporting.
  • Office Furniture and Equipment: Desks, chairs, filing cabinets for a home office or physical office space.
  • Marketing Materials: Initial cost for website development, business cards and brochures.
  • Training and Certifications: Any upfront costs for obtaining necessary certifications or continuing education to stay current in the field.

These items constitute the foundational investments to get your Home Inspection business off the ground, focusing on fixed assets and initial setup costs.


  • Standard Home Inspections: Fees for comprehensive evaluations of homes for buyers, sellers, or homeowners.
  • Pre-listing Inspections: Services for sellers to identify issues before listing their property.
  • Specialized Inspections: Additional fees for mold, radon, or termite inspections.
  • New Construction Inspections: Inspecting newly constructed homes for code compliance and workmanship.
  • Annual Maintenance Inspections: Offering yearly check-ups for homeowners to identify potential issues early.
  • Consultation Services: Charging for expert advice on home maintenance or renovation projects.

Cost of Services Sold

  • Fuel and Transportation: Costs to travel to and from inspection sites.
  • Inspection Tools and Equipment Maintenance: Regular maintenance or replacement of tools like moisture meters, infrared cameras and electrical testers.
  • Report Generation Costs: Expenses related to printing and preparing reports for clients.
  • Specialized Testing Kits: For radon, mold, or termite inspections, which may require single-use kits or tools.
  • Subcontractor Fees: If you hire subcontractors for specialized inspections.
  • Insurance Premiums: Specifically, liability insurance that may vary based on the number of inspections or revenue.

These costs directly correlate with the number of inspections conducted and vary based on the business volume and specific services offered.

Operating Expenses

  • Office Rent: If leasing a physical space for operations.
  • Utilities: For the office, including electricity, water, internet and phone services.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Ongoing costs for website maintenance, online advertising and print materials.
  • Software Subscriptions: For report writing, scheduling and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.
  • Professional Fees: Legal, accounting and consulting services.
  • Salaries: Fixed salaries for administrative or support staff, if any.
  • Insurance: General business insurance, excluding variable liability insurance tied to the volume of inspections

These expenses are incurred regularly and are essential for business operations, irrespective of the revenue generated.

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