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Liquid Soap Business Plan

A Brief History of the Company

Soap is a widespread product that is found in all residences, canteens, laundries, hotels, and bathrooms. Soaps are used for cleaning and bathing, and their demand is often unaffected by economic downturns due to the critical role they serve in our daily lives.

Soap manufacturers provide bar soaps, liquid soaps, detergents, and a variety of other goods with a variety of fragrances and packaging. Significant enterprises in the soap manufacturing industry cater to both local and international markets.

The following equipment is required to make soap: a soap maker, a heat-resistant plastic or stainless steel jug with a lid, a large stainless steel or plastic spoon, a stainless steel measuring spoon, a measuring cup, a small cup, a hand mixer (for the saponification process), a soap dish, a rubber spatula, a large stainless steel or plastic paddle, safety glasses, protective rubber gloves, a quick-read, and an accurate thermometer. Additionally, you’ll need alkalis, oils, colors, and scents.

Indeed, the soap manufacturing business is a thriving and expanding component of the economies of the majority of the world’s nations, earning tens of millions of dollars annually via a network of registered small, medium, and big soap manufacturing enterprises located across Nigeria. The industry is both directly and indirectly responsible for the global employment shortage.

Additionally, the soap production industry is a lucrative one that is open to any aspiring entrepreneur interested in entering and establishing a business; you can start on a small scale serving a community or on a large scale with a robust distribution network spanning major cities across America and even the West African coast.

Executive Summary for Soap Manufacturing Business Plan

Chibev Soap Production Company will be a registered and regulated soap manufacturer based in Ojodu Berger.

We are in the soap-making business and are wanting to expand our output of liquid soap. We’re in business to make a profit while also providing value to our customers; we want to provide individuals and businesses that purchase our soaps the opportunity to be a part of Chibev Soap Production Company’s success story.

We recognize that there are numerous soap manufacturing companies throughout the United States, both large and small, whose products are available in every corner of the country, which enables us to locate the business in an area that fosters business growth and gives us the ability to offer significantly more than our competitors. We’ve made our facilities easily accessible and set plans to establish a robust distribution network for wholesalers in Lagos and across Nigeria.

Our commitment to our customers extends far beyond the commercial manufacturing of high-quality soaps. We understand that our customers are the reason we exist, which is why we do all we can to ensure their satisfaction when they visit or buy our product, as well as to encourage them to become loyal customers and ambassadors.

Chibev Soap Production Company will ensure that all of our clients (wholesalers) enjoy first-rate service whenever they visit our warehouse/factory. We use customer relationship management software that enables us to maintain a one-to-one interaction with each of our clients (wholesalers), regardless of the size of our customer base. We will ensure that our customers are involved in all business decisions that directly or indirectly impact them.

Ms. Mbadugha Lynda, the company’s CEO, will own Chibev Soap Production Company as a family business. She is a nursing graduate.

She will manage a team of specialists in developing the firm and establishing it as a market leader.

Offerings We Make

Chibev Soap Production Company will operate a standardized and licensed soap production plant that would sell its goods across Nigeria, not only in Lagos. We are in the soap manufacturing industry to create revenue and to deliver value to our customers, and we will do all feasible within Nigerian law to accomplish these goals.

Below is a list of the goods and services we offer:

  • Different fragrances of Body Wash (Liquid Soap)
  • Hand Sanitizer (Liquid Soap) in a variety of fragrances
  • Laundry Machine ( Liquid Soap)
  • Automobile Detailing (Liquid Soap)

A Statement of Our Vision

Our objective is to establish a high-quality soap manufacturing firm that would sell its goods not only in Lagos but also across Nigeria and the globe.

A Statement of Our Mission

Our objective is to build a world-class, industry-standard soap manufacturing firm capable of competing on an equal footing with the industry’s leaders. We want to establish a soap manufacturing firm that will be among Nigeria’s top ten soap and detergent brands. We’re attempting to establish a recognizable brand.

The Organization of Our Business

Chibev Soap Production Company was established with the objective of competing with the country’s top soap brands. As a result, we will ensure that the appropriate structure is in place to support the development we want for the firm as we construct it.

We recruit only competent, honest, industrious, and customer-oriented people who are eager to assist us in developing a successful company that benefits all stakeholders (owners, workers, and customers).

Indeed, all of our executives participate in a profit-sharing program based on their performance over a five-year or longer period, depending on how fast we reach our stated objective. As a result, we’ve chosen to employ skilled and capable individuals for the following positions:

  • President and CEO (Owner)
  • Manager of the plant
  • Manager, Human Resources and Administration
  • Manager, Sales and Marketing
  • Comptrollers / Cashiers
  • Operators of Soap Manufacturing Machines and Packaging Machines
  • Executives in Customer Services
  • Drivers of Distribution Vehicles

The Positions and Responsibilities

CEO (Owner)

  • Management becomes more effective when it recruits, selects, orients, trains, coaches, counsels, and disciplines managers; communicates values, strategies, and objectives; assigns accountability; plans, monitors, and appraises job results; develops incentives; fosters an environment of sharing information and opinions; and provides educational opportunities.
  • Creates, communicates, and executes the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction – i.e., guiding the creation and execution of the organization’s overall strategy.
  • Charged with the responsibility of setting rates and concluding commercial arrangements
  • Responsible for setting the business’s direction
  • Creates, communicates, and executes the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction – i.e., guiding the creation and execution of the organization’s overall strategy.
  • Responsible for signing cheques and other papers on the company’s behalf
  • Evaluates the organization’s success

Manager of the plant

  • Responsible for the seamless operation of the soap production plant.
  • A member of the team that determines the quantity and type of soaps and detergents to be made, as well as the technique that will maximize employee productivity.
  • Training, evaluation, and assessment of soap factory employees are required.
  • Ensures uninterrupted raw material supply to the plant and smooth flow of finished items to the market through wholesale distributors. Assures the proper functioning of equipment by conducting preventative maintenance and requesting repairs.
  • At all times, ensuring that the plant complies with all applicable safety and health regulations.

Manager, Human Resources and Administration

  • Responsible for the seamless operation of the organization’s human resources and administrative functions.
  • Attends training seminars, reads professional periodicals, develops personal networks, and joins professional organizations to stay current on job knowledge.
  • Accepts responsibility for accomplishing new and unique requests and seeks methods to add value to work accomplishments in order to enhance the department’s and organization’s image.
  • Defines job opportunities for the aim of recruiting and supervises the interviewing process.
  • Introduces new team members to the organization.
  • Responsibilities include training, evaluating, and assessing staff.
  • Oversees the efficient operation of the office and plant on a daily basis.

Manager, Sales and Marketing

  • Manages external research and organizes all internal data sources in order to retain and attract the organization’s best customers.
  • Analyzes and analyses large amounts of transactional data produced by customer purchases.
  • Among other responsibilities, identifies, prioritizes, and contacts possible partners and business opportunities.
  • Each of these duties includes supervising execution, lobbying for customer needs, and interacting with customers.
  • Creates, develops, and assesses novel sales techniques.
  • Maintains a complete record of all customer interactions and information.
  • Attend strategic meetings on the firm’s behalf.
  • Contribute to the company’s sales and growth.

Comptroller / Cashier

  • Responsible for financial reporting, budgeting, and financial statements for the company.
  • Financial analyses, development budgets, and accounting reports are supplied to management; financial feasibility is determined for the most complex planned projects; and market research is undertaken to forecast trends and business conditions.
  • I am responsible for financial forecasts and risk analysis.
  • This individual is responsible for cash management, general ledger accounting, and financial reporting.
  • You are responsible for the development and administration of financial systems and policies.
  • You are accountable for payroll administration.
  • Assures that tax laws are adhered to.
  • Oversees the financial transactions of the company.
  • Serves as the organization’s internal auditor.

Operators of Soap Manufacturing and Packaging Machines

  • Handles systems and methods for the manufacture and packaging of toilet soap (Bar Soap), body wash (Liquid Soap) with a variety of perfumes, hand wash (Liquid Soap) with a variety of fragrances, dish washer (Liquid Soap), laundry soap, car wash (Liquid Soap), and detergent, among others.
  • Assists in putting detergents and soaps onto distribution trucks.
  • Assists the Plant Manager with any allocated extra responsibilities.

Customer Service Representative

  • Assures that all customer interactions (e-mail, walk-in center, SMS, or phone) give the highest degree of individualized customer care.
  • Through telephone connection with consumers, maximizes opportunities to pique clients’ interest in the company’s goods and services.
  • Effectively and promptly manages administrative responsibilities given by the shop manager.
  • Maintains a consistent awareness of any new facts on Cites® Soap.
  • Production Company goods, advertising activities, etc. to ensure that customers get accurate and useful information when they make inquiries.
  • Receives shipments / papers on behalf of the business
  • Distributes incoming and outgoing mail inside the company.
  • Assumes any additional responsibilities given by the human resources and administrative management

Drivers of Distribution Trucks

  • Handles systems and methods for the manufacture and packaging of toilet soap (Bar Soap), body wash (Liquid Soap) with a variety of perfumes, hand wash (Liquid Soap) with a variety of fragrances, dish washer (Liquid Soap), laundry soap, car wash (Liquid Soap), and detergent, among others.
  • Assists in putting detergents and soaps onto distribution trucks.
  • Assists the Plant Manager with any allocated extra responsibilities.
  • Transports completed products and raw materials by land to and from production facilities, retail establishments, and distribution hubs.
  • Conducts mechanical and safety inspections of automobiles and performs preventive maintenance.
  • Adheres to all applicable truck driving norms and regulations (size, weight, route designation, parking, and rest intervals, for example), as well as corporate policies and procedures.
  • Notifies authorities of problems, accidents, or violations

SWOT Analysis of a Soap Manufacturing Business

We recognize that there are several major and small soap producers in the United States whose goods are available in every part of the nation, and as such, we are going through the proper channels to establish a corporation in order to compete competitively with them.

We understand that by doing a thorough SWOT analysis of our company, we can position ourselves to maximize our strengths, capitalize on opportunities, manage our risks, and be well prepared to handle our threats.

Chibev Soap Production Company retained the services of an experienced business and human resources analyst with a penchant for start-ups to assist us in conducting a full SWOT analysis and developing a business model to assist us in achieving our company goals and objectives.

The following is a synopsis of the SWOT analysis conducted on Chibev Soap Production Company;


Apart from the superior quality and variety of soaps and detergents we produce, one of the many advantages of Chibev Soap Production Company is our management team’s vast experience; we have individuals on board who understand how to build a business from the ground up and transform it into a national sensation.

Our large national distribution network, as well as our reputation of great customer service, will surely be important benefits to the organization.


The fact that we are a new soap manufacturing company with no financial means to engage in the kind of exposure we want for the business is a significant weakness that might work against us.


The possibilities for soap manufacturers are limitless. This is because soap is a ubiquitous commodity found in homes, dining rooms, laundries, hotels, and restrooms, among other places. As a consequence, we were able to do significant market research and feasibility studies in order to structure our firm in such a manner that it capitalizes on the current market for soaps and detergents while simultaneously creating a new one. We are aware that this will need considerable effort, and we are prepared to give it our all to make it happen.


We are fully aware that, like any other business, we will face significant risks from economic downturns and poor government actions. It is clear that an economic slump has an effect on buying power. Another potential concern is the establishment of a new soap-making company in the same area as ours.

Business Plan for Soap Manufacturing – MARKET ANALYSIS

In the soap and detergent sector, the tendency is for any product that has been demonstrated to be trustworthy and healthful to sell more and determine the market direction for the industry.

I completely agree that there are several soap companies with which you may compete. One of the things you’ll need to do to get your fair piece of the market is come up with unique packaging for your soap and laundry detergent, as well as a variety of scents and sizes. If you really want to succeed as a soap producer, you may simply need to contact a brand expert.

Finally, another trend in the soap market is for big soap and detergent makers to collaborate in order to become brand ambassadors. This enables them to sell their goods and maintain an active presence in their business.

Our Market Segment

When it comes to selling soaps, there is a diverse customer base from which to pick. In other words, our target market cannot be restricted to a particular group of persons or organizations; it must include all residents of our target market locations.

As a consequence of our market research, we have some ideas about what our target market could expect from us. We are in business to produce and sell soaps and detergents on a wholesale basis to the following organizations:

  • Hotels
  • Canteens and Restaurants
  • Planners of Events, Parties, and Corporate Events
  • Executives from corporations
  • Officials of the State
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Celebrities
  • Women who are pregnant / Expectant moms (for their babies)
  • Military Males and Females
  • Men and Women in Sports
  • Students
  • Owners of Laundromats

Our Competitive Position

A careful examination of the soap and detergents sector reveals a market that has become much more competitive over the previous decade. Indeed, if you want to remain in this sector, you must be very inventive, customer-centric, and proactive. We are conscious of growing competition and are well-equipped economically to compete with other soap makers in Lagos and Nigeria.

Chibev Soap Production Company presents a high-quality soap and detergent manufacturing brand that will quickly become the preferred option for companies and families in Lagos and other Nigerian states where we want to promote our products.

The considerable expertise of our management team contributes to what will be regarded as a competitive advantage for Cites® Soap Production Company. We have brought onboard individuals who are very experienced and understand how to build a firm from the ground up into a national sensation. Our extensive nationwide sales network, and, of course, our superior customer service culture, will undoubtedly be a strong suit for the firm.

After all, our workers will be properly taken care of and their benefits will be among the finest in our industry (startups making soap and detergents), which means they will be more than happy to do business with us and contribute to our success. Attain goals and accomplish all of our objectives. Additionally, we will give favorable working conditions and incentives to independent sales representatives that we recruit on a temporary basis.


Income Sources

Chibev Soap Production Company was formed with the objective of growing profits in the soap and detergent production industry in Illinois and across the United States, and we will go to great efforts to ensure that our goods reach a varied range of customers throughout the nation.

Chibev Soap Production Company will gain money by selling the following items:

  • Toilet Soap/Bath Soap (Bar Soap) in a variety of fragrances
  • Baby soaps (bars and liquids) in a variety of fragrances
  • Body Washes (Liquid Soaps) in a variety of fragrances
  • Hand Soap (Liquid Soap) with a variety of fragrances
  • Dishwashing Machine ( Liquid Soap)
  • Soap for Cleaning Clothes
  • Automobile Wash (Liquid Soap)
  • Detergent

Forecasted Sales

When it comes to soap and detergent manufacture, one thing is certain: if your soap and detergent are neatly packaged and branded, and your manufacturing plant is centrally placed and conveniently accessible, you will always attract clients and generate sales. and as a result, sales will almost certainly grow. Contribute to the company’s revenue generation.

We are well-positioned to capture the available market in all cities in Nigeria where our soaps and detergents are sold, and we are quite optimistic that we will achieve our stated objective of generating sufficient revenue/profit during the first six months of operation and expanding the business and customer base.

We were able to do an in-depth analysis of the soap and detergent production industry, examine our market potential, and provide the following sales projections. The revenue forecasts are based on field data and certain assumptions specific to Lagos businesses.

Chibev Soap Manufacturing Company’s sales predictions are shown below. They are based on our location and other parameters relevant to small and medium-sized soap manufacturing firm start-ups in the United States of America.

  • First Fiscal Year-: #450000
  • Second Fiscal Year-: #1000000
  • Third Fiscal Year-: #4000000

Nota bene: This estimate is based on current industry data, with the assumption that there will be no significant economic downturn and that there will be no substantial competitor offering the same product and customer service as we do in the same location. Please bear in mind that the above projection might be both lower and higher.

Strategy for Marketing and Sales

Before establishing Chibev Soap Production Company, we conduct a comprehensive market analysis and feasibility research to ensure that we can access the available market in our target market areas.

We have vast data and information that we can use to design our company in such a way that it attracts the number of customers we wish at any given time, as well as to position our soap attractively against other popular brands in Lagos and around Nigeria.

We have employed specialists with in-depth knowledge of the soap manufacturing sector to assist us in developing marketing tactics that will enable us to reach our business objective of grabbing a higher share of the available market in Lagos and other Nigerian cities.

For our firm to remain viable and flourish, we must continue to sell our soaps in the available market, which is why we will do all possible to teach our sales and marketing staff to fulfill our corporate sales targets. In summary, Chibev Soap Production Company will use the following sales and marketing strategies to promote the sale of its soaps and detergents:

  • Introduce our soap and detergent brand to consumers, retailers, supermarkets, hotels, laundries, merchants, and other stakeholders via the use of introduction letters.
  • Our soap and detergent manufacturing firm will be officially opened with a celebration to attract the attention of residents, who are our primary target market
  • From time to time, conduct road shows in specific locations to offer our goods.
  • Promote our items in neighborhood publications, on local television and radio stations.
  • Include our company and goods in yellow page advertisements (local directories)
  • Utilize the internet to advertise our detergent and soap companies
  • Direct marketing and sales are two of the most effective methods of generating revenue.
  • Encourage the use of viral marketing (referrals)

Business Plan for Soap Manufacturing – Publicity and Advertising Strategy

Regardless of the fact that our soap and detergent manufacturing plant is a standard facility with a diverse range of soap and detergent scents that can compete with the industry’s top brands, we will continue to aggressively promote all of our goods and our brand. We will investigate all possible funding sources in order to promote the Chibev Soap Production Company.

Chibev Soap Production Company intends to spread its soaps and detergents across the United States in the long run. Indeed, our advertising and promotion plan acts as a vehicle for not only the sale of our goods but also for the successful communication of our brand.

These are the venues we want to use to continue promoting the Cites® soap manufacturing enterprise;

  • Advertise in print media (community newspapers and magazines) as well as electronic media channels.
  • Contribute to relevant community programs
  • Utilize the internet and social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to spread the word about our business
  • Install our billboards strategically across Lagos State and key cities in Nigeria.
  • Conduct road shows in specific areas on a periodic basis
  • Distribute our flyers and handbills in targeted neighborhoods.
  • Place our Flexi Banners in strategic locations across the area where we want to generate interest in our items.
  • Ascertain that our soaps and detergents are well-branded, that our employees are dressed in our customized uniforms, and that all of our official automobiles and distribution vans are customized and well-branded.

Our Pricing Policy

When it comes to products like soaps and detergents, there are two sides to the pricing coin. We are aware of the pricing trend in the soap sector, which is why we choose to provide a choice of soap sizes.

As a consequence, our pricing will be competitive with other soap manufacturing companies, but we will ensure that our products are supplied at a discount to the average price of other soap manufacturing brands in Nigeria during the first six to twelve months. We’ve implemented business practices that enable us to run on a low-profit margin for six months in order to entice people to purchase our soap brands.

Options for Payment

Chibev Soap Production Company’s payment policy is comprehensive, as we recognize that different customers prefer different payment methods that work best for them. Simultaneously, we will ensure that we adhere to Nigeria’s financial standards and rules.

The following are the payment options available to customers of Chibev Soap Production Company:

  • Bank transfer payment
  • Cash payment
  • Online bank transfer payment
  • Mobile money payment
  • Payments made at Points of Sale (POS Machines)
  • Payments made via cheque
  • Bank draft payment

As a result, we have chosen banking solutions that make it simple for our customers to pay for agricultural goods. For consumers who desire to deposit cash or make online bank transfers in order to buy soaps and detergents, our bank account details are accessible on our website and advertising materials.

Expenses Associated with Establishment (Budget)

It requires a significant amount of capital to establish a standard soap and detergent manufacturing business. This is because establishing a normal soap and detergent production plant is not a piecemeal procedure. The bulk of the beginning money will be utilized to lease or acquire a facility, as well as equipment and accessories for soap manufacture.

Apart from that, you do not need to spend much money save for the purchase and maintenance of distribution trucks, employee compensation, and utility bills. We recognize that regardless of where our soap and detergent manufacturing business is located, we will be required to satisfy the majority of the following requirements:

  • The registration fee for a company (venture) in Nigeria is #30,000.
  • 30,000 for legal fees associated with acquiring licenses and permissions, as well as accounting services (software, point-of-sale equipment, and other software).
  • Expenses associated with marketing promotion for the grand inauguration of Chibev Soap
  • 150,000 – Production Company
  • The cost of employing a business consultant is #50,000.
  • Insurance coverage (general liability, workers’ compensation, and property casualty) – #500,000
  • Rent for 12 months and renovations included – #500,000
  • Additional startup costs, such as stationery, phone, and utility deposits – #30,000
  • Operational costs during the first three months (staff salary, bill payments, etc.) – #500,000
  • The cost of initial inventory (chemicals and packaging materials, lye solution, oils, additives (colorants), and scents, among others) – #300,000.
  • Equipment costs (cash register, security, ventilation, and signs) – #100,000
  • Purchase price of soap making machine, heat-resistant plastic / stainless steel pitcher with lid, large stainless steel / plastic spoon, stainless steel measuring spoons, measuring cups, small beakers, stick blender (for saponification process), soap pot, rubber spatulas, large stainless steel or plastic ladle, protective goggles, and protective rubber hand gloves A thermometer that reads quickly & accurately – #1,500,000
  • The cost of furnishing and equipping the office (computers, printers, telephones, fax machines, tables and chairs, and so on) – #300,000
  • #50,000 – The cost of creating a website
  • Our opening party will cost #50,000.
  • Various – #30,000

We would need around $3,190,000 to effectively establish a medium-sized yet typical soap manufacturing firm. Please note that this figure covers all employee pay for the first three months of operation.

Funding | Seed Capital for the Chibev Soap Manufacturing Company

These are the sectors in which we expect to generate our first money;

  • Personal savings might be used to fund a portion of the start-up capital.
  • Source for unsecured loans from family and friends
  • Request a loan from a bank
  • Submit grant applications
  • Investors

Nota bene: We were able to produce around #50,000. (Personal savings ).

Business Plan for Soap Manufacturing – Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

The future of a business is defined by the number of loyal customers it has, the capacity and competence of its employees, their investment strategy, and the company’s structure. If an organization (enterprise) does not possess all of these attributes, it will soon shut its doors.

One of our key aims in establishing Chibev Soap Production Company is to create a firm that can live on its own cash flow without relying on outside finance once the business is fully operational. We are well aware that one strategy for gaining acceptability and attracting consumers is to offer our varied soap scents somewhat less expensive than comparable products on the market, and we are well suited to live on lower profit margins for a period.

Chibev Soap Production Company will guarantee that the necessary foundations, structures, and procedures are in place to protect our workers’ health and safety. Our corporate culture is geared around growing our business, and we place a premium on employee training and advancement.

Indeed, profit-sharing arrangements will be made accessible to all of our management personnel and will be based on their success over a three-year period or longer. We are certain that if that is implemented, we will be able to attract and retain the greatest talent in the industry; they will be more devoted to assisting us in building the company of our dreams.

Checklist / Achievement

  • Check the Availability of a Business Name: Completed
  • Registration of a business: Completed
  • Corporate Bank Accounts: Completed
  • Securing Point-of-Sale (POS) Equipment: Completed
  • Accounts for Mobile Money: Completed
  • Establishment of Online Payment Platforms: Completed
  • Application for and Obtaining a Taxpayer Identification Number: Currently Under Construction
  • Business license and permit application: Completed
  • Purchase of Business Insurance: Completed
  • Facility leasing and building of a conventional soap and detergent manufacturing plant: Currently Under Construction
  • Carrying out Feasibility Studies: Completed
  • Capitalization through family and friends: Completed
  • Bank Loan Applications: Currently Under Construction 
  • Business Plan Writing: Completed
  • Employee Handbook Drafting: Completed
  • Contract Documentation and other pertinent Legal Documents: Currently Under Construction
  • The Company’s Logo Design: Completed
  • Packaging Marketing / Promotional Materials: Graphic Design and Printing Currently Under Construction
  • Employee recruitment: Currently Under Construction
  • Purchase of a soap making machine, a heat-resistant plastic or stainless steel pitcher with a lid, a large stainless steel or plastic spoon, stainless steel measuring spoons, measuring cups, small beakers, a stick blender (for the saponification process), a soap mold, a soap pot, rubber spatulas, a large stainless steel or plastic ladle, protective goggles, and protective rubber hand gloves A thermometer that reads quickly and accurately – Successfully completed
  • Acquisition of required furniture, racks, and shelves, as well as computers, electronic appliances, office appliances, and surveillance cameras: Currently in process
  • Creating the Company’s Official Website: Currently Under Construction
  • Increasing company awareness both online and in the community: Currently Under Construction
  • Arrangement for Health and Safety and Fire Safety (License): Planning a secure opening party / launching celebration: Currently Under Construction
  • Developing commercial relationships with vendors — wholesale suppliers / merchants: Currently Under Construction.

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